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2013 i vox- cases - thomas cook- holiday-matcher


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Published in: Marketing
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2013 i vox- cases - thomas cook- holiday-matcher

  1. 1. Much more than just facilitating market research, we spark connections since 2003
  2. 2. Project Overview Clients name project Holiday Matcher clients Thomas Cook concept Online marketing en Free PR campagne approach Interactive profile test sponsors MEDIA: Het Nieuwsblad CELEBRITIES: Flemish celebrities role media To announce the campaign, they also regularly announce the preliminary results and stimulate participation, they interview celebrities role celebrities First they voice their opinions through a poll and through ideas they generate over the multiple domains type of product iPROFILE
  3. 3. Interactive Survey The application allows consumers to detect their ideal promo packages of Thomas Cook based on their profile. They can also look up answers from famous locals and friends on Facebook.
  4. 4. Interactive Survey – Socio- demo’s
  5. 5. Opt-in screen for lead acquisition
  6. 6. Instant segmentation based promo offer Online Digital Marketing + viral marketing campaign
  7. 7. Direct website traffic generation
  8. 8. Viral marketing via social media integration
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