Delegate InformatIon Pack              9-11 may 2011              Hotel le Plaza, Brussels              Equipping your fie...
9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels                                                                                   ...
9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels DeVeloPIng tHe rIgHt moBIlIty Strategy Myron Hrycyk, CIO, Severn Trent     KEyNOTE...
9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels emPoWerIng tHe moBIle Workforce Fabio Veronese, Vice President     The ultimate st...
9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels Theo Ellenbroek, Project                PANEL DISCUSSION Manager, VolkerWessels   ...
Who you will meet                                                                                                         ...
more Value for your time out of                                                                                           ...
9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels                                                     Sponsors Already Confirmed for...
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Enterprise Mobility Exchange Brochure


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Enterprise Mobility Exchange Brochure

  1. 1. Delegate InformatIon Pack 9-11 may 2011 Hotel le Plaza, Brussels Equipping your field workforce with mobile technology to deliver Maximum Profit, Productivity & Customer Service ExcellenceAbadi MT Condensed Extra Bold Independent Research Partner
  2. 2. 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels “The number of mobile workers accessing enterprise systems worldwide will top the 1 Welcome to the Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2011 billion mark in 2010 on the way to 1.2 billion Over the past two decades, leading organisations have been investing in mobility solutions to deliver by 2013, or more than a third of the world’s better customer service, improve efficiency, stay compliant with regulations and above all, increase profit. workforce” ‘mobile Worker trends report’, IDC Research Yet even as mobile technology becomes more affordable, effective implementation is a challenging process. Our research has shown that businesses implementing mobile technology are asking these key questions: How do you decide who is responsible for enterprise mobility in your organisation? How do you find the right solution for your business in a crowded vendor market? Once you have successfully implemented a mobility project, what’s next? Where are the 2nd and 3rd generation investments to be made?T Condensed Extra Bold Find the answers to these questions and more at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2011, universally recognised as the leading Director level networking event for field service organisations who are actively purchasing and implementing mobile technology for their workforce. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this invitation-only forum where improving workforce productivity, maximising revenue opportunities, reducing operating costs and dramatically enhancing the customer experience will be top of the agenda. Maximise your time and seal Expert speaker faculty includes: real results An Exchange is a unique, invitation-only meeting driven by • Myron Hrycyk, CIO, Severn Trent Water pre-scheduled business meetings, between prequalified solution • Nick Capell, CIO / IT Director, Parcelforce Worldwide providers and senior decision-makers. Thought-provoking • Fabio Veronese, Vice President and Head of ICT Development for Distribution, Enel Servizi conference sessions, executive roundtables and innovative • Paola Petroni, Vice President and Head of Network Technology, Enel Distribution networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in • Maurice Daw, Executive Director - Access, Virgin Media three days of focused, structured business development. • Matthew Berardi, Managing Director, Field Technology Operations Technology & Systems Support, Unlike traditional conferences or tradeshows, the primary focus Fedex Ground and benefit of the Exchange is for new relationships to be forged • Glenn Morgan, Technology & Service Partner, British Airways and existing partnerships to be enhanced. Exchange only invites • Rui Pena, Organisation and Development Vice Director, EDP executives with the highest credentials and solution providers • Divya Mahajan, Director Architect for Enterprise Integration and SOA, Philips International with the most cutting edge capabilities to ensure a true peer-to- peer learning and networking forum. Don’t this opportunity to: • Berndt Larsson, Project Lead, Vattenfall • Nick Bond, Senior Program Manager, DHL Express • Share and exchange knowledge, ideas and concepts with your global counterparts in a frank behind-closed-doors • Juha Uusitorppa, System Manager, Production IT Systems, DB Schenker Finland environment • Simon Skeet, Retail and Logistics Manager - Groceries Online, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets • Benchmark your current strategies and initiatives with other • Michael Cahill, Eastern Region Operational Manager, Bord Gáis Networks Transformation Programme leading corporations in our exclusive Think Tank discussions • Martin Binns, Transport Manager, Balfour Beatty Major Civil Engineering • Meet the market leading service and solution providers • Leon Richards, IT Service Manager, Northern Gas Networks relevant to your business needs, in focused one-on-one • Theo Ellenbroek, Project Manager, Volker Wessels Telecom business meetings • Take part in a broad range of focused conference and • Herman Krabbenbos, Area Manager - East, Alliander discussion sessions led by peer-level presenters, sharing • Nicholas McQuire, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility EMEA, IDC Research innovative case-studies, best practice and lessons learned • Tim Carter, Managing Director, Birdstep Technology • Mike Oliver, Manager of Mobility Marketing for EMEA, Sybase • Steve Mason, Director for West Europe, ClickSoftware • Jeremy Gould, VP Sales Europe, TomTom Business Solutions Advisory Board Members include: The networking opportunities at the exchange were excellent. The connectivity solution for our • Vagelis Ballas, Field Sales BPL, Commercial, Coca Cola Hellenic mobile devices is based on contacts made at • Nicholas McQuire, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility EMEA, IDC Research • Uwe Neumann, Professor, University of Applied Science Hamm-Lippstadt (formerly E.ON Energie) the Exchange • Dr. Ahmed el Adl, Director Enterprise Mobility Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers leader of Service group in operation/Head of • Kevin Benedict, Mobile and M2M Industry Analyst, SAP Mentor and Blogger metering, RheinEnergieAG 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  3. 3. 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels DeVeloPIng tHe rIgHt moBIlIty Strategy Myron Hrycyk, CIO, Severn Trent KEyNOTE ADDRESS Water Putting together an integrated mobility strategy for your organisation: Who is your mobile warrior? • Overcoming the challenge of creating, coordinating and managing a coherent mobility road map for your organisation • Upfront investment vs. ROI: Striking the right balance • Ensuring employee buy-in at all levels of the business to guarantee project success • Lessons learned from implementation of existing projects and how to sidestep potential pitfalls for future investments Nick Capell, CIO / IT Director, KEyNOTE ADDRESS Parcelforce Worldwide Delivering the goods: Using mobile technology to provide a better quality of service for your customers • Developing your mobility road map to ensure successful project development and roll out: Who needs to be involved? • Empowering the mobile workforce by improving access to data on site • Utilising GPS functionality to enhance existing investments • What’s next? Investing in the right mobile technology to improve customer service Glenn Morgan, Technology & KEyNOTE ADDRESS Service Partner, British Airways Charting the impact of consumerisation on field service operations at British Airways • Find out how enterprise mobility fits in with other areas of British Airways’ corporate IT strategy • Develop a clear understanding of how investments in mobile technology have enabled British Airways workers be more productive • Examine lessons learned and best practice to ensure success for future investments enterPrISe moBIlIty: caSe StuDIeS anD market trenDS Divya Mahajan, Director Architect Taking an enterprise wide approach to business mobility: Philips International Case Study for Enterprise Integration and • Taking mobility out of the field: Developing mobile applications for service and non-service users in an enterprise SOA, Philips International • Developing a robust change management strategy to ensure employee buy-in and successful project roll out • Bring on the smart phone: To which parts of the business is this technology most suited? • Successfully integrating new investments in mobile technology with legacy systems • Gaining insights into Philips’ future investments for business mobility Nicholas McQuire, Research Global outlook: The rise of mobile technology and the growing demand for enterprise mobility solutions Director, Enterprise Mobility • Sector by sector analysis of global uptake of mobile technology: Which are the most popular products on the market and EMEA, IDC Research why? • Raising the bar: How smart phone technology has influenced ruggedised device product development and vice versa • Examining the consumerisation of mobile technology and how this will make mobile technology more accessible to enterprises in the long term • How are systems integrators positioning themselves in the mobility space? Is this message being successfully communicated to the market? Vagelis Ballas, PANEL DISCUSSION Field Sales BPL, Commercial, Enterprise Mobility Advisory Board: What’s next in enterprise mobility? Coca Cola Hellenic Members of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Board will lead an interactive discussion based on the key issues that have arisen over the course outlined below. At the end of this exciting debate, gain the opportunity to put your questions to this panel of mobility experts: • State of the market review: How will recent changes in the enterprise mobility vendor market affect customer appetite for, Nicholas McQuire, Research and take up of, enterprise mobility solutions? Director, Enterprise Mobility • What can smart phone technology bring to the field service sector? EMEA, IDC Research • Charting customer demand for, and availability of, managed services and end-to-end solutions • Looking ahead: What does the future hold for enterprise mobility? Uwe Neumann, Professor, University of Applied Science Hamm-Lippstadt (formerly E.ON Energie) Kevin Benedict, Make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this unique forum - to apply Mobile and M2M Industry Analyst, for an invitation please contact the Exchange team by telephone: +44 (0) 207 368 9484, SAP Mentor and Blogger online: or email 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  4. 4. 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels emPoWerIng tHe moBIle Workforce Fabio Veronese, Vice President The ultimate step in optimising workforce management: Automation and connection from the beginning to the end of each and and Head of ICT Development every task for Distribution, Enel Servizi • Increasing workforce productivity using the right workforce management tools • Keeping in touch: Ensure mobile connectivity in every phase of field activities Paola Petroni, Vice President • Improving workforce management with dynamic and automated task assignment and Head of Network • Guaranteeing total integration of all kinds of field activities: Task assignment, field force management as well as front and back Technology, Enel Distribution end systems Mike Oliver, Manager of Mobility Thinking smart, keeping it simple, staying secure: How to make the right investments in enterprise mobility for your business Marketing for EMEA, Sybase • Capturing and managing data more effectively to drive down costs • What can businesses do to enhance existing investments in enterprise mobility? • Developing a strong partner network to deliver an extensive product offering to the market Berndt Larsson, Project Lead, Does one size fit all? Developing a standardised workforce management solution Vattenfall • Linking enterprise mobility with your broader IT strategy • Moving towards automation: Overcoming key challenges during this transition period • Developing the right training for your workforce to ensure successful project delivery • How to source and implement the right devices for each part of your workforce Rui Pena, Organisation and Deploying a large scale field solution: EDP Case Study Development Vice Director, • Developing an integrated strategy for mobilising operations and achieving internal buy-in EDP Distribution • Improving workforce efficiency through adoption of the right mobile technology • Challenges to overcome: Change management, internal workforce and contractors’ input DelIVerIng unParalleleD cuStomer SerVIce Steve Mason, Director for West Choosing the right mobility solution for your workforce to achieve your business objectives Europe, ClickSoftware • Using applications to manage a range of deliverables, from simple tasks to complex, multiple stage projects • Developing the right training for your workforce to ensure successful project delivery: What are the key barriers to overcome? • Using data flow to provide valuable insight into service delivery and to target areas for improvement • Narrowing appointment windows and empowering the consumer through investment in workforce management and service optimisation solutions Maurice Daw, Executive Director Power to the people: How Virgin Media have dramatically improved their customer experience through the lens of the engineer - Access, Virgin Media • Assessing the impact of customer experience measurement on choice of mobile technology for the field workforce • Ensuring that your engineers have all the tools for the job - from technology to behavioural skills support - to deliver excellent customer service • Examine effective approaches for back office support including automated scheduling and routing neW InVeStmentS In moBIle tecHnology Michael Cahill, Eastern Region Bord Gáis Case Study: Highlighting the key challenges and opportunities of rolling out a mobility project Operational Manager, Bord • Assessing and identifying the key stakeholders in developing a coordinated mobility strategy Gáis Networks Transformation • ‘Training the trainer’ and change management strategies to ensure employee buy-in and overall project success Programme • Overcoming the challenges of moving from paper based processes to a fully automated system Tim Carter, Managing Director, Maximising mobile worker productivity and reducing data costs through optimised connectivity Birdstep Technology • How to ensure seamless roaming between WLAN and 3G networks for cost-effective, hassle-free connectivity • Reducing helpdesk calls through more reliable communications • How to integrate smart phone devices into a secure mobile infrastructure • Improving the mobile user experience to maximise ROI and increase the chances of a successful mobile 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  5. 5. 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels Theo Ellenbroek, Project PANEL DISCUSSION Manager, VolkerWessels Standardising data warehousing and planning across the Netherlands to improve workforce productivity Telecom Panellists will discuss the key challenges faced in developing a standardised system with XML for all utilities companies across the Netherlands. Audience members will have the opportunity to put their questions to the panel and to engage in a lively debate based on the points outlined below: • Enhancing digital and mobile data transport using a standardised ERP system Herman Krabbenbos, Area • Engaging and coordinating countrywide partnerships to drive the project forward Manager - East, Alliander • How can you successfully integrate different types of devices, applications and other software with a standardised ERP system? DeVIce SelectIon anD enterPrISe moBIlIty Nick Bond, Senior Program DHL Express Case Study: Meeting the challenge of delivering an end-to-end mobility solution Manager, Operations Programs • Developing an integrated business case for a mobility programme to achieve the necessary internal buy-in Global, DHL Express • Delivering a successful project through careful vendor selection and correct choice of hardware and software • Meeting the challenge of delivering a global end-to-end solution whilst being sensitive to country specific issues Matthew Berardi, Managing PANEL DISCUSSION Director, Field Technology Choosing the right devices for your workforce Operations Technology & Systems This panel includes decision makers from leading enterprises who will go ‘head to head’ with key representatives from the vendor Support, Fedex Ground market in a lively debate (delete ‘with’) on this exciting and thought provoking topic. Panellists will discuss and debate following issues: • What can smart phone technology bring to the field services sector? Leon Richards, IT Service • Which particular device functionalities are critical for field services implementation: Vendor and customer perspectives Manager, Northern Gas Networks • In-vehicle technology vs. mobile PDAs, or a combination of both: Which is best for your mobile workforce? • How can vendors capitalise on the commercial popularity of smart phone technology while simultaneously delivering industrial functionality? Additional panellists to be confirmed IncreaSIng aSSet VISIBIlIty Martin Binns, Transport Manager, Keeping track of your assets: Using in-vehicle mobile technology to achieve better worker visibility and improve fleet Balfour Beatty Major Civil management Engineering • Overcoming the challenge of integrating new technologies with multiple existing legacy systems • Enhancing existing investments in mobile technology to monitor workforce performance • Using data flow to track fuel consumption and improve your carbon footprint Simon Skeet, Retail and Case study: How Sainsbury’s Online home delivery service is using mobile technology to improve efficiency Logistics Manager - Groceries • Using telematics to optimise route planning and improve workforce performance Online, Sainsbury’s • Utilising data flow to pinpoint and narrow delivery windows and keep customers happy Supermarkets • Staying cool under pressure: Using vehicle tracking tools to maintain in-vehicle temperature • Staying compliant with health and safety regulations and protecting the mobile worker Juha Uusitorppa, System Big wheels keep on turning: Using in-vehicle mobile technology to cut costs and improve efficiency Manager, Production IT Systems, • Overcoming the challenges of sourcing and implementing a standardised solution for your mobile workforce and fleet DB Schenker Finland • Choosing the right devices for your fleet: Which functionalities are most important and why? • What’s next? Optimising current investments in mobile technology to achieve even better results Jeremy Gould, VP Sales Europe, Keeping it green: Enhancing your green credentials today, not tomorrow TomTom Business Solutions • How can making the right investment in mobile technology make your workforce more productive, lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint? • Introducing a three-fold approach to a greener fleet and workforce that reduces your environmental impact from day one • Gaining a real-time view on your fleets performance in terms of fuel efficiency and carbon emissions • Avoiding the headaches: How can you ensure implementation of mobile technology works for, and not against, you and your business? 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  6. 6. Who you will meet To ensure the Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior decision makers who are responsible for purchasing and implementing mobile technology will qualify 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels for attendance. This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing your Time is Valuable, Which is Why you’re in the Driving Seat sessions. • Customise your itinerary to reflect your current initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives Executives in attendance will include: • your itinerary will consists of conference sessions, one-to-one business meetings and interactive • CIO • Head of Technical Services discussions • COO • Head of Operations • IT Director • Operations Director Conference Sessions • Head of Field Service Mobility • Head of Logistics The highly crafted conference sessions reflect the strategic issues that senior executives have identified as • Field Force Manager • Head of Asset Management priorities during our lengthy research process. You will choose from a selection of plenary and concurrent • Head of Mobile Workforce sessions covering a myriad of issues that will create the foundation of your agenda. Session formats include: Management Co-presented Case Studies, Panel Discussions, Case Reviews, Roundtable Discussions and Interactive Debates. From the following industries:T Condensed Extra Bold Utilities 40% One-to-One Business Meetings Telecoms 20% Distribution / logistics / transportation 20% An integral part of your agenda is the one-on-one business meetings with leading solution providers. When Facilities Management and Construction 10% you register for the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, you will be asked to identify the solutions and services you Public sector / Government 5% are currently considering, so we can invite leading experts to the Exchange who will fit your business needs. Other - retail, healthcare, education etc 5% Prior to the Exchange, you will be able to assess the solution providers who will be attending and select 6-8 who offer products and services that match your initiatives and priorities. Your selections are then incorporated into your customised agenda. These private 30 minute one-on- one meetings give you the opportunity to hear from leading specialists, whose industry knowledge and experience enable them to make a valuable contribution to the requirements of your business. They offer objective, flexible and relevant strategies for success. This unique aspect of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange serves to simplify the process for sourcing new solutions, enabling you to discover strategies that are working for others and offering you early previews of emerging technologies. Exchange Solution Providers New! Enterprise Mobility Strategic Surgery Sessions - Solution Providers are invited based on the requirements of attending delegates. The solution providers at the Enterprise Hosted by Mobility Exchange specialise in the following areas: This year you will have the opportunity to schedule a one-to-one meeting with Nicholas McQuire, Research ENTERPRISE-WIDE SOLUTIONS ASSET SPECIFIC Director, Enterprise Mobility EMEA, IDC Research to discuss the pressing challenges you are facing in • Data Management • Asset Management implementing your mobility projects. • Document Management • Asset Tracking/RFID • Content Management • Remote Device Monitoring IDC provide a vendor agnostic view of the market, and can offer guidance on new technologies and solutions • Knowledge Management • GIS in the business mobility space, sharing best practice and experiences from other enterprises they are • Enterprise Resource Planning • GPS working with. These consultative one-to-one meetings will give you an uninterrupted opportunity to gain a (ERP) • Service Scheduling fresh perspective on your most pressing challenges, helping drive your mobility project to new heights. • Middleware Technology • Forecasting & Planning With limited availability, make sure you register your place early to secure your appointment! • Mobile & Enterprise Security • Mobile Applications CUSTOMER SERVICE • Mobile Connectivity • Automated Meter Reading • Mobile Devices (AMR) • Mobile Network Providers • Customer Relationship • Smart Metering Management (CRM) • Systems Integrators • Change Management Another success. Lots of new vendors Great networking and FIELD FORCE SOLUTIONS and again, the right mix of industries meetings with providers • Field Service Automation Strategy Development Manager, Scottish ICT Project Leader, Fluxys • Sales Force Automation • Fleet Management Water • Workforce / Field Force Management 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  7. 7. more Value for your time out of the office The Enterprise Mobility Exchange offers a variety of unique learning styles and sessions, from which you can select from to build a customised itinerary that reflects your current 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives. Your itinerary will consist of conference sessions, one-to-one business meetings and our signature Think Tank discussions. What your Participation Includes: As part of the Exchange you will create your own three day This exclusive event is strictly for Enterprise Mobility Executives. If you haven’t received an invitation to agenda to ensure it meets your current business needs, and it this event and would like to know if you qualify to attend please call +44 (0) 207 368 9484, email will end up looking something like this on the day: or fill in an invitation application online at Two-day Exchange Pricing Exchange Itinerary Book and Pay Before Standard rate* friday 10th December Monday 9th May, 2011 €949+ Vat* €1149+ Vat* 15:00 Registration The registration fee is ONLY payable by credit card (VISA, AMEX or MasterCard) 15:50 Chairman’s Welcome All prices are exclusive of Belgium VAT at 21%. VAT Registration #: BE 081 7979 16:00 Keynote Address 16:40 Keynote Address to apply for an invitation, please contact the exchange team: 17:20 Business Meeting 17:50 Think Tank Telephone: +44 (0)20 7368 9484 18:20 Cocktail Reception Online: 19:30 Gala Dinner Email: Tuesday 10th May, 2011Condensed Extra Boldfor Participation qualifying delegates includes: 09:00 Chairman’s Recap • 2 nights accommodation at the venue* 09:15 Keynote Address • Access to the secure pre-event website to customise your schedule for the Exchange 09:55 Session • Selection of interactive discussions, keynote presentations and conference sessions 10:40 Think Tank • Selection of one-on-one business meetings with solution providers 11:10 Session 11:55 Business Meeting • Breakfast, lunch and refreshment 12:25 Business Meeting • Networking Dinner 12:55 Lunch (* There is a limited amount of free accommodation, so once this has been allocated, the rate of 1149 excluding accommodation will apply. Please 13:55 Think Tank register early to avoid disappointment.) 14:25 Business Meeting 15:00 Session the Venue 15:40 Think Tank 16:15 Session Hotel Le Plaza is only a few steps away from the 16:55 Chairman’s Close famous Théâtre de la Monnaie and the Stock 17:10 Free Time Exchange in the heart of Brussels. The architect, 19:00 Cocktail Reception Michel Polak, used “the Four Seasons - Georges V Hotel” in Paris as his inspiration: French facades Wednesday 11th May, 2011 in ‘pierres de France’, high ceilings and extensive spaces contributed to create the refined elegance 08:30 Chairman’s Recap of this exclusive luxury hotel. Following a break of 08:40 Keynote Address 20 years due to major urban redevelopment, Hotel 09:20 Session Le Plaza was reborn in 1996 at the instigation of 10:00 Think Tank its proprietor, the Baron van Gysel de Meise, who 10:30 Session was committed to restoring the luxury hotel while 11:10 Session conserving its original features. 10 years after its 11:50 Business Meeting reopening, Hotel Le Plaza is now one of the finest 12:20 Think Tank private luxury hotels in Europe. 12:50 Lunch 13:50 Business Meeting This venue has been carefully selected to provide the backdrop and ambience needed to help create and support the 14:20 Business Meeting Exchange format. By tying in rich traditions, historic significance and unsurpassed quality at stunning locations across 14:50 Session Europe, these venues present the perfect setting to conduct business and meet a peer group of senior strategists. The 15:30 Chairman’s Close hotels provide a peaceful and productive retreat, ensuring that you are able to focus on your priorities for participating 15:45 Exchange Adjourns in this Exchange. 44 (0) 207 368 9484
  8. 8. 9-11 may 2011, Hotel le Plaza, Brussels Sponsors Already Confirmed for 2011 IncludeCondensed Extra Bold CMYK CMYK CMYK 50m 100y 100c 72m 18k 70k to find out more about sponsorship opportunities contact the exchange team directly at or by calling +44(0) 207 368 9500. Media and Research Partners Energy IQ, a division of IQPC, is dedicated to providing practical, detailed information through conferences, training courses, webinars and our monthly newsletter. By providing accurate, objective and up-to-date developments and trends in various industries, Energy IQ enables organizations to remain competitive and profitable. International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy. More than 1000 IDC analysts provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries worldwide. For more than 46 years, IDC has provided strategic insights to help our clients achieve their key business objectives. IDC is a subsidiary of IDG, the world’s leading technology media, research, and events company. You can learn more about IDC by visiting If you would like to find out about becoming a media partner, have specific media requests or would like to arrange interviews on site at the exchange, please contact: Andrew Wilson, marketing manger, IQPc exchange, Tel: +44(0) 207 368 9300 Email: 44 (0) 207 368 9484