Solid as an MROC


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iVOX presentation about MROC on ESOMAR 3D conference in Amsterdam, november 2012.

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Solid as an MROC

  1. 1. Solid asan MROCA case study on how textanalytics helped us to get solidresults out of researchcommunitiesIstvan HajnalSteven DeketelaereJo Steyaert
  2. 2. THE ODD ONE OUT ROUND Mr. Oskar Cuypers3
  3. 3. THE RISE AND RISE OF MROC’S“36% of consumers prefer to participate in a brandedresearch community” Social Media around the world 2012 (Insites) “36% of research buyers or clients have used Online Communities” Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report. Spring 2012“64% of Research providers or suppliers plan to use OnlineCommunities in 2012” Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report. Spring 2012 “MROC’s are becoming a mainstream approach”Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report. Spring 2012 4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. WHAT DO CLIENTS WANT? “Cheaper, Faster, Better is not a wish, it’s a requirement”. Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report. Spring 2012• But to what extent do we see efforts to make the “emerging methods” of yesterday, that are considered mainstream today, cheaper, faster and better?6
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. EVIDENCE BASED VS GUT FEELINGJames Verrinder quoting Ray Poynter in Research Live: “Society is movingaway from a culture of evidence-based decision making infavour of gut instinct” Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical: “I’ve watched more and more decisions being made by CEO’s and CMOs without the benefit of market intelligence”• Scott Miller’s words are also valid for CEO’s in MRX itself: “New technology and methods are recommended, but not always evidence based”9
  8. 8. “We often have insufficient data on mobile method effectiveness and limitations. It’s easy to hypothesis that surveys delivered at the time of a retail transaction will yield better data than those delivered via email 2 days later. It’s tempting to assume that people who opt-in to mobile panels are just as “representative” as those who sign-up for other panels (I used quotations here since this term in itself is always a lightning rod for debate). It’s intoxicating to think that all mobile devices are a single category (hint: they are not). But until I see more actual data based on rigorous testing of mobile data collection versus other modes, I can only suggest to my clients that they “test” mobile. Has there been any research-on-research about mobile? Yes, but very little.” Kathryn Korostoff in MRMW-news10
  9. 9. 11
  10. 10. EXPERIMENT• Focused on researcher side rather than the respondent side • i.e. what can we do to make the work of moderator and analyst easier• Taking efficiency into account • cheaper, faster, better• Evidence based: • Experiment: • 2 Communities without additional tools • 2 Communities with the prototyped tools • Based on a prototype. • Investment decision based on the outcome of the experiment12
  12. 12. ANALYSIS TOOLS18
  13. 13. 23
  14. 14. 24
  15. 15. 25
  16. 16. iVOX IS A RESEARCHFACILITATORSPECIALIZED INONLINE RESEARCHFounded in 2004Sister company: iVOX TOOLSSoftware for building and maintainingWeb 2.0 Research solutions such asonline focus groups and brainstormsSaaS for building and maintainingonline communities
  19. 19. QUALITATIVE FINDINGS• No-shows dashboard seen as great help in day-to-day moderation work• Increased feeling of control• Higher engagement• More fun!• Helpful in segmentation, but could still improve• Text analytics not used to full potential in this prototype29
  20. 20. CONCLUSIONS• We always need to think about the respondent, but we shouldn’t forget about the other actors• Maturity in so called emerging methods• Evidence based!• Role of text analytics to be explored more• There are some technological developments such as moderating bots, but automation is not always the solution, simple support will get you far already• Easy does it30
  21. 21. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IVOX OR THIS PAPER? Engelsplein 35/01.01 3000 Leuven - Belgium +32 16 22 62 14 @ivox_be Slideshare/ivox_be – Istvan Hajnal | R&D Director @istvanhajnal |
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