Reproduce Eval Mar09
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Reproduce Eval Mar09

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Evaluation Presentation (Helen Beetham)...

Evaluation Presentation (Helen Beetham)
Morning Session - RePRODUCE
JISC eLearning Programme Meeting - 3.3.09

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  • 1. Writing a really useful final report: A handy phrasebook Helen Beetham External evaluator
  • 2. “ We’ve produced some lovely course materials”
    • That’s good news, we are very happy for you 
    • However… we’re interested in how they were produced
    • Were external materials repurposed? If so, talk us through the process for your project, even (especially!) if not ‘ideal’
    • If not (or not enough of them):
      • What were the problems, specifically? What would you have needed to overcome them?
      • What practices or processes did involve repurposing, even if not of external content, strictly interpreted?
      • Were there good reasons why external materials were not the best solution?
  • 3. “ The students are very happy”
    • More good news  And well done for ticking the student evaluation box 
    • However… we’re interested in how the student experience relates to the processes of (re)production, so
    • Do you have any specific feedback on the reproduced materials?
    • Can you make any relevant comparisons with other courses or cohorts?
    • The student experience might not change very much but the staff experience might change radically (e.g. more/less time spent) – how are the staff feeling?
  • 4. “ There were problems clearing rights/licences”
    • Oh dear 
    • But can you be more specific? When did the problems arise? With whom? Would there have been a way around them if you had more time, resource, expertise?
    • What did you do to try and redress the problems? Were CASPER consulted? What did they suggest? Why didn’t it work?
  • 5. “ There were quality issues with external resources”
    • Oh dear again 
    • What criteria did you use to assess quality? Who did the assessing?
    • Was the issue really quality, or was it relevance? Differences of context, emphasis, pedagogy? Not enough information to make a good judgement?
    • If you repurposed any external resources, what did you need to do to bring them up to an acceptable quality?
    • Do you have any evidence of what would make a member of academic staff inclined to accept an external resource for internal use, e.g. personal knowledge of author etc.
  • 6. “ Actually, we have some fundamental issues…”
    • We are interested to hear your philosophical, educational and other objections to the whole premise of repurposing, and issues surrounding programme management
    • No, really we are
    • In the final report, please try to phrase your objections in terms of lessons for the JISC, and lessons for other projects and institutions, even if it is ‘don’t go down this road’ (why?)
    • Please put any specific issues concerning programme management in your Completion Report to the JISC. They will be dealt with and lessons learned.