Possible narrative frmeworks


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Possible narrative frmeworks

  1. 1. Possible Narrative Frameworks By Jack Bonser
  2. 2. Ok guys! Sorry about the blogging delay. I have been waiting for some stuff to be verifiedby my teacher but carried on the working in the meantime. Here are my possible narrativeframeworks:Below, I have created 3 different possibilities for my music magazine. This will help me as Ican then ask in a recorded focus group, which of the three, each person prefers. I havedecided to feature a new band or artist within the Hip- Hop or Urban music industry. Byconducting this focus group, I will be able to further develop my magazine.
  3. 3. Idea 1:Front page – the front cover will be dominated by an upcoming band within the Hip Hop and Urban music industry. Thebackground will be the one used in the image, edited and made darker so the artists stands out more, and will probablybe of a brick wall, connoting the genre. This making the artists stand out more. The main image will be a medium shot ofthe artist posing. The masthead ‘Amped’ will be placed in a bold but yet bright font, at the top of the page, behind theartist, connoting the importance of the artist. The artist will be clearly stated with a marking on the artist, saying hisname. Bands featured will have text previews at the bottom of the page. A chance to win a free holiday will beadvertised, this appealing to my target audience. There will also be a smaller image of another upcoming band placed onthe left hand side of the page.Contents page – from my textual analysis and reading other magazines, I have come to the conclusion that the bestcontents pages’ are ‘short and sweet’. The most simple features on the contents page, maximise the effect of thepage, this drawing the readers attention directly to where you want it, whether it be the page headings and number, orthe artist on the page. The font colour scheme will be black and silver and red, but the background of this will be agradient made by in Adobe Photoshop, being black flowing into the colour white, from top to bottom. I will maximise theuse of effects optional from Photoshop, this including font, the artist, and other features on the page. The words ‘InsideFeatures’, will be clearly stated above, again as minimalistic as possible, to be able to point the readers attention atcertain aspects of the page. The actual contents of the magazine will be placed vertically down the left hand side of hepage, with the page numbers located to the left side of the page cover lines. Also on the page their will be some behindthe scenes pictures of the artist, and of course the main/dominant image of the page will again be a medium shot of theartist.Double page – the double page spread will again be very simplistic as it is solely based on the same new and upcomingartist I will also feature on the front cover. The font, colours background etc. will follow through with house style. thisagain will enable me to direct the readers attention to the actual article bit, which will be featured on the left and side ofthe very right hand side page. On the very right hand side page, I will feature a Q&A. The right hand side page will featurea large long shot of the artist and also a fact file, including artist name, date of birth, place of birth, etc. the actual articlebit, will consist of a question and answer form the actual artist, an interview (Q&A).
  4. 4. Idea 2:Front cover - The picture will take up about 75% of the whole page, and will include the photo will beunedited keeping the real background, this creating a smooth effect as everything would ‘flow’ intoplace, the image will be a medium shot. The masthead will again be placed in a bold colour, but would notstand out too much; this again will be placed at the top of the page, and in front of the artist. This again willflow with the house style, of the black, silver an red theme. Again masthead located behind the actual bandor artist. This again connotes the importance of the band/ artist (this will be the same throughout all of mypossible narrative ideas). A free CD will be advertised to appeal to customers.Contents page – contents page, will feature the same artist featured on the from cover, this will be a largelong shot in the middle of the page, and text either side, the actual ‘contents page’ contents, will go on theleft hand side page, then a fact file will go on the right hand side of the page, and will include informationsuch as date of birth etc. this again will follow my idea of ‘short and sweet’. No effects will be on the picturefollowing on with the front cover ‘flow’ effect. Again very minimalistic, simple fonts, no extreme coloursand following with house style, with green coloured font, and black and silver background. By doingthis, effect will be maximised. There will also be some ‘tile’ images placed around the page, of various typesof shots and sizes.Double page – the simplistic theme followed through, this time the image will be across the middle of bothpages, it will be a long shot and will include the original background where the reader will look first, againlabelled with artist name, which hasn’t actually been finalised yet. Written article placed on the right handside of the page. Long shot of the artist to give the reader a more interactive feel (direct address).
  5. 5. Idea 3:Front cover- artist will be placed in the centre of the page, taking up about 70% of the page; artist will beagain cut out of original background and put on a pre-set one made/ edited by me, the image will be a longshot image. This is conventional to the genre. By doing this it will make it clear to the reader the sort ofgenre this is. Again bands featured will placed on the bottom of the page, and also previews to exclusiveinterviews with the bands will be advertised. A free holiday will be advertised, as that is very common uponmagazines, and appeals to customers. Masthead placed again at the top of the page, behind the artistfeatured, this connoting importance of the artist. Black and silver house stylefollowed throughout, light grey font this time.Contents page- following house style again of black, silver and red background, the actual contents will begoing down on the left hand side of the page vertically, with page numbers located to the right of thesecover lines, and small picture previews further to the right of the page, of various shot types. Not asminimalistic as the other possible narrative frameworks, however this would still work. This time the word‘Features’ will be the title of thispage, instead of the word ‘Contents’.Double page – again following with house style, but slightly different font colours, this main articletext, this time will be in a green, and a standard font, probably a pre-set one from Microsoft word, or asimple one from a website. The background will be black and silver. This time the artist will be placed onthe right hand side page, this makes the reader curious as to what the artist is like after reading, or whilstreading the article, the article will be placed on the left hand side of the page. ‘Features will be listedvertically down the side of the page with the page numbers located next to the headings. There will then bea fact filesimilar to that of the other possible ideas, located to the very right of the Picture.
  6. 6. Narrative TheoriesTodorov’s equilibrium theory –Being an average teenager going out with his mates, doing the same routine every day – becoming wellknow or infamous – adjusting to new lifestyle with more money, press following him around etc.Classical Hollywood Narrative –Will, having a happy, resolved ending- in this case the artist having more money / a better lifestyle.Binary Opposition –Binary opposition can be applied, but to one person, Will- a child that used to get into trouble andmisbehaved at school, to now becoming successful and well mannered.Propp’s Character Types-Will would be the hero, coming from a trouble background, to having a successful career in music. This will be the same through out all possible narrative frameworks
  7. 7. Positives:1 – The Q & A feature will interest the reader, and so will the fact file, because my targetaudience is C1 and C2, the less educated jobs. An effect around the picture will make theartist stand out more. The minimalistic ‘theme’ will again make things more effective, bymaking the readers attention focus on more things at once. The Q &A feature may appealto my target audience with the C1 income bracket, this is because it is easy to read. Thelong shot of the artist may also create interaction (direct address) between the artist andreader. The chance to win a free holiday will appeal to my target audience.2- The importance of the artist will be shown by him being placed in font of themasthead, ‘Amped’. House style will be shown again, with the black and silver gradientbackground on the contents page, and double page spread. As the real background will bekept with the original picture, this gives a more real effect for the reader, and aninteraction between the reader and the artist. The written article may appeal more to mytarget audience.3- the background of the magazine will hint the genre to the customer and will saveconfusion as to the genres featured in the magazine. This will also make the masthead andartist stand out more from the other features on the front cover. The artist being placedafter the article creates suspense for the reader, as they will want to know what the artistlooks like and know more about him, but want to keep reading.
  8. 8. Negatives:1- People may not like the idea of the brick wall background, as they may prefer to seea real background to connote the reality of the artist and magazine. They may also seethis as stereotypical of the magazine, and may prefer a different style of magazine butwith the same genre. It may also be of some minor offence to a group of people, as theymay not appreciate the connection between the class and music genre.2- The free CD that would be advertised may not appeal to people in my targetaudience. There will be no effects to make anything stand out in particular to the reader.3- The black and silver background may not work together, as they could be toocontrasting.You need to add some narrative theory – do you use binary oppositions? Do you presentan equilibrium or disequilibrium? Are any of your actors representing Propp’s charactertypes?There is also not enough detail on the specific types of images the contents pages willfeature.In your positives and negatives make sure you are giving reasoning for you thoughts -why might your audience not like the brick wall? Is it too stereotypical? does it have classimplications for your black audience?