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Digital technology


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  • 1. By Vlada Lukuanova7 «A» class
  • 2.  Digital Technology is a typeof electronics. These makeuse of "Boolean logic" and"discrete signal electronics"for electronics, devices, andequipment. Examples of such devicesare computers, informationappliances, digital cameras,digital televisions, flashmemory, key USBmemory, mobilephones, hard disks, anddevices of computermemory.
  • 3. •Computer•Digital camera•MP3 player•Mobile phone
  • 4.  A computer is a machine that is able to takeinformation (input), do some work on or makechanges to the information, to make newinformation (output). Computers have existedfor much of human history. A person (called auser) can control a computer by telling it to dothings. Some ways of controlling a computerare with a keyboard, mouse, buttons, touchscreen. Some very new computers can alsobe controlled with voice commands or handgestures.
  • 5. Computer and laptop
  • 6.  A digital camera isa camera that stores pictureson a memory card insteadof film. Because of this, adigital camera can hold manymore pictures than thetraditional film camera. A digitalcamera can sometimes holdhundreds of pictures. There aredifferent sizes of memory cardsand each size can hold adifferent number of pictures.Most digital cameras can usea USB cable that connects intoa computer to take the picturesthat are in the camera andsend them to the computer.
  • 7.  An MP3 player is a portableaudio device people can use tolisten to songs saved inthe MP3 format. They canuse USB cords to connect thedevice to computers, so thatfiles can betransferred. MP3s are audiofiles that have been madesmaller by removing soundsthat the human ear cannothear. Many newer MP3 playerscan also be used to viewimages or movies, or playgames. The most well-knownMP3 player is the iPod.
  • 8.  A mobile phone is a littleportable radio telephone. The mobile phone can be used tocommunicate over long distanceswithout wires. It works bycommunicating with a nearby basestation (sometimes called a "cell")which connects it to the main phonenetwork. As the mobile phone movesaround, if the mobile phone gets toofar away from the cell it is connectedto, that cell sends a message toanother cell to tell the new cell totake over the call. This is called a"hand off," and the call continueswith the new cell the phone isconnected to. The hand-off is doneso well and carefully that the userwill usually never even know that thecall was transferred to another cell.
  • 9. Many mobile phones are "smart phones" As well as makingvoice calls, they can be used for other things:•Sending and receiving emails, text and multimediamessages•Registering contacts•Using calculator, currency, alarm, etc. functions•Log on the Internet•Playing games•Taking photos and videos