Recruitment skills


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This Presentation helps particularly to the Recruiters, it gives details idea about recruiter..


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Recruitment skills

  1. 1. Recruitment Skills
  2. 2. Recruitment is the process of finding and Hiring suitable candidates(from within internal or external of an organization) to fill the positions. The process involves searching, sourcing and selecting right candidates for the roles to the Organization What is Recruitment?
  3. 3. • Two types of Recruitment Sources: 1. Internal Sources  Present Permanent Employees  Present temporary/casual Employees  Retrenched or Retired Employees  Employee Referrals  Dependents of Deceased, Disabled, retired and present employees  Campus Recruitment Sources of Recruitment
  4. 4. 2. External Sources  Private Employment Agencies/Consultants  Public Employment Exchanges  Professional Organizations  Data Banks  Casual Applicants  Similar Organizations  Trade Unions Continued…
  5. 5.  Walk In  Consult In  Body Shopping  Mergers and Acquisitions  E_recruitment  Outsourcing
  6. 6.  Ability to write effective recruitment adverts that attract the right people.  Ability to build effective short listing criteria and use these to short list the best candidates for the role.  Ability to develop an effective plan of when and where to advertise to attract quality candidates utilizing newspaper, internet, networking and referrals.  Ability to write effective position descriptions. Continued… Recruitment and Selection Skills
  7. 7.  Ability to write interview questions relevant for different roles & skills.  Ability to build rapport, making the candidate feel comfortable.  Ability to effectively manage candidates (acknowledge, short list, distribute to the correct managers, keep in contact and let unsuccessful candidates know)  Ability to interview candidates effectively. Continued…
  8. 8.  Ability to build effective relationships with your managers to advise and support them through the recruitment process.  Ability to influence and challenge managers thinking to ensure they are open to employing the best candidate.  Ability to find new ways to improve the recruitment process for the company and the candidate.  Ability to conduct effective reference checks & other probity checks.
  9. 9.  Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment.  E- recruitment is the use of technology to assist the recruitment process.  They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web.  Job Portal makes the process easier E-Recruitment, Recent trend in Recruitment.
  10. 10.  Low cost.  No intermediaries.  Reduction in time for recruitment.  Recruitment of right type of people.  Efficiency of recruitment process. Advantage Of Recruitment are:
  11. 11.  Low cost.  No intermediaries.  Reduction in time for recruitment.  Recruitment of right type of people.  Efficiency of recruitment process. Advantage Of Recruitment are:
  12. 12.  There are two Forms of Recruitment: 1. Centralized Recruitment 2. Decentralized Recruitment Forms of Recruitment
  13. 13.  The recruitment practices of an organisation are centralized when the HR / recruitment department at the head office performs all functions of recruitment.  Centralized from of recruitment is commonly seen in government organisations. Continued… Centralized Recruitment
  14. 14. Benefits of Centralized Recruitment:  Reduces administration costs  Better utilization of specialists  Uniformity in recruitment  Interchangeability of staff  Reduces favoritism  Every department sends requisitions for recruitment to their central office.
  15. 15.  Decentralized recruitment practices are most commonly seen in the case of conglomerates operating in different and diverse business areas.  Each department carries out its own recruitment.  Lower level staffs as well as top level executives are recruited in a decentralized manner. Decentralized Recruitment
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