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The human race origins


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The human race origins

  1. 1. The Human Race Our Origins
  2. 2. Evolution of PrimatesPrimates– Mammals with 5 flexible fingers– Earliest dwelled in trees-arboreal– Needed special adaptations for this: Opposable thumb….Why? Binocular vision – Eyes in front of head – Field of vision of eyes overlap—depth perception….Why? Rotating Shoulders
  3. 3. Evolution of PrimatesPrimates divided into 2groups: prosimians andanthropoidsProsimians– First primates– i.e. Loris– 30-40 million year fossils show they were common– Nighttime hunters… How can you tell?
  4. 4. Evolution of PrimatesAnthropoids– Monkeys, apes, and humans– Smaller eyes--day active primates– Color vision– Larger brains– Replaced prosimians rapidly
  5. 5. AnthropoidsAnthropoids– Monkeys Have tails Old World—Asia and Africa New World—Central and S. America– Apes NO TAILS Larger brains than monkeys Chimps, gibbons, orangutans, bonobo, etc.– Humans Our closest genetic primate relative is?
  6. 6. Evolution of HumansVocab:– Bipedal: walk upright on two legs– Hominid: bipedal primates such as humans and their closest fossil relativesHominids are the ONLY bipedalprimates:– Locking knee joints– Spine enters skull at bottom of head– Femurs (thigh bone) tapers in
  7. 7. Evolution of HumansFossils are rare– When they are found they must be identified– Hominid vs. chimpanzee Chimps most closely related primate to humans Hominid jaws and teeth different – Human’s more arc shaped with smaller canines and larger gaps. Hominid spine S– chimps’ is C shaped Hominid pelvis is bowl-shaped, chimps’ long Hominid thigh bones taper in—chimps’ out– Human Evolution Video Clip
  8. 8. Early HominidsDarwin Descent of Man– 1871– Said fossilized remains of ape and human common ancestor should be found in Africa
  9. 9. Early HominidsGenus Australopithecus– LucyAustralopithecus afarensis– Fossil found in Africa– Hominids—shape of pelvis and femurs showed they were bipedal. How?– Short—3’6’’– Brain size of chimps– Jaws more rounded than apes– Teeth like humans
  10. 10. LUCY3.5 million years old40% completeFemale
  11. 11. LUCYShe walked uprightShe was a bipedal hominid–Bowl-shaped pelvis–Thigh bones taper in–Locking knee joint
  12. 12. •Showed us: •walked upright first •brain size grew AFTER.
  13. 13. LUCY VS. APE
  14. 14. SKULLS Lucy had a small skull like anape, but she wasn’t one.LUCY APE
  15. 15. SKULLSA. afarensis (Lucy) Homo sapien
  16. 16. Early Hominids• Genus Australopithecus A. afarensis• Genus Homo Time Homo habilis H. erectus H. sapiensNOT A COMPLETE LIST! THERE ARE OTHERS!
  17. 17. APES Homo sapiens Homo erectus transitional species Homo habilis Australopithecus afarensis common ancestor to ape and H. sapiens
  18. 18. Homo habilisMeans: Handy manSmall structure likeLucySkull 2X’s the sizeof Lucy2- 1.8 mya inAfricaTools made of boneand stone.
  19. 19. Homo erectusJava man / Peking manAfrica / Asia / EuropeLarger than H. habilisLarger brainExcellent tools used,used fire1.5 mya – immediateancestor
  20. 20. Early HominidsTwo hypotheses on location where H.sapiens evolved:– Out of Africa: idea like Darwin’s states H. sapiens evolved IN Africa and spread to rest of world– Multiregional H. erectus left Africa and THEN evolved into H. sapiens Different races reflect descent of each race from H. erectus in different locations– Out of Africa hypothesis supported by most evidence.
  21. 21. Early H. sapiensHomo NeanderthalensisFirst discovered in NeanderValleyMassive skulls, protruding browsGreat controversy on whether they diedoff (genes no longer) or whether theyevolved with us (interbred so genes still inour gene pool)Modern H. sapiens probably evolved inAfrica and replaced Neanderthals.
  22. 22. Mated????APES Homo neanderthalensis Homo sapiens Homo erectus transitional species Homo habilis Australopithecus afarensis common ancestor to ape and H. sapiens