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Adysa Group Corporativa Ingles

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Adysa Group
  2. 2. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a key factor in optimizing business processes, improving the productivity and competitiveness of companies and the growth of the economy, employment and well-being. Mr. Alfonso Arbaiza Managing Director of Fundetec Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) constitute a strategic element for the growth, development and transformation of the business sector, thereby increasing the competitiveness and productivity of SMEs. ICT White Papers for the Transport and Logistics Sector When you look 10 to 15 years back is when you realize things have radically changed. Communication, collaboration and sharing are aspects that have revolutionized companies. Before, every lawyer was a stagnant and rather isolated micro-business. Nowadays, a lawyer can access millions of internal documents and dozens of millions external ones that other lawyers have created. Frasesc Muñoz Cuatrecasas Abogados 2
  3. 3. A business group geared towards the continuous improvement and automation of the major areas of your business. With our experience and using the latest technologies, we provide a global vision (360º), which helps in decision making We optimize the return on investment (ROI) of your departments by linking objective-investment-result We work with: “Decisions can Sales not be made in General Managers– Sales – Marketing – one area of a Marketing company without Human Resources – Finance- Projects – Finances influencing the Logistics – Information Systems others” Projects Logistics Information systems 3
  4. 4. We focus our efforts on process and controlling consultancy for the major areas of your company: General Manager Sales Marketing Finances HR Projects Logistics Information systems 4
  5. 5. At Adysa Group, we have specialized in improving processes for more than 12 years. We apply the latest technologies through strategies that work and are proven through hundreds of customers. Services: • Process analysis. • Needs specification. • Consulting and definition of objectives. • Strategy and Marketing. We solve needs and provide • Selection, assessment and budget. solutions • Implementation management. • Commissioning. • Results analysis. We help make decisions • Evolutionary maintenance.
  6. 6. AdysaGroup Service Chart General Manager KPI – Organizational Charts – Reports – Indicators – Objectives - Profitability Sales Marketing Finance Finance HR • CRM • eMarketing • eFinances • Employment Portal • Processes and training • Web/Blog Marketing • Analytic accounting • Training (eLearning) • Opportunity generation • Lead Management • ERP • Job openings • Sales material • Positioning • Invoicing • Labor Management • Call center • E-Events • Expense control • ‘New Hire’ • Campaigns • Skills Development Projects Logistics Information Systems • Time management • Work flow monitoring BPM • Deliverables and Risk • Dispatch documental Process automation Matrix Management management OnDemand Platform • Project monitoring • Interoperability between • Analyses and reports different offices 6
  7. 7. Our Philosophy Control theanthe necessary Undertake action plan to Introduce the elements carried Develop processes needed We aim to continuously to at the to execute the plan actions company in search out adapt to your company’s make needed improvements improve business ofestablished atnew needs the company new needs processes. 360º Evolutionary consultancy 7
  8. 8. What do our customers ask us?
  9. 9. Senior Management How can I know if the decisions we are making are the right ones? “We help make decisions based on the My financial department doesn’t see correct analysis of the information and what’s going on in sales and doesn’t facilitating strategic decision making" work with marketing For years I have been trying to implement CRM in the organization as sales management is essential in What we can offer you: today’s world. I don’t want to spend money on personnel who are not dedicated to my • Improved organizational and process efficiency business. Can I use SaaS? • Real time management of business processes I need to be sure that all the areas in • Access to reports and data analysis the organization are synchronized, • Organizational charts and Business Intelligence connected and that they make good • Knowledge management use of synergies. I would like an Intranet 9
  10. 10. Sales Director Can I find out right now if my sales team is meeting the objectives? What are the products we should promote? "Together with your Sales Director, we design a global strategy for a proper relationship How can I reduce the training times for with your customers and to gain new ones." my sales force on new products and services? What is the real status of my customers and is there anything pending with What we can offer you: them and what services and products are they most interested in? • Customer relations management (CRM) How can I be sure that my customer • Sales network architecture database is reliable and allows me to reach my objectives? • Sales incentive programs and sales efficiency How can I boost relations with my to support goals achievement. channel and make it easier for them to • Lead Management sell my products and services? • Sales Intelligence 10
  11. 11. Marketing Director How can I improve my image in the market? I need to communicate the latest “Along with the Marketing Director, we design a developments with my customers global communication and online presence strategy without depending on complex which allows the company to reach its notoriety and technical processes. sales objectives.” What new alternatives are there for customer loyalty? What we can offer you: How can I make it so that our product is being talked about in all possible Implementation of communication strategies media? Marketing Campaigns Can I make it so that my relationship with the press is easy to be able to Brand positioning share new developments as easily as Relational Marketing, CRM possible? Online advertising video Organizational charts and business intelligence Email / SMS / Fax Marketing Solutions Loyalty clubs. 11
  12. 12. Human Resources Director I need to relate with employees through a centralized and easy system. “We make it easier to manage How can I boost talent attraction. improvements and control as regards Implementing the employee training the company’s HR management” plan is vital and getting it so that everyone complies is very important to What we can offer you: ensuring that we are providing quality services. Knowledge Management Can I manage each employee’s hours Internal Communication worked and get an analysis on the • Internal process automation. profitability of each one? • Time optimization. I want to publish internal job vacancies • Improved service quality • Cost savings. I want to develop skills • We design and implement training strategies geared towards optimizing employee development (talent management) and boosting and maximizing their efficiency and profitability. 12
  13. 13. Finance Director How can I control the cash-flow of my company in real time? “We help improve the control over the How can I correctly attribute my company’s financial management” company’s costs to each project? Can I have all the financial information What we can offer you: on the company and bank reconciliations in the same place? Can I automate the invoice generation • Profit and Loss Control process? • Invoicing and collection management I need a control panel where I can • Cost control quickly see all the financial information • Payroll management (and meta4 outsourcing) relevant to my company in real time. • Profitability analysis (analytic accounting) • Budget compliance • Employee profitability • Visibility of inefficient areas 13
  14. 14. Information Systems I waste too much time managing and updating our website and our corporate intranet. “We help improve your company’s management of its information technologies and focus the resources on what How can get good use out of SMS is truly necessary and Email Marketing at my company? How can I share information between all of my company's systems? What we can offer you: I waste too much time generating reports. Can I automate this process? • Use of OnDemand platforms • Task automation • Centralized data and information • Use of the same platform for various services. • Less system maintenance time • Application platforms 14
  15. 15. Direct Partners
  16. 16. Technological consulting, by professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in: Consulting Project Management Integrated Solutions Training What do we provide? 1. Advice on strategic decisions 2. Process analysis and optimization 3. Assessment of technology alternatives. 4. Custom solutions. 5. Project Management 6. Results tracking. 7. Business boosting. 16
  17. 17. Multimedia factory that specializes in the creation of FLASH/HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT projects Integrated with the latest technologies. We are committed to being a quality alternative for Web production (HTML, Flash, multimedia) with a high level of: Quality Accessibility Usability Performance Technological capability 18
  18. 18. Partners and Alliances
  19. 19. Adysa Group has strategic alliances with the leading companies in its sectors in order to provide you with the best technologies and marketing actions available: Technology: Digital Marketing: 21