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Boykin adtech-nyc-2013
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Boykin adtech-nyc-2013


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 30s
  • 4 min*remove The user must feel that they have reached their final destination.
    They must feel their search is over
    Understand the intent of your visitors from Google. – and serve it.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Jim Boykin CEO/Founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas Owner, Devshed, SEOChat and More. Panda’s, Penguin’s, Humming Birds, Authors, and the Future of SEO and Online Marketing. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 2. Founded We Build Pages in 1999 Rebranded to Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2011 us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 3. You may know some of these Ninjas Ann Smarty Kim Krause Berg Chris Boggs Kris Jones Jen Van Iderstyne us: nyc pw: ninja Bonnie Stefanick Joe Hall Sean Cohen Suzy Gray Chris Sullivan @jimboykin Jim Boykin Frank Bauer Bill Atchison Neil Marshall
    • 4. You may know some of our Communities us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 5. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 6. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 7. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 8. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 9. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 10. Used to be 1000 pages, but we added 99,000 new pages. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 11. Do Visitors Ever Return to your Website? us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 12. Poor“User Experience” us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 13. Do People Search For Your Brand? us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 14. Pogosticking vs. Bounce Rate us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 15. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 16. We only do “White Hat” Link Building. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 17. And here’s the 5 phrases we’re targeting. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 18. We need at least X # of Links Per Month. And make sure the pages have PageRank, And make sure they all come from pages about “X Topic”. And make sure that the anchor text is “Blue Widgets”….(or a mix of commercial phrases), And make sure the links go to these commercial pages…. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 19. We’ve already got the “Low Hanging Fruit” Links. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 20. We submitted to tons of Directories, Article Syndication, profile pages, Forum Links Blog Reviews Interlinks your own Network of Sites us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 21. We need links to rank higher for “Blue Widgets” us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 22. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 23. A Few Link Building Myths There is no such thing as “Hundreds of Directories" There is no such thing as “Hundreds of Article Syndication sites" There is no such thing as “”Hundreds of Blog Reviews" There is no such thing as “Hundreds of Guest Posts" There is no such thing as “Hundreds of Forum Comments" us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 24. Most Common Backlink Anchor Text is all Keyword Phrases and not Branded Phrases Top 5 Most Common Backlink Anchor Text Cheap Widgets Discount Widgets Online Widgets Widget Store buy Widgets us: nyc pw: ninja Bobs Widgets Bob Jackson Widgets Bob’s Store @jimboykin
    • 25. Too Much Exact Match Anchor Text us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 26. Do you have few pages with backlinks to them …or are you a thin affiliate (How can you get lots of subpages that get signals?) us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 27. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 28. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 29. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 30. Penguin Solutions The Disavow Backlinks tool us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 31. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 32. Please let me out of Jail. I will stop chasing short tail and I will do great things to build my brand from now on. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 33. What Can I do that will send the good signals to the search Engines? us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 34. Do Brands worry about getting links? I don’t have to ask for links ….But when I started I did. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 35. Send Quality Brand Signals to your Site It’s Links + Everything Else . us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 36. These Brands are talked about online by Real People (in links and social). us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 37. Long Tail vs. Short Tail us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 38. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 39. Awards and Badges us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 40. Contests us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 41. Widgets and Applications and Quizzes us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 42. Create Guides and Learning materials us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 43. Some ideas of things to write about or to explore. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 44. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 45. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 46. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 47. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 48. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 49. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 50. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 51. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 52. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 53. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 54. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 55. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 56. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 57. We are ALL Authors us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 58. It’s not just the Google Author Tag! Having a Google Profile just fills in some blanks they may not have already known. …But with a profile you do get a picture. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 59. Google is Connecting Sources, Influencers, Industries. Through mapping the web of people…anything they can connect, they collect….Linkedin Twitter - Facebook Emails – Bio’s Usernames (ie, forums username) …AND Google Plus. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 60. Get Links from Trusted People To quote Google’s Agent Patent: Similarly, if the signer has a large reputational score due to the writer having an established reputation for providing accurate reviews, the rank of the referenced content can be raised accordingly. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 61. “…We're doing a better job of detecting if someone is an authority in a specific space, (could be medical, could be travel, whatever) and trying to make sure that those rank those a little more highly if you're some type of authority...“ Matt Cutts – Penguin 2.0 pre release @jimboykin ninja us: nyc
    • 62. “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Google such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 63. “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Google us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 64. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 65. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 66. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 67. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 68. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 69. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 70. Quotes from Agent Rank Patent About Authorship us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 71. Assuming that a given writer has a high reputational score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then additional content authored and signed by that writer will be promoted relative to unsigned content or content from less reputable writers in search results. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 72. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 73. A Lot of References from Authors and Pages = High Author Rank. “…the reputation of a particular agent, and therefore the reputational score assigned to the particular agent, should depend not just on the number of references to the content signed by the particular agent, but on the importance of the referring documents and other agents…” us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 74. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 75. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 76. Google Authorship Google AuthorRANK Verifying the authorship of content using Rel=“author” and Google Plus account Using author information to rank web pages us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 77. 1. Link your content to your Google profile ie, <a href=" 257237874861202? rel=author">Jim Boykin</a> 2. Link to your content from your profile Sign in to your Google Profile Click Edit profile. Click the Contributor To section on the right and then click Add custom link. 3. Test s us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 78. If you write somewhere else (ie, a Guest Article/Post) Then include this code on that page. <a href= AccountID?rel=author>Your First and Last Name on Google+</a> us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 79. Google Webmaster Tools Author Stats us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 80. Look at the average position and the unbelievable click-through for some of Ann’s verified content! us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 81. REL=“PUBLISHER” For Businesses and Brands us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 82. REL=“Author” Ties *Personal* G+ Profile to *Individual Articles * REL=“Publisher” Ties *BUSINESS* G+ Pages to *The Whole Site* Claim Articles Claim Site us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 84. REL=“AUTHOR” REL=“PUBLISHER” us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 85. If you’re not going to write Great Content, then don’t bother writing at all. If you are going to write, try to get your content cited by trusted people. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 86. Blogging for the sake of blogging is not going to help you.. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 87. Do you have trusted people in the community who talk about your site? (Get trusted people to talk about your site.) us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 88. 1. Identify Your Community us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 89. 2. Build Relationships in those Communities. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 90. 3. Make friends with Community Ie, Twitter, FB, g+, Forums , Q & A Create good network of community friends/followers/circles + have real relationships us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 91. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 92. Hire An Authority to Work for You us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 93. Start Blogging us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 94. Grow Your Community /Brand / Portal us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 95. Identify Influencers - Start approaching influencers Become their friends us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 96. “The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman of Google us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 97. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 98. Get Links/Likes/Engagement/Trust/Loyalty/Brand/Signals w/o looking like a Spammy SEO – Doing Real Things! us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 99. Tips from Jim Boykin 1. Stop Chasing the Short Tail 2. Write Great Content to get Links and mentions 3. Start Making Connections with Influencers 4. Only publish new “Main Pages” or pages that will get signals (social, links, referral traffic) 5. Get Signals and Traffic to you site from Social Places 6. Get Signals to your site from Hubs and Authorities in your Industry 7. Find ways to get people to return to your site. 8. Use Authors on your site, & get links and citations from real people. 9. Build great “things” for your site (widgets, quizzes, contests, tools) 10. Create Great Resources so you don’t have to ask for links. 11. Build Your Brand/Community us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 100. Find Brand/Product evangelists. Have them write for you on your blog. Have them write on your product pages. Have them write about you and your products in other places. ( t, f, g+, and their website).... As a brand enthusiast/evangelist us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 101. How we can Help You: Prices starting at 10k/month How you can do this: •We help you with content writing content, building widgets, apps, quizzes, contests, run social campaigns, find/build brand evangalist, participate in related communities, get real people to blog for you, become connected with your community and influencers, build a community on your site, and do other various real online marketing strategies to get people talking about your brand. Results: •Experts writing quality content for your site •Brand enthusiast who know what they’re talking about writing & promoting for your brand. •Real Authors credited on your site •Real Resources on your site that are of value to others to use and to continue to go back to. Real pages that can get trusted citations from others •You can be more trusted, and have more and better trusted signals going to your site than any of your competitors can using this method. •Your SEO will be Real, and you can sleep at night. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin
    • 102. Jim Boykin CEO/Founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas Owner, Devshed, SEOChat and More. Panda’s, Penguin’s, Humming Birds, Authors, and the Future of SEO and Online Marketing. us: nyc pw: ninja @jimboykin