Rock sound final 1


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Rock sound final 1

  1. 1. Textual Analysis 1: Rock Sound Magazine By Jack Bonser
  2. 2. Front Cover:
  3. 3. • Skrillex is wearing dark coloured clothes on a light background (high key lighting), making the readers attention focus on him.• The light background on the magazine connotes that the magazine is and easy and clear to understand.• The shady text saying ‘SKRILLEX’ connotes that he is quite a shady and mysterious character. Also that it almost introduces him, ‘HIS NAME IS’, this connotes again that he is quite a mysterious character, but a serious character.• The black and yellow coloured text connotes the genre of the music content by being very contrasted and drastic.• ‘WELCOME TO THE FUTURE’ is a slash, and shown in pink text and in quite a futuristic text.• At the top f the page, it says the music genres in the magazine, in the same colour as ‘SKRILLEX’ written across the middle of the page, this connotes the type of music Skrillex produces.• There is a dark grey shade at the top of the page, giving it a metal effect look; this connotes the type of music genre inside the magazine.• The name of the magazine, ‘Rock Sound’ clearly suggests that it is a rock genre magazine.• The target audience for this magazine is mainly aimed at people over the age of 14-15 and up, and obviously Punk, Metal, Hard- core, and Alternative music fans.
  4. 4. • On the bottom right hand corner of the page above the barcode, it gives us some small pictures and previews at to what will also be in the music magazine, and also possible bands that could be associated with the magazine.• Above that ^ it says, ‘the shocking untold story of’ in bright yellow, then carried on underneath that it says ‘Machine head’ in white writing on a black background. This contrast connotes the seriousness and importance of the story.• ‘Free posters and stickers’ are advertised at the bottom of the page to attract more people.• The masthead, ‘ROCK SOUND’ is in bold black text, connoting that the magazine is purely for the type of genres written at the top of the page, in a turquoise colour.• Having Skrillex on the front of the cover contradicts their strictness to only following with the genres at the top of the page. This showing connoting a mysterious feel to the magazine as people re not sure on what to expect.• The colours of blue and yellow can be ironic when the genre of the magazine is usually represented and associated with a dark, miserable genre, as it gives the magazine a brighter and cheekier side to the genre.• There is direct address between the artist and the customer, as he is looking in the camera, it gives an interactive feel.
  5. 5. Contents Page:
  6. 6. • Shows well known heavy metal band ‘Slipknot’ on the top right hand corn, as that is where the reader would first look at would probably be of an interest to them.• There are different sizes, of image tiles, which go in level of importance to the reader. Slipknot has the biggest tile.• Text and colours again follow house style, with the turquoise being shown on the front cover, and black and yellow contrasting colours.• Again, big colour contrasts to make something stand out.• Very short, simple captions, on the big image tiles, to keep the reader in mystery and to keep them in curiosity, so they read on.• The turquoise coloured writing is shown again in cover lines and page numbers, this follows in connection with the important headlines in the same coloured writing on the front cover.• Also in connection with the front cover, the contents page makes use of big contrasting colours of black and yellow.• Bold lettering in main text again to highlight keyword in that text which may be of some interest to the reader.• Very pictorial, mainly to keep the reader entertained.
  7. 7. Double- Page Spread:
  8. 8. • Giant double page picture of the band members and the band name written down the right hand side of the page.• At the bottom right hand corner of the page, it gives a brief description about the band, including tour dates for the United Kingdom, which could come in useful for fans.• At the bottom left hand corner, it says, ‘who’s making a racket this month…’ then going across the bottom of the page, it gives 4 new and upcoming bands, which includes a picture, their band name and also their best known song yet.