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Side Smirk Capabilities


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Side Smirk Capabilities

  1. 1. Side Smirk ResearchNew York, NY We’ll let you in on a few and you’ll be smirking too.646.801.6646 WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE
  2. 2. Who We AreAn innovative boutique market research agency based in NYC with over 32 (combined) years of experience across industries and methodologies. Our focus is on digital. We use online and mobile research and usability methodologies to test and refine concepts, websites, mobile applications, advertisements and all forms of content. Research isn’t about segmenting audiences anymore. It isn’t about statistics and it’s not JUST based on data. We find you the right people, figure out why they do what they do and how you fit into their lives (not the other way around). Our approach is custom and customer based. However, each project is tailored to you and your goals.
  3. 3. Our 6 Q’sQ Q uality uickQ !Q ! ualified uestionsQ Q ualitative uantitative
  4. 4. Our ServicesMobile ResearchWebsite App UsabilityConcept TestingRecruiting
  5. 5. Mobile Research Mobile research methodologies are relatively new and relativelyunknown. Which is surprising due to the fact that everyone seems to be talking about mobile. We’re going to be blunt here. No one has any patience for a website or app that doesn’t work on their phone. A situation where your user is trying to access something remotely is typically a situation with limited time. It just has to work. We utilize turnkey solutions for mobile research. You getimmediate feedback in the shape of heatmaps, clickstream analysis and real-time data/reporting. Methodologies We Use:   Mobile usability testing   Mobile qualitative studies   Mobile quantitative surveys
  6. 6. What Mobile Research Looks LikeEngaging Smart Features Include:   Real-time reporting analysis   Use on any device   Customized branding flexible design   Graphic and visual interface   Better user experience   Clickstream analysis   Heatmaps   Video playback   Lack of participant boredom fatigue Con$nue   Con$nue  
  7. 7. Website App UsabilityTo us, usability testing is a no-brainer. Think of how you yourselfbrowse the web or use mobile apps… How much time do you give a website or app before you give up and move on? Usability testing is fast and inexpensive. In as little as 4 interviews, you can understand what is working and not working with your website, app, game, etc. We’re talking one day of research.eCommerce sales in 2012 topped $1 TRILLION for the first timeever. This number is expected to, and will, increase. Make sure you’re not missing out with an unusable or frustrating user experience. Methodologies We Use:   Online, remote user testing   Online multi-day discussions and 1-1 interviews   Mobile testing   In-room user testing
  8. 8. What Usability Looks Like We approach usability and gather results in a few different ways, each with their own advantages. No matter which approach, we appraise each user interface/experience we test using the following 5 metrics:Online/Remote 1. Appearance Design 2. Structure Navigation 3. Ease of Use Learning  4. Comprehension Consistency 5. Satisfaction Enjoyment “Usability is like Mobile oxygen – you don’t notice it until it’s missing.” -Unknown In-Room
  9. 9. Concept Testing People are not brand loyal anymore. People move on to the next big, shiny object at one mention by a Facebook friend or a Pinterest post. So what to do as someone who develops and markets products and services? Obtain direct input BEFORE going to market. Test at every step of development. Eliminate doubt and guessing. Come away with complete validation.Testing in the short-term will reap countless benefits and ROI in the long-term. You will come away with a clear and strategic plan. Methodologies We Use:   Online multi-day discussions and 1-1 interviews   Online focus groups   24hr quantitative survey
  10. 10. What Concept Testing Looks LikeFeatures Include:   Wide geographic reach   Better user experience   Qualitative and quantitative options (as well as combined in the same study)   Immediate in-depth transcripts and real- time data   Convenient for clients and participants   Ability to post all types of media for review   Video or text options available   Range of options available based on budget Discussion Boards Video Groups Embed Quant
  11. 11. RecruitingWhat is the most important part of market research? Asking the right people the right questions. We help you find these people in new, innovative and cost- effective ways. Our team includes people who pioneered the use of social media to find qualified and engaging respondents. No panels. No professional research participants. We recruit fresh respondents on a project basis. Our recruiting methods have several advantages: 50% less per respondent thantraditional methods, obtain a ready-to-participate sample within 48hrs, qualified people screened twice, use to find niche and “hard to reach” people.
  12. 12. What Recruiting Looks Like Advantages:   Less expensive than traditional methods - 50% less   Fast – as fast as 48hrs   Qualified – multi-step screening process   Niche and hard to reach are easy for us   Use with any of our research methods – online, offline, qualitative, quantitative Cycling Enthusiasts Baby Boomers in KC Online Grocery ShoppersOrganic Dog Food Purchasers Teens NOT on Facebook
  13. 13. Side Smirk LLC New York, 646.370.5957