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Unity 3 d

A basic presentation on unity 3D. In this presentation we have talked about what unity 3D is and why it is preferable over other game engines for development. How can we develop a game on it.

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Unity 3 d

  1. 1. Presented to Bilal Shahzad Group Members 1. BCSF13A004 2. BCSF13A052 3. BCSF13A062
  2. 2. Enterprise Application Development Topics For Presentation • What is Unity 3D • History of Unity • Game Engines • Why Unity • Requirements • How To Download • Platform Characteristics • Unity Basics
  3. 3. What Is Unity 3D • Unity is a cross platform engine developed by unity technologies. OR • Unity is a multiplatform, integrated IDE for scripting games and working with 3D virtual worlds. • It is used to develop video games like temple run, dead trigger, escape run etc. for p.c, consoles, mobile devices, websites.
  4. 4. History Of Unity • First version of unity was introduced in 8 June 2005 which was available only for MAC. • But now it targets more than 15 platforms. • Till first version of unity 5 versions have been released. • Latest 5.0 version released on 3rd march 2015 which targets android, iOS, blackberry 10, windows phone 8, web GL, ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, xbox6, android t.v etc.
  5. 5. Various Game Engines • Unity 5 • Source 2 • Unreal engine 4 • Cry engine • Craft studio • Torque • Construct 2
  6. 6. Why Unity ?? • Great simplicity • Its free to get start • Multiplatform • The asset store • Ability to create 2D games • Scripting languages (JavaScript and C#) • Graphics are realistic • Online tutorials make it easy to learn
  7. 7. Requirements • OS: windows xp,7,8 mac x10.8 or higher • Graphics: direct x9, direct x11 • For android: sdk, jdk • For windows app/phone : 64 bit windows 8.9 pro • For blackberry 32 bit java runtime
  8. 8. How To Download • • Click on get unity5 • Two editions Personal Professional
  9. 9. Platform Characteristics • .unity extension • Develop games for different platforms
  10. 10. Unity Basics There are main 5 windows of unity. • Scene • Hierarchy • Inspector • Game • Project Panel
  11. 11. Scene • The development of 3D objects is shown in Scene Window. • We can create objects also we can change the size of objects. • A totally 3D scene will be shown there in the scene window.
  12. 12. Game • All what is done in the scene window is shown in the game window which shows the game view of what we have developed.
  13. 13. Hierarchy Panel • It contains the list of objects which we have used in our scene window.
  14. 14. Project Panel • It lists all of the elements that you’ll use to create game objects in your project. • It also contains the assets folder which unity automatically creates. • We can not have any changing in it unless we are familiar with it. • It contains all the functionality.
  15. 15. Assets Unity automatically creates the assets folder for you when you create a new project. If you drag a compatible file, like a 3D model, a sound effect, or an image into the project panel, unity copies it to the assets folder behind the scenes, and display it in the project panel.
  16. 16. Inspector • The inspector is a context sensitive panel, which means that it changes depending on what you select else where in unity. • This is where you can adjust the position, location and scale of game objects listed in the hierarchy panel. • The inspector can also display controls to configure components that add functionality to game objects.