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Based on the rigorous methodology employed in our Digital & Media Asset Management Research, this session will provide you with a thorough grounding in Digital and Media Asset Management technology. ...

Based on the rigorous methodology employed in our Digital & Media Asset Management Research, this session will provide you with a thorough grounding in Digital and Media Asset Management technology. It will enable you to identify your own requirements more clearly, understand how various DAM & MAM system services work, and differentiate among alternate architectures and approaches.



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DAM 101 DAM 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Asset Management
 101"Research and advisory services to help you make theright technology and strategy decisions.! Specific advice. Best-practice approaches. The Real Story.! Irina Guseva Senior Analyst @irina_guseva
  • Real Story Group: What We DoAnalyze weaknessesand strengths of thetools....and vendorsAdvise on successfultechnology selectionand implementationbest practices•  Over 3,000 customers in 60+ countries•  Analysts on 3 continents•  We consult only to end-users, never advising the vendors we evaluate Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • What Independence Means To UsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Agenda •  Introduction to DAM •  DAM Implementation Scenarios •  Rich Media Challenges •  Business Case for DAM •  DAM Landscape & TrendsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • What is Digital Asset Management?The management of digital media throughout its lifetime•  Digital media is rich media and other mostly non-textual assets •  photos / graphics •  audio files •  video clips •  Flash animations •  games •  banner ads •  brochures •  catalogsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Digital Assets Defined•  There are differences among “assets,” rich media, and simply electronic files –  A digital asset is a file that has an intrinsic or acquired value Or, put slightly differently: –  Digital assets are files or collections of files, consisting of the media or file itself plus metadata, which together have an intrinsic or acquired valueCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Anatomy of a Digital AssetWhen does content become an asset?•  When it can be managed, through its metadataCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • What does a DAM system do?Provides a securerepository thatfacilitates creation,management,organization,production,distribution, andpotentiallymonetization ofmedia filesidentified as digitalassetsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Information Management Landscape Storage & Archiving Business Process Digital Rights Management Management Portals Imaging Learning Management Document Management Product Data Management Knowledge Management Digital Asset Management Collaboration < SCM > Email Management Records Web Content Management Source Control Management Management Enterprise SearchCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • What’s Truly Unique About DAM?•  File handling•  Media processing•  Transform & transcode•  Multi-channelCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Examples | Collaborative ProductionCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Example | 3D Image Management Source: ADAMCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Example | 3D Image ManagmentCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • The Problem •  Most organizations don’t know… –  What digital media they have or own –  Where it is –  How to find it –  What form it’s in –  What rights they have to it –  How to locate it and get it delivered in the form they need when they need it –  How to publish it in multiple forms to different channels, often simultaneouslyCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Rich Media Challenges•  Rich media can be large and unwieldy –  Some video files can be terabytes in size –  Size affects all aspects of working with the media: storage, processing, movement and distribution, transformation, and search and retrieval. It also affects costs –  Still expensive to move large files around a network and over geographic distances•  Rich media is non-textual –  Because it’s visual or linear and time-based, rich media introduces fundamental challenges for how it’s identified, presented, searched for/within, manipulated, transformed, and segmented –  Rich media requires additional textual information (metadata) describing the media to accompany it either directly, within the repository, or in both placesCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Rich Media Challenges, Part 2 •  Rich media requires special handling –  Specialized requirements for manipulation, long-term storage, the kinds of tools or applications you can use with it, and the various defining standards •  Rich media may be managed by specialized team of people –  Rich media “creatives” in the trenches work with very specific software, and often on a Mac •  Surprisingly few DAM vendors support Mac users well –  Specialized, multi-channel workflows are usually in the mixCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • 3 Dimensions to a Business Case •  Greater Efficiency –  A.K.A. reducing costs, but remember, systems also have an associated cost –  Reduced frustration can be a big win here •  Reduce Risks –  A kind of insurance –  But systems can introduce new risks •  Enhance Value –  Of the assets, and your products and services –  Value considerations tend to predominate in DAM business cases, especially in the case of brand management / perception –  But, greater value also typically hinges on asset and process improvements, along with any technology adoption Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • ture, MediaBeaconAs growth may hinge on whether or not theia theTypical than via Jason directly. staff, rather DAM use cases Use Case Scenarios Brand Mgmt & Marketing Operations ant DAM Library or Photo Archive 2 t Basic Brand Management 2nt Multilingual Brand Management 1 Marketing Asset Production & Distribution 3 Ad Production 2 Publishing Periodicals Production & Distribution 3 og Multi-Channel Publishing 3t Catalog Production 2u Rights-Managed Syndication & Distribution 1 Time-Based Media Production es, Audio or Video Review & Approval 2or Short-Form Audio & Video Production 0 Broadcast Video & Film Production 0e large video-delivery DAM systems for broadcast customers. Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • values. Localization & Internationalization Dimensions of DAMFor comparisons across related products within Transformation the three categories, consult the comparativecharts within each category. Transcoding Multi-Channel Delivery Personalization Feature Ratings at a Glance Key Rights Management Creation & Management Architecture & Management consistently Product or vendor 4 Application Development masters this feature Ingestion System Administration Asset Lifecycle Product excels at this feature, Security Media Processing 3 relative to other products in the Reporting & Analytics Metadata Management same category Distribution Search & Navigation 2 Product offers this feature Configuration Storage & Archiving Product provides this feature, Customization 1 Asset Manager User Interface Extensibility is not as mature as its rivals but Assembly & Delivery Product does not offer this Integration 0 feature Collaboration Scalability & Performance Workflow Administrator User Interface Localization & Internationalization Vendor Intangibles Transformation Support & Community Transcoding Vendor Professional Services Multi-Channel Delivery Channel Partner Services Personalization Strategy & Roadmap Rights Management Viability & Stability Architecture & Management Application Development Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Products vs. PlatformsPlatforms: Developers can make custom applicationsProducts: They do certain things well right away Costly Platforms Functionally Rich Products Complex More Less Time to DeployCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Current Marketplace Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Split: Platforms Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Split: Products Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Current Marketplace Complex •  Large-scale platforms Enterprise •  Multi-dimensional suites •  Expensive Platforms •  Expanding space Upper-Range •  Between departmental installations and full-blown Enterprise- Platforms tier •  Mid-market companies, or departmental projects within larger Mid-Range enterprises Platforms •  Scenarios requiring above-average customization •  More pre-packaged features Mid-Range •  Many of them actively promote “DAM-in-a-box” solutions Products •  Bundled social applications, analytics, collaboration, and more •  Smaller, albeit established vendors •  Packaged tools at attractive prices Simpler Products •  However, sometimes the tools are not as feature rich or as well testedCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Current DAM / MAM Marketplace Complex •  Dalet Enterprise Edition •  Autonomy Virage Media Bin Enterprise •  OpenText Media Manager •  North Plains Telescope •  Avid Interplay MAM Platforms Upper-Range •  Media Beacon R3volution •  ADAM Software Platforms •  Vyre OnBrand •  DuraSpace •  Pixelboxx Mid-Range •  WAVE MediaBank •  Chuckwalla •  Equilibrium MediaRich •  celum SYNERGY and MOVIS Platforms •  Adobe CQ5 DAM •  Dutchsoftware Elvis DAM •  MerlinOne •  Nuxeo DAM •  NetXposure Mid-Range •  Canto •  celum IMAGINE Products •  Widen •  Xinet •  Picturepark •  Adobe Scene7 Simpler Products •  ExtensisCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Platform vs. Product: ContinuumNorth Plains!Autonomy/HP! Canto! PicturePark!ADAM! Extensis! GlobalEdit! Fedora! MerlinOne! MediaBeacon! Chuckwalla! Widen! OpenText! WAVE! Nuxeo! VYRE! Adobe CQ! Xinet! celum! EMC!Platforms" Products" Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • It’s all about “fit” Scenario Fit Technology Fit Partner FitCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Selection processCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Short-list Considerations Regions: Licensing Models: Australia Commercial Europe Commercial Open Source North America Community Open Worldwide Source Technologies: Delivery Models: .NET On Premise Java Software as a Perl and Python Service PHP HybridCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Digital Avid Asset WAVE Management Xinet ViewCast CROSS-CHECK Extensis 2012 MediaBeacon Adobe celum Fedora North Plains VENDOR SIZE VYRE Equilibrium HP / Autonomy Widen Oracle Dutchsoftware Chuckwalla OpenText Microsoft Canto Nuxeo FOCUS ON DAM ADAMCopyright © 2011 REAL STORY GROUP EMC MerlinOne KIT digital realstorygroup.comCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Thank you!•  Please visit our web site: realstorygroup.com –  Vendor/product evaluations –  Analyst advisory papers –  Webinars –  Education courses –  One-on-one analyst adviceDownload a free research sample:www.realstorygroup.com/SampleFollow us on Twitter: @realstorygroup@irina_gusevaContact me at irina@realstorygroup.comCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  • Finding Your Way...Copyright © 2010 Real Story Group Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group www.realstorygroup.com