Advanced link building part 3


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Advanced link building part 3

  1. 1. Guest Blog Posting to Build Links Advanced Link Building: Part 3 By Cody Barrus
  2. 2. We Will Cover● What is Guest Posting● Finding quality guest post goals● Query Email● Writing the post● Follow Through
  3. 3. Long Term Goals ● Grow your link building tools ● Improve SERP results ● Raise Page Rank ● Increase referral traffic ● Build your brand
  4. 4. Tools you will needDownload and install - Note: these are the same tools from Part 2 ● Google Chrome: ● Install these Google Chrome extensions  SEO Site Tools  Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar
  5. 5. Finding a Site: Blog Search● Finding a site to guest post on can be difficult depending on your niche● First you can use a blog search as in Part 2. “blog:search term”● For example:  Blog:college sports  Blog:cooking  Blog:organic living
  6. 6. Finding a Site: Guest Post Search ● Another search tool you can use is the Guest Post search ● Search “guest post search term” ● For Example:  guest post dogs  guest post wine  guest post boats
  7. 7. An Example● Here we searched “guest post cooking”
  8. 8. Checking the Site● Using our tools we check the sites as in Part 2● Check the PR on the Home Page● Make sure the content on the blog is high quality
  9. 9. Verify the Site Accepts Guest Posts Look for:● “Guest post” in blog titles● Multiple authors● Submit Page
  10. 10. Another Search Tool● So youve found a guest post● Now its time to author search on google to see where else this author has guest posted● Search “author:author name”● Wherever this author has posted is open game for you to submit to
  11. 11. Before Reaching Out● This site has a PR higher than 2 and accepts guest posts, time to reach out!● Find the sites contact info, generally listed on a Contact or About page.  Some sites have a submit page where you can submit your guest post directly● Brainstorm blog topics
  12. 12. Example of a Guest Post Proposal● Email is short and direct● Mentions site owner by name (if you can find it)● Gives a link to an example blog post
  13. 13. After They Say Yes: The Guest Post● Take your time and write informative and interesting content● Its ok to base your guest blog post on other posts youve read  Dont copy anything  write from your unique point of view● Research all facts● Include a Bio at the end which includes a link to your website
  14. 14. After the Post Has Been Posted: The Follow Through● If they forget to post a link to your site in the body of the blog post, email them a gentle reminder● Share a link to your guest blog post using your social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  15. 15. Benefits● It doesnt take many high quality backlinks to get results● The more backlinks you build, the great the benefits● Increase in SERPs and organic traffic● Increase referral traffic (take advantage of this by offering deals the day a post is published)
  16. 16. Good Luck● Slide show by Cody Barrus- ●