Human Computer Interaction of an Information System


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HCI of an information system.
Biometric, attendance, access management etc.

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Human Computer Interaction of an Information System

  1. 1. Human Computer Interface of an I.S Submitted By: Group # 9 (BS I.T-Morning) Submitted To: Asif Mahmood (1029) Inam ul Haq Noman Nazar (1041) Adeel Ahmed (1042) M. Faizan Butt (1043) Arsalan Ahmed (1044) University of Education Okara Campus
  2. 2. Contents  Introduction  Importance and Scope of HCI in I.S and other fields  Use of Example that will explore above concept  How to implement HCI of an I.S in any organization  Advantages and Disadvantages  Conclusions  References
  3. 3. Introduction  Human • The end-user • The members of an organization  Computer • Hardware • Software  Interface • A point where two objects meet. • A point where the human can tell the computer what to do. • A point where the computer displays the requested information.
  4. 4. Definition “Human–computer interface involves the study, planning, and design of the interaction between people and computers. It is often regarded as the intersection of computer science, behavioural sciences, design and several other fields of study.” It is used in many routine fields of human life like as Intelligent Homes/Offices, Driver Monitoring, Intelligent Games, E-Commerce. It is also used in information system by various ways. Example
  5. 5. Importance and Scope of HCI in I.S and other fields
  6. 6. HCI of an Expert System(Biometric attendance system) Biometric is a technology that measure and analyse human body characteristics for identification purposes. Biometric improves business processes because of their ability to quickly and accurately identify an individual and grant specific privileges. e.g. Face-key detector, Finger print detector etc. From the above pic it is clear that HCI is used in various fields of human life. It is also used in many fields of Information system. Uses in I.S HCI is used in different fields of information system like as  HCI of an Expert system  HCI of Office Automation system  HCI of a Library Information system  HCI of a decision support system
  7. 7. Face-Key Detector Face-key delivers patented technology based on fingerprints and face recognition for business processes enhancing. Implementation of face-key Detector in I.S Face-key detector is a HCI device which is used in the I.S of any organization for different tasks like:  Attendance  Entry recode  Facial recognition  Photography  Marketing
  8. 8. Working
  9. 9. Requirements We are required following features/data:  Data base of Organization.  ICT (Software, Hardware etc.).  I.S (Programmer, I.S manager etc.)  Network A college in Fuzhou, Fujian province has introduced an electronic face-detection system to prevent students from skipping school, the Fujian Daily reports. “Minjiang University's Conservatory of Music” has installed the facial recognition system in classrooms and demanded that students arrive 10 minutes early. The identification system saves time as teachers are no longer required to take attendance. Students who fail to be identified at first scan are encouraged to move in front of the camera and do it again. Use of face-key detector in organizations
  10. 10. Advantages  I-PHONE Apple has shown interest in building advanced, secure facial recognition technology that would take a two- dimensional image of a person's face and render it in 3D for greater accuracy.  FBI Facial Recognition (face-key detector) software to automatically check driver's license applicants against Criminal Database.  Very accurate with the use of “switches”.  Good for “expert” users - can quickly access commands.  Time saving.  Most accurate.  Easier for a novice/new user to learn/use  No training required  Can be quicker than keyboard entry  Hands-free
  11. 11. Disadvantages  Heavy makeup could fool the system.  It cannot work without power/voltage.  System has no backup in case of any damage.  Facial recognition system uses camera technology which is not yet present as standard equipment in all the pcs thus it will create problem.  It is more expensive and complex than other methods..
  12. 12. Conclusions This system provides easier way to do a task in any origination. It is used in many abroad countries. It mostly used in colleges, universities, offices, factories and agencies. It is used in FBI. FBI uses face-key detector software to automatically check driver's license applicants against Criminal Database. It is expensive but very useful, reliable and flexible software that is commonly used in any big organization. It is used as a basic input device in information systems. It is user friendly
  13. 13. References  standalone-time-attendance.htm   03/103098.shtml  10/fbi-facial-recognition-software-scan-highway- fugitive-motorists   nctionality