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IT Assist - ZFS on linux

IT Assist - ZFS on linux






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    IT Assist - ZFS on linux IT Assist - ZFS on linux Presentation Transcript

    • ZFS on LinuxMircea MITU – Co-Founder IT Assist / CTOwww.itassist.ro www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS (quotes)● “ZFS is the most advanced file system ever invented” - zfs-fuse.net● “ZFS is a new kind of file system that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability” - opensolaris.org● “ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems. “ - wikipedia.org www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS (translation)● Storage manager ● Modern ● Smart ● Reliable ● Efficient ● Scalable www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS attributes● Storage manager: ● Storage pools – Devices, Blocks, Files – Raid arrays zpool create pool raidz /dev/dsk1 /tmp/file cache /dev/shm/zfscache ● Volume Manager – Snapshots, clones, volumes ● File System zfs create pool/root; zfs snapshot pool/root@today www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS attributes● Reliable ● Checksums ● Intent log ● Detects & protects against silent disk corruption (bit rot) ● Avoids RAID5 write hole Story: http://blogs.sun.com/elowe/entry/zfs_saves_the_day_ta www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS attributes● Efficient ● Copy-on-write ● Deduplication ● Dynamic stripping ● Cache● Scalable ● 128bit File System ● “640K ought to be enough for anybody” www.itassist.ro
    • Cool stuff● Instant snapshots: zfs snapshot pool/filesystem@2011-02-24● Real Copy-on-Write● Clone/rollback snapshots● Cache on dedicated fast device (SSD)● Filesystem migration (to another pool / host) ● zfs send pool/filesystem@2011-02-24 | ssh newhost zfs receive pool/newfs● Dynamic stripping (hot add/remove/replace devices from pools)● Disc scrubbing www.itassist.ro
    • NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINTzfspool/zabbix 157G 2.53T 46.3G /zzfspool/zabbix@week3 20.7G - 45.5G -zfspool/zabbix@week2 2.93G - 45.7G -zfspool/zabbix@week1 2.91G - 45.7G -zfspool/zabbix@week0 14.9G - 45.9G -zfspool/zabbix@day7 5.47G - 46.1G -zfspool/zabbix@day6 3.20G - 46.1G -zfspool/zabbix@day5 3.65G - 46.1G -zfspool/zabbix@day4 3.09G - 46.2G -zfspool/zabbix@day3 3.69G - 46.2G -zfspool/zabbix@day2 3.21G - 46.2G -zfspool/zabbix@day1 3.07G - 46.2G -zfspool/zabbix@day0 0 - 46.3G - www.itassist.ro
    • How to get ZFS running on Linux● On your distro● ZFS-FUSE.net ● Userland (FUSE) implementation ● Not very fast but stable & easy to run● ZFSonLINUX.org: native, sources● KQStor.com (native) ● bins for RHEL6/Fedora 14 & Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 www.itassist.ro
    • How to get ZFS running on Linux● Dedicated distros● Debian GNU/kFreeBSD● Nexenta (Ubuntu + OpenSolaris kernel)● OpenSolaris www.itassist.ro
    • Benchmarks (Phoronix)● Benchmarks Of The Official KQ ZFS Linux Module: http://xurl.ro/1nq0 (Jan 2011)● Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks With Its New Kernel: http://xurl.ro/75n0 (Oct 2010)● Running The Native ZFS Linux Kernel Module, Plus Benchmarks: http://xurl.ro/73020 (Nov 2010)● Benchmarks Of ZFS-FUSE On Linux Against EXT4, Btrfs: http://xurl.ro/67p0 (Aug 2010) www.itassist.ro
    • ZFS @ IT Assist● Used in a Disaster Recovery Service● Offsite ZFS storage for hundreds of servers● Major benefits: ● High density (due to Copy-on-Write) ● Reliable (fault tolerant, atomic write, checksums) ● Ability to instantly clone current/previous versions of critical servers www.itassist.ro
    • IT Assist - IT as a Service● Complete IT Outsourcing● Dedicated services (i.e. Disaster Recovery) www.itassist.ro
    • ContactThank you for your attentionMore information: Mircea MITU <mircea.mitu@itassist.ro> Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer IT Assist - Your IT Department www.itassist.ro twitter.com/mirceamitu twitter.com/itassist www.itassist.ro