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I vox business cases 3m panel


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Published in: Marketing
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I vox business cases 3m panel

  2. 2. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS 3M DO-IT-YOURSELF PANEL CLIENT & SECTOR  3M  Consumer goods  The goal was to set up a panel of ‘do-it-yourselvers’ => very specific target group  Panel set up, maintenance & management  Ultimate goal; perform +-10 studies in light of a large scale research set up for 3M CASE SPECS  Campagn evaluations  Customer satisfaction & evaluation research  Product evaluation & improvement research  …
  3. 3. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS 3M DO-IT-YOURSELF PANEL  Panel was set up meticulously to represent do-it-yourselvers  Effort in panel management and maintenance => iVOX responsibility   Ensuring that panel still represents desired population by follow up questions and continuous updates  Panel member replacements if required  APPROACH Keeping panel up to date Continuous monitoring of panel metadata  Recruitment via a mix of offline & online channels  Panel exclusively used for market research for 3M to avoid over-use, maintain focus and ensure maximum qualitative results from research  Continuous panel maintenance and quality monitoring  Large scale continuous research project for client with multiple phases and monitoring over time of results… iVOX takes care of  Survey elaboration  Research set-up  Reporting
  4. 4. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS 3M DO-IT-YOURSELF PANEL  Continuous learning and issue-detection leading to:  Brans awareness & enforcement => Increase brand value  Increase customer satisfaction & customer value proposition  Increase custumer retention and gain nex customers  Value For Client Increase in overall business, sales and profits  IBOPE could sell similar services to large clients  Furthermore up- and cross-seliing with iVOXTOOLS qualitative research is possible => mixed research approach (quali + quanti) IBOPE  Many web-portals, content-portals, specialised associations etc in Brazil to sell to  Cross- and upselling from and to IBOPE’s current products & services  Value of the project = 30.000 euro = 75.000 BRL
  5. 5. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS 3M DO-IT-YOURSELF PANEL  Speed of research   Intermadiate results and reporting  Continuous follow up possible  USP’s 70% of responde first 3 days Controle by metadata  …  Quality & reliability (representative sampling & processing of data)  Socio demos  Behavioral and other parameters  iVOX panel & niche panels  CONCRETE DELIVERABLES Possibility to aim for specific niche panels & target groups  Dedicated panel to be set up and managed over time  Research set up, excellent surveys tailored to the needs of the client  Clear and graphical report with results and analyses  Operational panel (existing or additional recruitment, possibly in partnership with client) PREREQS  Know how in panel building & management