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Recruitment of sales executive
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Recruitment of sales executive



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  • 1. Recruitment of Sales Executive
    • Prepared by CL-II Batch Sainik Farms Campus
  • 2. Learning Objectives
    • Explain the critical role of recruitment, selection, building and maintaining a productive sales force.
    • Describe how recruitment and selection affect sales force socialization and performance.
    • Discuss the legal and ethical considerations in sales executives recruitment and selection.
  • 3. Learning Objectives
    • Identify the key activities in planning and executing a program for sales executives recruitment and selection.
    • A successful sales force is determined by who is hired; this is the end result of sales human resource management.
  • 4. Planning for Recruiting Successful Sales Executive
    • What sales human resource management is and what its key relationships are.
    • The importance of planning for sales personnel needs.
  • 5.
    • What people planning and employment planning are.
    • What recruitment means and why it is so important.
    • The recruiting process: what it is, who does it, and where recruits are sought.
    Planning for Recruiting Successful Sales Executive
  • 6. Selected Characteristics of Successful Sales Executive
    • High energy level
    • High self-confidence
    • Need for material things
    • Hardworking
    • Requires little supervision
    • High perseverance
    • Competitive
    • Good Physical Appearance
    • Likable
    • Self-Disciplined
    • Intelligent 
    • Achievement Oriented
    • Good Communication Skills     
  • 7. Profiling the Successful Candidate
    • Intelligence
    • Prospecting ability
    • Ability to create a follow-up system
    • Ability to influence people’s decisions and opinions
    • Ability to built/cultivate long-term client relationships
  • 8. Profiling the Successful Candidate
    • Ability to negotiate contracts and prices.
    • Ability to determine prospects’/customers’ needs (hot buttons).
    • Computer skills.
    • Selling ability.
    • Conceptual ability.
  • 9. Importance of Recruitment and Selection
    • Problems associated with inadequate implementation:
    • Inadequate sales coverage and lack of customer follow-up
    • Increased training costs to overcome deficiencies
    • More supervisory problems
  • 10. Importance of Recruitment and Selection
    • Higher turnover rates
    • Difficulty in establishing enduring relationships with customers
    • Suboptimal total sales executive performance
  • 11. Recruitment & Selection Process
    • Job Analysis
    • Job Qualifications
    • Job Description
    • Recruitment & Selection Objectives
    • Recruitment & Selection Strategy
  • 12. Job Analysis
    • It includes investigation of following quality of sales executive:
    • Task
    • Duty
    • Responsibility
  • 13. Job Qualifications
    • It refers to following quality required in Sales executive:
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Aptitude
    • Personal Traits
    • Education/Qualification
  • 14. Job Description
    • A written summary of the job containing the job title, duties, administrative relationships, types of products sold, customer types, and other significant requirements.
  • 15. Recruitment and Selection Objectives
    • The things the organization hopes to accomplish as a result of the recruitment and selection process. They should be specifically stated for a given period.
  • 16. Recruitment and Selection Strategy
    • The plan the organization will implement to accomplish the recruitment and selection objectives. The sales managers should consider the scope and timing of recruitment and selection. 
  • 17. Recruitment (Locating Prospective Candidates)
    • There are two sources of recruiting the Candidate:
    • Internal Sources
    • External Sources
  • 18. Internal Sources of Recruitment
    • Employee referral programs
    • Internships
  • 19. External Sources of Recruitment
    • Advertisements
    • Private employment agencies
    • Colleges and universities
    • Job fairs
    • Professional societies
    • Computer rosters
  • 20. Selection (Evaluation and Hiring)
    • Screening Resumes and Applications
    • Interviews
    • Testing
    • Background Investigation
    • Physical Examination
    • Selection Decision and Job Offer
  • 21. Screening Resumes and Applications
    • Evidence of job qualifications
    • Work history
    • Salary history
    • Accomplishments
    • Responsibilities
    • Appearance and completeness
  • 22. Interviews
    • Types of interviews
    • o Initial Interviews
    • o Intensive Interviews
    • o Stress Interviews
    • Locations
    • o Campus
    • o Recruiter’s Location (i.e. Plant Trip)
    • o Neutral Site
    • o Telephone
  • 23. Testing
    • Value
    • May be used to assist with initial screening
    • May indicate compatibility with job responsibilities
    • May indicate compatibility with organization’s culture and personnel
    • Types
    • Personality
    • Intelligence
    • Psychological
    • Ethical Framework
  • 24. Background Check
    • Be wary of first-party references
    • Radial search referrals might be used
    • Use an interview background check
    • Use the critical incident technique
    • Pick out problem areas
  • 25. Background Check
    • Obtain a numerical scale reference rating
    • Identify an individual’s best job
    • Check for idiosyncrasies
    • Check financial and personal habits
    • Get customer opinion
  • 26. Physical Examination
    • It is an examination which evaluates or check the actual efficiency and ability of the Sales Executive
  • 27. Selection Decision and Job Offer
    • Evaluate qualifications in order of importance
    • Look for offsetting strengths and weaknesses
    • Rank candidates
    • If none meet qualifications, may extend search
    • May have to offer market bonus (signing bonus) to highly qualified candidates
  • 28. Legal and Ethical Considerations
    • Become familiar with key legislation affecting recruitment and selection
    • Conduct job analysis with an open mind
    • Job descriptions and job qualifications should be accurate and based on a thoughtful job analysis
    • All selection tools should be related to job performance
  • 29.
    • Sources of job candidates should be informed of the firm’s legal position
    • Communications must be devoid of discriminatory content
    • Avoid other practices that may be perceived as ethically questionable
    Legal and Ethical Considerations