What is an information professional?


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Focus is on understanding Information Professionals and how they connect with solution providers.

This was presented at the Document Management Solution Providers Executive Forum (http://www.aiim.org/dmspef).

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What is an information professional?

  1. 1. Connec&ng  Informa&on  Professionals  with  Solu&on  Providers  –  Where  are  the  Gaps?  
  2. 2. Agenda  •  4  ques,ons  -­‐-­‐  What  is  the  context  for  this   mee,ng?   –  How  is  my  company  doing?   –  How  does  business  look  for  next  year?   –  Where  do  I  see  the  most  opportunity?   –  What  is  hold  users  back  from  moving  on  capture-­‐ to-­‐process  ini,a,ves?  •  Where  is  the  industry  headed?  Where  is  AIIM   going?  
  3. 3. Systems  of  Engagement   Social  and   Era   Mainframe   Mini   PC   Internet   Cloud   Systems  of  Record   Years   1960-­‐1975   1975-­‐1992   1992-­‐2001   2001-­‐2009   2010-­‐2015   Typical   A  batch   A  dept   A   A  web   An   thing   trans   process   document   page   interac,on  managed   Best   Digital   known   IBM   MicrosoR   Google   Facebook   Equipment  company  Content   Social   Image   Document   Content   mgmt   Microfilm   Business   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   focus   Systems  
  4. 4. Considera&on   Systems  of  Record   Systems  of  Engagement  Focus   Transac,ons   Interac,ons  Governance   Command  &  Control   Collabora,on  Core  Elements   Facts  &  Commitments   Ideas  &  Nuances  Value   Single  Source  of  Truth   Discovery  &  Dialog  Standard   Accurate  &  Complete   Immediate  &  Accessible  Content   Authored   Communal  Primary  Record  Type   Documents   Conversa,ons  Searchability   Easy   Hard  Usability   User  is  trained   User  “knows”    Accessibility   Regulated  &  Contained   Ad  Hoc  &  Open  Reten,on   Permanent   Transient  Policy  Focus   Security  (Protect  Assets)   Privacy  (Protect  Users)  
  5. 5. Enterprise  IT  is  changing  •  We  believe  that  social,  cloud  and   mobile  compu,ng  are  combining  to   create  a  new  paradigm  for  how   organiza,ons  view  enterprise  IT.    •  In  this  new  era  of  systems  of   engagement,  informa,on  systems  are   not  only  expected  to  reduce  risk  and   cost,  but  also  to  drive  revenues  and   help  engage  customers,  partners,  and   employees.    •  These  systems  will  be  driven  by  a  new   expanded  set  of  players  who  have  a   business  rather  than  an  IT  focus.  
  6. 6. The  emerging  informa,on  professional  •  The  vast  majority  of  organiza6ons  see  the  need  to  manage   informa6on  as  an  enterprise  resource  rather  than  in   separate  "silos,"  departments  or  systems,  but  they  dont   know  how  to  begin  to  address  the  challenge,  as  it  is  so   large...  •  Professional  roles  focused  on  informa6on  management  will   be  different  to  that  of  established  IT  roles.    •  An  "informa6on  professional"  will  not  be  one  type  of  role  or   skill  set,  but  will  in  fact  have  a  number  of  specializa6ons.   –  Deb  Logan  and  Regina  Casonata,  Gartner  
  7. 7. Who  are  these  people?   This  is  our  target  market.   IT  Legal  professional   Risk/Liability  Focus   Records  Manager   Digital  Archivist   Business  Process  Owners   Value  Focus   Business  Analyst   Knowledge  Manager   Informa,on/Data  Scien,st   Ent  Informa,on  Manager   Governance  Focus   Info/Data  Stewards   Ent  Informa,on  Architect   Social  Focus   Informa,on  Curators   Community  Managers  Most  roles  from  Deb  Logan  and  Regina  Casonata,  Gartner  
  8. 8. The  7  business  problems  facing   informa,on  professionals  •  Do you help your organization build strategies to … 1.  Deliver the right information in the right context? 2.  Improve information sharing and collaboration? 3.  Improve enterprise search? 4.  Analyze information to find business opportunities? 5.  Make sure information is private and secure? 6.  Meet records and compliance requirements? 7.  Streamline and automate processes?
  9. 9. How  can  we  address  the  pain  points  of  these  informa,on  professionals?  
  10. 10. 1  -­‐-­‐  Through  market  educa,on  and  evangelism   in  the  context  of  the  procurement  cycle   Awareness   Implementa,on   Planning   Selec,on  
  11. 11. Use  themes  to  tell  a  story,  link   products,  and  align  sales/marke,ng   Industry ECM Seminar Webinars Prof toolkits (use Summits Watch 2 for each topic; 1 as prof member (and Board focus on the report benefit and as a meeting) substance, the other comp/draw for a solution provider other activities) showcase.Process Revolution – FEB 6 cities spring Do 1 to promote MARMoving Your Business from MAY spring roadshowPaper to PCs to Tablets 7 cities fall (APR) and then OCT reuse in SEPBig Data – Extracting Value APR 1 in MAY, 1 in JUN MAY JUNfrom Digital LandfillsSolving the SharePoint JUN 1 in JUL, 1 in AUG JULPuzzle — Adding the RightMissing PiecesFaster, Simpler, Smarter – AUG 1 in SEP, 1 in OCT SEP SEPTCollaborating andProcessing in the CloudSocial in the Flow — OCT 1 in NOV, 1 in DEC NOV DECTransforming Processes Would  also  ,e  to  training  and  to  public  presenta,ons  and  to  PR  strategy…  
  12. 12. 2  -­‐-­‐  By  providing  deep  dive  training  within  par,cular  informa,on  management  disciplines     TRAINING  and  DESIGNATION  (Prac,,oner,  Specialist,  Master)  for   deep  dives  into  segments  of  informa,on  management  
  13. 13. 3  -­‐-­‐  By  codifying  the  core  body  of  knowledge,   cer,fying  mastery,  and  promo,ng  the   informa,on  management  profession     TRAINING  and  DESIGNATION  (Prac,,oner,  Specialist,  Master)  for   deep  dives  into  segments  of  informa,on  management  
  14. 14. TRAINING  and  DESIGNATION  (Prac,,oner,  Specialist,  Master)  for  deep  dives  into  segments  of  informa,on  management  
  15. 15. PROFESSIONAL  CERTIFICATION  covering  the  broad   based  body  of  knowledge  that  every  informa,on   professional  needs  to  understand.   DOMAINS   FOCUS  AREAS   Enterprise  search,  Business  intelligence,  Master   Access/  Use   data  management,  Text  analy,cs   Informa,on  capture,  BPM,  KM,  Email   Capture/Manage   management,  Content  management   Collabora,on,  Social  media,  Info  workplace,  IM,   Collaborate/Deliver   Telecommu,ng  support,  Web  conferencing   Security,  RM,  Data  privacy,  DRM,  Archiving,   Secure/Preserve   eDiscovery   Info  architecture,  Technical  architecture,  Cloud  Architecture/Systems   compu,ng,  Mobile  apps,  Websites  and  portals   Strategic  planning,  Building  business  case,  Impl   Plan/Implement   planning,  Req  def,  Solu,on  design,  Change  mgmt  
  16. 16. What  would  I  do  if  I  were  you?  –  8  things  1.  Speak  at  a  local  AIIM  road  show.  2.  Pick  a  training  specialty/deep  dive.  Get  us  to  come  in  and  do  the   Prac,,oner  training  in  YOUR  PLACE.  Shamelessly  use  the   Prac,,oner  logo  all  over  your  stuff  –  web  site,  business  cards.  3.  Get  everyone  on  staff  to  get  the  new  Informa,on  Cer,fica,on.     Diko  above.  4.  Lobby  AIIM  to  create  some  sport  of  “preferred  provider”  branding   reflec,ng  above  commitment  to  training/competency.  5.  Download  the  relevant  AIIM  Industry  Watch  research  papers  and   presenta,ons  (coming  soon)  and  use  them  in  your  presenta,ons   and  PR.  6.  Assemble  the  relevant  Informa,on  Cer,fica,on  YouTube  videos   (and  powerpoints)  on  YOUR  web  site  and  add  your  own   propaganda  marke,ng  materials  to  them.  7.  Think  about  how  YOU  can  use  the  AIIM  informa,on  professional   posi,oning  to  your  advantage.  
  17. 17. 8  -­‐-­‐  Posi,on  against  coolness  
  18. 18. Intro<space>vendor  name  to  vote   for  the  DMSPEF  idol  to  22333.    You  can  vote  as  many  ,mes  as  you   want.