hrm hrm planning development tna how to become a good parent mba irm kannur university mba processes of hrm human resource management training and development talent pool hrm competencies training function recruitment process hr work schedule hr job models hr forecasting the deductible decision integrated risk measures- var disaster risk management risk identification/measurement tools techniques in risk avoidance risk evaluation and prediction probability distribution insurance risk management mba finance specialization risk management types of pure risk handling risk peril return risk insurance techniques of forecasting ergonomic considerations flexible work schedules strategic planning job design job analysis work schedule jobs forecast planning job models forecasting strategic management shrm competitive challenges employee empowerment workforce diversity moonlighting phenomenon managing protean careers challenges in hrm hrm objectives concept of hrm functions of hrm scope of hrm kannur university inportance of hrm hr management functions nature of hrm evalution of the concept of hrm content kas scope for tna training process design detailed analysis attitude proactive tna tna frame work continual analysis cost benefit analysis organization analysis classification of training needs team workfor tna output of tna rapid need analysis person analysis reactive tna skill task analysis business embedded model role of training functions of training functions of hr ksa model training models addie model benefits of training traning approaches trends in training matrix model traditional models nature and scope of training corporate- university model traning challenges learning theories evaluation of course effectiveness outcomes used in evaluating training programs kirk-patrick’s four-level framework of evaluatio behavior modeling types of training techniques training techniques training appraisal human resource training td career planning and development jinuachan vadakkemulanjanal evaluation of training schemes performance appraisal hrd
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