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A presentation on the action game called stealth.

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Project presentation

  1. 1. Stealth Action Game Computer Graphics Presented by: Harsh Sharma(9910103511) Date- November 19, 2013
  2. 2. Introduction • Basically I have worked on a game called “Stealth” Action Game that is full of fun. In this game, you have to hide from your enemies and reach the exit elevator. There are many types of alerting traps like camera, lasers and enemy bots. The basic aim of the player is to make his way through the enemies to the key and then the exit elevator. I have used UNITY to make this project working. As there are other functionalities I have implemented like different alarms and and hiding places and stealth walking. there are many thing I have implemented to make this project more user friendly and charming. The aim of this document is to describe the development process and the results of this project.
  3. 3. Books that have been used • Unity 3D Basic Info and Tutorials • Introduction to scripting with Unity • Game Development with Unity • Unity 3D Game Development by Example • Introduction to unity 3D(ver. 4.2)
  4. 4. List some relevant current/open problems. • (a) Problem with the sounds file attachment • (b) Problem in script writing • (c) Problem in assets managing in our project • (d) Working of some functions is not proper
  5. 5. Proposed Solution Approach • The purpose of the project is to design and implement a 3-dimensional game design in java script using UNITY-3D game development software. The project includes a complete level of game with documentation. The level will include everything that should be available in an action game. The game will be a single-player. The team members don’t take aim at developing an instructive game; instead the aim is action, action and more action. • Project Deliverables: • Project Plan • Game Design Document • Test Plan • Test Report • Final Report • Product • User Manual
  6. 6. 1 Overall description of the project • The primary objective of the game is for the player to reach the exit elevator hiding from all the bots present on the level. Throughout the level, there are various items placed on different locations where player can hide and use to aid their way on the level. Our game is an action game. Commencing from the real life-like graphics, it consists of enemy bots, very user-friendly UI and game environment provided with tutorials at every step for a new user. • In the game, player will be playing on various levels consisting of enemy bots, camera, laser alerts, key and different assets. • Characters • Enemy bots. • Player(Ethan) • Items • Key • Camera • Laser • Elevator
  7. 7. • Player Actions • The abilities of our character as a player are: • Walking and running in all four directions, • Stealth walking, • Main features • 1. Camera • 2. Alert • 3. Bot alert • 4. Key • 5. Exit elevator
  8. 8. Requirement • Here are the software as well as hardware requirement for this project to be work • (a)Software • Adobe flash player • Adobe Photoshop • Unity 3D (game engine) • (b)Hardware • Game will be playable on all the windows version with an average of 2gb RAM and 500mb hard disk space.
  9. 9. Test Plan • The test approach consists of a series of different tests. The primary goal of these tests is to ensure that “Stealth” is an error free game. Throughout the development, testers will be brought in to test the mechanics and the levels of the game to ensure there are no errors in the game. Furthermore, testers will comment on the fun and experience they have with “Stealth” and will give the team feedback on how to improve the game. And to get the testers, live audience is the best so we are planning to provide a trial version of this game for 10 days free in order to get the feedback and to build a good environment for our game. except all of this we have planned to test the code ourselves also.
  10. 10. Output Snapshots
  11. 11. C. References • Books • Unity 3D Basic Info and Tutorials by Ali Arya • Introduction to scripting with Unity by Graham McAllister • Game Development with Unity by Philip Chu • Unity 3D Game Development by Example by Ryan Henson Creighton • Introduction to unity 3D (ver. 4.2) by Prof. Fabian Winkler
  12. 12. Online links • maya/overview • • • 6475400 • 6062155&tag=1 • 5479106 • 5754298&tag=1