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This is a presentation given at FOSSCON 2010 at RIT in Rochester NY.

This is a presentation given at FOSSCON 2010 at RIT in Rochester NY.

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  • 1. Free and Open in Education more than just software presented by Charles Profitt NYS Ubuntu Local Community [email_address]
  • 2. What we will cover today:
    • Philosophy
    • 3. Free Software
    • 4. Open Courseware
    • 5. Why contribute yourself
    “ The idea of copyright did not exist in ancient times, when authors frequently copied other authors at length in works of non-fiction. This practice was useful, and is the only way many authors' works have survived even in part.” ~ Richard Stallman
  • 6. History and Philosophy imagine if there was... … would there be learning?
  • 11. Cooking?
    • no adapting recipes
    • 12. no improving recipes
    • 13. no sharing food with your friends
    … life would be pretty bland
  • 14. Free Software imagine the impact... “Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.” ~ Richard Stallman
  • 15. Free Software the four freedoms...
    • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose
    • 16. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish
    • 17. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor
    • 18. The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others
  • 19. Cooking!
    • can change the recipe
    • 20. can improve the recipe
    • 21. can share food with your friends
    • 22. can share my improved recipe
    … life would be pretty fun
  • 23. Brace for Impact it won't hurt...
  • 24. FOSS Impact hardware... $1899 (2000) $399 (2009)
  • 35. FOSS Impact software...
    • WordPerfect ($150)
    • 36. Norton ($15)
    • 37. Photoshop LE ($100)
    Total: $265
    • Office student ($150)
    • 38. Norton 360 ($80)
    • 39. Photoshop Elements ($90)
    Total: $310
  • 40. FOSS Impact increase opportunity...
    • Computer $1899
    • 41. Software $265
    Total: $2164 12.2 %
    • Computer $399
    • 42. Software $310
    Total: $709 44 %
  • 43. FOSS Applications as tools...
  • 56. FOSS Projects as a resource... Artwork Put your creativity to best use by improving the look and feel of Ubuntu. Help design graphics and backgrounds, or themes of the next release. Development Contribute by writing new software, packaging additional software, or fixing bugs in existing software.
  • 57. FOSS Projects as a resource... Project Based Teams Learn about the dozens of project teams working on a variety of projects which contribute to Ubuntu, how they work and what they do. Community Blogs Planet Ubuntu is your window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors.
  • 58. FOSS Projects as a resource... Get Support Access forums, live chat sessions or mailing lists, and benefit from the technical knowledge of others in the Ubuntu community. Documentation If you are stumped by a problem, chances are someone has encountered it too. First, review official help documents for everything from how to add new applications to configuring a network.
  • 59. FOSS Projects as a resource... Bug Squad Help make Ubuntu even better by working with bug reports to ensure they're complete, understandable and if possible, reproducible Anyone can help! Give Support Share your technical know-how with other users by joining email and discussion lists, or IRC (chat) channels and respond to users requests for help in forums.
  • 60. FOSS Projects real world @ RIT...
  • 61. FOSS Projects real world @ RIT...
    • Professors Stephen Jacobs and Eric Grace worked with Sugar Labs in Spring '09 to start a honors seminar, Developing for the One Laptop per Child XO, which involved teaching open source to about 20 students.
    • 62. This effort resulted in thirteen projects produced by students in Computer Science, Networking, Information Tech, Software engineering and Telecommunications Majors.
  • 63. FOSS Projects real world @ RIT...
  • 64. Open Content where are they now...
  • 65. Open Content the digital printing press... “A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labor exploitation and disease, and given them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential.” ~ Audrey Hepburn
  • 66. Open Content feel the impact... The term "Open Content" was coined by Dr. David Wiley who launched the OpenContent project in 1998 and provided the Open Content License. The Open Content License is now superseded by the Creative Commons licenses.
  • 67. Open Content creative commons... It should be noted that publishing content using one of these licenses does not mean that the author is giving up copyright to the work. Rather, some rights are offered to users of the work under certain conditions.
  • 68. Open Content creative commons...
    • Attribution Gives permission to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and derivative works based upon it but only if credit is given.
    • 69. Noncommercial Gives permission to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and derivative works based upon it but for noncommercial purposes only
  • 70. Open Content creative commons...
    • No Derivative Works Gives permission to copy, distribute, display, and perform only verbatim copies of the work but not derivative works based upon it.
    • 71. Share Alike Gives permission to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs the original work.
  • 72. Open Content using creative commons...
  • 73. Open Content using creative commons...
  • 74. Open Content using creative commons...
  • 75. Brace for Impact it won't hurt...
  • 76. Open Content Impact increase opportunity...
    • Optimization by Vector Space Methods $128.65
    • 77. Applied Finite Mathematics $211.95
    Total: $340.60
    • OER Commons Advanced Calculus $0
    • 78. OER Commons Applied Finite Mathematics $0
    Total: $0
  • 79. Open Courseware resources... In a brave new world of learning, OER content is made free to use or share, and in some cases, to change and share again, made possible through licensing, so that both teachers and learners can share what they know.
  • 80. Open Courseware resources... MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.
  • 81. Open Courseware resources... Notre Dame OCW is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world.
  • 82. Open Courseware an example course...
  • 83. Open Courseware an example course...
  • 84. Open Courseware more sites...
    • Public Library of Science
    • 85. FlossEd
    • 86. Open Knowledge Foundation
    • 87. Open Content
    • 88. Teachers Without Borders
  • 89. Open Courseware educators needed... Educators are like chefs; a good cookbook does not replace a master chef, nor will open courseware replace a master educator
  • 90. Open Courseware the consortium...
  • 91. Open Courseware the consortium... An OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.
  • 92. Open Courseware what is in it for me...
    • Peer review of pedagogic practice
    • 93. The opportunity to increase your reputation
    • 94. Helps you build connections with others in your field
    • 95. Preserves a record of your contributions to your field
    • 96. Allows others to continue your work
  • 97. Open Courseware what is in it for my school...
    • Builds global awareness of your institution and its unique content and approach
    • 98. Assists potential students evaluate your institution by allowing them to preview course content
    • 99. Provides an extra resource for your enrolled students to use in their learning
  • 100. The End Questions?