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  • 1. Human being's origin
  • 2. Hominids The hominids are a group of primates no arboreal The human beings are hominids, but all the hominids aren't human beings. Characteristics: - they allways move in an upright biped position,and the Most of their phisiology are similar. - their palate has got form of U. - In their cranium there is a big brain.
  • 3. First Hominid The first hominid appear thanks to the earth cool down and be arid. The mean species: - Ardipithecus ramidus: is the oldest well-known hominid. - Australopitecus anamensis: their hominids characteristics was the biped position and thick dental enamel - Australopitecus afarensis: prognatism and sagittal crest. - A. africanus: small jaw - Paranthropus: big jaw and they was vegetarian.
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  • 5. The First Homo The aren't any fossils of the first species of homo. - Homo habilis: they are the first remains of a homo that we are found. Their cranium was bigger and they start losing corporal hair. - Homo ergaster : They had got a bigger cranium and a skeleton very similar of current human beings. In the site we found stone tools
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  • 7. - Homo erectus : they used fire. The cranium was more elongated than human's cranium - Homo antecessor : their fossils was found in Atapuerca (Burgos) they was hunters, pickers and cannibals
  • 8. Neandertales and sapiens - Homo neanderthalensis : their average height was 1,65 meters and they had a developed musculature. - Homo rodhesiensis was prior to modern Homo sapiens. The last one occupied all the planet.
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  • 10. By Julia Margineda and Carlos Pérez