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I vox business cases delhaize dedicated panel


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I vox business cases delhaize dedicated panel

  2. 2. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL CLIENT & SECTOR  Delhaize  Food Retailer + Private Label  iVOX sets up Delhaize’s ow research panel  Carry out continuous research at much lower cost  Use Delhaize’s own media such as newsletters, website, media campaigns, … for recruitment  Construct (knowledge) database for Delhaize CASE SPECS
  3. 3. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL  Desired goals of the panel  Different research projects  requirements with respect to pre-selection capabilities  Current situation  Number of FTE’s that can work on the panel  Competences of these FTE’s with regards to the online research – panel  Project scope & intensity APPROACH  Number of projects – set out in time  Type of projects  Incentive program  Recruitment Channels  Number of channels  What recruitment channels can be used for panel recruitment  Email databases  Size and quality of the databases
  4. 4. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL  iVOX compiles this intake survey in close collaboration with the client:   Behaviour variables (in relation to the Client’s branch and segments used, etc.);  APPROACH Socio-demographic data (e.g. name, age, gender, e-mail address, place of residence, etc.) Webographic variables (e.g. type of internet user, experience with on-line payment and via which system, on-line behaviour, etc.)  Mentality profiling (attitude towards shopping, (the meaning of) brands in this branch, etc.).  iVOX will script this survey in the (client)Socratos environment, test it on an experimental panel and launches it subsequent to approval so that the actual panel recruitment can start.
  5. 5. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL  A client panel needs an interfacing with its panelists.  This environment (web pages integrated in the Delhaize website build from the Socratos system) can be used to interact with the panelists.  To provide feedback / To share news / To incentivize / Games / Register / Unregister / Invite a friend / …  Several building blocks based upon the strategy in which Delhaize wants to interface with its panelists. PANEL WEBSITE  Also for the panelist to interact with the panel owner  A panel interface can be set–up using Socratos (2.9). Advantage of doing so by using the acquired panel management system is that every change of information of the panelist is directly registered on the panelists’ ID in the system.  iVOX will created a template according to Delhaize look & feel for this panel website => Elements like logo, copy , and other style elements have to be delivered by Delhaize.  The main structure and architecture of the panel website is coordinated by iVOX
  6. 6. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL  Continuous learning and issue-detection leading to:   Increase customer satisfaction & customer value proposition  Increase custumer retention and gain nex customers  Value For Client Brans awareness & enforcement => Increase brand value Increase in overall business, sales and profits  Make informed decisions about:  Portfolio of products  Pricing strategy  Marketing and promotions  Targeted efficient communication by:  Ad testing  Preference mapping  Needs detection AND SO MUCH MORE
  7. 7. CASES PANEL BUILDING - DEDICATED PANELS DELHAIZE CONSUMER BUDGET PANEL Budget no of days 1.inventory 2.Development intake questionnaire 5. Scripting intake questionnaire Survey (2 templates) Mail (2 templates) 4. Panel website (within Socratos) Architecture and building blocks b.Look & feel c. optional : other creations as a result of MID and roadmap 6. Active recruitment & panel extension 7. Technical training General Use Socratos 8. Evaluation and reporting 2. Socratos software license License fee to renewed every year a.Socratos technical backbone b.Panel member website Technical Totaal excl. BTW BTW Totaal incl. BTW 2 1 1 1 1 4 Tarification/day Total excl.vat. € 850,00 € 1.700,00 € 850,00 € 850,00 € 650,00 € 650,00 650 € 650,00 650 € 650,00 € 750,00 € 3.000,00 4 € 650,00 € 2.600,00 1 2 € 750,00 € 650,00 € 750,00 € 1.300,00 0 € 12150,00 2551.5 € 14701,50