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DAM 101


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Based on the rigorous methodology employed in our Digital & Media Asset Management Research, this session will provide you with a thorough grounding in Digital and Media Asset Management technology. It will enable you to identify your own requirements more clearly, understand how various DAM & MAM system services work, and differentiate among alternate architectures and approaches.

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DAM 101

  1. 1. Digital Asset Management
 101"Research and advisory services to help you make theright technology and strategy decisions.! Specific advice. Best-practice approaches. The Real Story.! Irina Guseva Senior Analyst @irina_guseva
  2. 2. Real Story Group: What We DoAnalyze weaknessesand strengths of thetools....and vendorsAdvise on successfultechnology selectionand implementationbest practices•  Over 3,000 customers in 60+ countries•  Analysts on 3 continents•  We consult only to end-users, never advising the vendors we evaluate Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  3. 3. What Independence Means To UsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  4. 4. Agenda •  Introduction to DAM •  DAM Implementation Scenarios •  Rich Media Challenges •  Business Case for DAM •  DAM Landscape & TrendsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  5. 5. What is Digital Asset Management?The management of digital media throughout its lifetime•  Digital media is rich media and other mostly non-textual assets •  photos / graphics •  audio files •  video clips •  Flash animations •  games •  banner ads •  brochures •  catalogsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  6. 6. Digital Assets Defined•  There are differences among “assets,” rich media, and simply electronic files –  A digital asset is a file that has an intrinsic or acquired value Or, put slightly differently: –  Digital assets are files or collections of files, consisting of the media or file itself plus metadata, which together have an intrinsic or acquired valueCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  7. 7. Anatomy of a Digital AssetWhen does content become an asset?•  When it can be managed, through its metadataCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  8. 8. What does a DAM system do?Provides a securerepository thatfacilitates creation,management,organization,production,distribution, andpotentiallymonetization ofmedia filesidentified as digitalassetsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  9. 9. Information Management Landscape Storage & Archiving Business Process Digital Rights Management Management Portals Imaging Learning Management Document Management Product Data Management Knowledge Management Digital Asset Management Collaboration < SCM > Email Management Records Web Content Management Source Control Management Management Enterprise SearchCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  10. 10. Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  11. 11. What’s Truly Unique About DAM?•  File handling•  Media processing•  Transform & transcode•  Multi-channelCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  12. 12. Examples | Collaborative ProductionCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  13. 13. Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  14. 14. Example | 3D Image Management Source: ADAMCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  15. 15. Example | 3D Image ManagmentCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  16. 16. The Problem •  Most organizations don’t know… –  What digital media they have or own –  Where it is –  How to find it –  What form it’s in –  What rights they have to it –  How to locate it and get it delivered in the form they need when they need it –  How to publish it in multiple forms to different channels, often simultaneouslyCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  17. 17. Rich Media Challenges•  Rich media can be large and unwieldy –  Some video files can be terabytes in size –  Size affects all aspects of working with the media: storage, processing, movement and distribution, transformation, and search and retrieval. It also affects costs –  Still expensive to move large files around a network and over geographic distances•  Rich media is non-textual –  Because it’s visual or linear and time-based, rich media introduces fundamental challenges for how it’s identified, presented, searched for/within, manipulated, transformed, and segmented –  Rich media requires additional textual information (metadata) describing the media to accompany it either directly, within the repository, or in both placesCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  18. 18. Rich Media Challenges, Part 2 •  Rich media requires special handling –  Specialized requirements for manipulation, long-term storage, the kinds of tools or applications you can use with it, and the various defining standards •  Rich media may be managed by specialized team of people –  Rich media “creatives” in the trenches work with very specific software, and often on a Mac •  Surprisingly few DAM vendors support Mac users well –  Specialized, multi-channel workflows are usually in the mixCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  19. 19. 3 Dimensions to a Business Case •  Greater Efficiency –  A.K.A. reducing costs, but remember, systems also have an associated cost –  Reduced frustration can be a big win here •  Reduce Risks –  A kind of insurance –  But systems can introduce new risks •  Enhance Value –  Of the assets, and your products and services –  Value considerations tend to predominate in DAM business cases, especially in the case of brand management / perception –  But, greater value also typically hinges on asset and process improvements, along with any technology adoption Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  20. 20. ture, MediaBeaconAs growth may hinge on whether or not theia theTypical than via Jason directly. staff, rather DAM use cases Use Case Scenarios Brand Mgmt & Marketing Operations ant DAM Library or Photo Archive 2 t Basic Brand Management 2nt Multilingual Brand Management 1 Marketing Asset Production & Distribution 3 Ad Production 2 Publishing Periodicals Production & Distribution 3 og Multi-Channel Publishing 3t Catalog Production 2u Rights-Managed Syndication & Distribution 1 Time-Based Media Production es, Audio or Video Review & Approval 2or Short-Form Audio & Video Production 0 Broadcast Video & Film Production 0e large video-delivery DAM systems for broadcast customers. Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  21. 21. values. Localization & Internationalization Dimensions of DAMFor comparisons across related products within Transformation the three categories, consult the comparativecharts within each category. Transcoding Multi-Channel Delivery Personalization Feature Ratings at a Glance Key Rights Management Creation & Management Architecture & Management consistently Product or vendor 4 Application Development masters this feature Ingestion System Administration Asset Lifecycle Product excels at this feature, Security Media Processing 3 relative to other products in the Reporting & Analytics Metadata Management same category Distribution Search & Navigation 2 Product offers this feature Configuration Storage & Archiving Product provides this feature, Customization 1 Asset Manager User Interface Extensibility is not as mature as its rivals but Assembly & Delivery Product does not offer this Integration 0 feature Collaboration Scalability & Performance Workflow Administrator User Interface Localization & Internationalization Vendor Intangibles Transformation Support & Community Transcoding Vendor Professional Services Multi-Channel Delivery Channel Partner Services Personalization Strategy & Roadmap Rights Management Viability & Stability Architecture & Management Application Development Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  22. 22. Products vs. PlatformsPlatforms: Developers can make custom applicationsProducts: They do certain things well right away Costly Platforms Functionally Rich Products Complex More Less Time to DeployCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  23. 23. Current Marketplace Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  24. 24. Split: Platforms Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  25. 25. Split: Products Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  26. 26. Current Marketplace Complex •  Large-scale platforms Enterprise •  Multi-dimensional suites •  Expensive Platforms •  Expanding space Upper-Range •  Between departmental installations and full-blown Enterprise- Platforms tier •  Mid-market companies, or departmental projects within larger Mid-Range enterprises Platforms •  Scenarios requiring above-average customization •  More pre-packaged features Mid-Range •  Many of them actively promote “DAM-in-a-box” solutions Products •  Bundled social applications, analytics, collaboration, and more •  Smaller, albeit established vendors •  Packaged tools at attractive prices Simpler Products •  However, sometimes the tools are not as feature rich or as well testedCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  27. 27. Current DAM / MAM Marketplace Complex •  Dalet Enterprise Edition •  Autonomy Virage Media Bin Enterprise •  OpenText Media Manager •  North Plains Telescope •  Avid Interplay MAM Platforms Upper-Range •  Media Beacon R3volution •  ADAM Software Platforms •  Vyre OnBrand •  DuraSpace •  Pixelboxx Mid-Range •  WAVE MediaBank •  Chuckwalla •  Equilibrium MediaRich •  celum SYNERGY and MOVIS Platforms •  Adobe CQ5 DAM •  Dutchsoftware Elvis DAM •  MerlinOne •  Nuxeo DAM •  NetXposure Mid-Range •  Canto •  celum IMAGINE Products •  Widen •  Xinet •  Picturepark •  Adobe Scene7 Simpler Products •  ExtensisCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  28. 28. Platform vs. Product: ContinuumNorth Plains!Autonomy/HP! Canto! PicturePark!ADAM! Extensis! GlobalEdit! Fedora! MerlinOne! MediaBeacon! Chuckwalla! Widen! OpenText! WAVE! Nuxeo! VYRE! Adobe CQ! Xinet! celum! EMC!Platforms" Products" Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  29. 29. It’s all about “fit” Scenario Fit Technology Fit Partner FitCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  30. 30. Selection processCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  31. 31. Short-list Considerations Regions: Licensing Models: Australia Commercial Europe Commercial Open Source North America Community Open Worldwide Source Technologies: Delivery Models: .NET On Premise Java Software as a Perl and Python Service PHP HybridCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  32. 32. Digital Avid Asset WAVE Management Xinet ViewCast CROSS-CHECK Extensis 2012 MediaBeacon Adobe celum Fedora North Plains VENDOR SIZE VYRE Equilibrium HP / Autonomy Widen Oracle Dutchsoftware Chuckwalla OpenText Microsoft Canto Nuxeo FOCUS ON DAM ADAMCopyright © 2011 REAL STORY GROUP EMC MerlinOne KIT digital realstorygroup.comCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  33. 33. Thank you!•  Please visit our web site: –  Vendor/product evaluations –  Analyst advisory papers –  Webinars –  Education courses –  One-on-one analyst adviceDownload a free research us on Twitter: @realstorygroup@irina_gusevaContact me at irina@realstorygroup.comCopyright © 2011 Real Story Group
  34. 34. Finding Your Way...Copyright © 2010 Real Story Group Copyright © 2011 Real Story Group