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Candidate Experience: 6 Lessons Learned
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Candidate Experience: 6 Lessons Learned



Slide Deck for 2013 SHRM Talent Management Conference

Slide Deck for 2013 SHRM Talent Management Conference



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  • Mellissa Mounce at PNC Bank- keep asking why is it that way. Voice of the customer versus voice of every stakeholder
  • But only 1 in 5 of the yeses do it at the application the rest do it much later
  • ¼ surveyed before they were rejected
  • Only 38% of firms subsidize smartphones for recruiters and 29% f firms have no mobile capabilities whatsoever
  • 21.5% 40.5% 38%
  • Link to check status 9.3 do not reply 49%, 26.2rec email%, 7.9reccall, 3.4- HMcall, 11.0%-HMemail other-9.3 nothing- 6.2%
  • 25.6%-unlikely 48.4% 26%

Candidate Experience: 6 Lessons Learned Candidate Experience: 6 Lessons Learned Presentation Transcript

  • ©SHRM 20131Presentation TitlePresenter’s Name • DateYour Candidate Experience:Sure Bet or Losing Proposition?Gerry Crispin, sphr
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 20132 0 1 3 - C a n d i d a t e E x p e r i e n c e - 2 0 1 3Your Candidate Experience:Sure Bet or Losing Proposition?
  • ©SHRM 2013InspirationDefine & MeasureLessons LearnedC U R R E N T S T A F F I N G M O D E L
  • ©SHRM 201317,500CandidatesCompleteSurvey17,500CandidatesCompleteSurvey
  • ©SHRM 20132012 North American Candidate Experience Award Winners!
  • ©SHRM 20132012 UK Candidate Experience Award Winners
  • ©SHRM 2013A.Everyone who can possibly do the job.B. Everyone who expresses interest in a specificopportunity.C. Every qualified applicant.D. The ‘Finalists’ we bring in to interview &select.E. All of the above.What Do We Measure?Do We [Employers] Even Know What a ‘Candidate’ is?
  • ©SHRM 2013Candidates know the moment they become one……and expectations form in that instant
  • ©SHRM 2013… attitudes and opinions…Source: CareerXroads Candidate Experience monograph, March, 2011… regarding your recruiting process;the stakeholders in the process; the work itself;your company as a place to work…… actions takenWhat Do We Measure?What is the Candidate Experience?
  • ©SHRM 2013[Operational] Definitions areEven more Important.
  • ©SHRM 2013Definitions are Important:What is the Candidate Experience?
  • ©SHRM 2013company performanceSalesnew hire time to performCandidate QualityH i r eC o n v e r s i o nR a t eRetentionompensationLesson # 1 – “Know My Value”
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013Source and apologies: Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller 8/28/10Black holeLesson # 2 – “Walk in My Shoes”
  • ©SHRM 2013Source: CareerXroads survey, 2011http://www.ereexpo.com/2011spring/conference/agenda/conference-sessions/#session-256Source: CareerXroads Colloquium survey, 201153% of recruiters haveapplied to their own jobs.How many steps in your hiring process……from the candidates point of view?BUT ONLY 7% ofEmployers…have EVER attempted to‘MYSTERY-SHOP’Their entire recruiting process
  • ©SHRM 2013Lesson # 3 – “Hear Me Now”
  • ©SHRM 2013Employers saidDo you listen when they APPLIED?9.1% ofthe applicantsagreedSource: theCandEs.org, 2012
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013Do you listen to the finalists?Employers said 20% ofFinalistsAgreedSource: theCandEs.org, 201263.3%36.7%
  • ©SHRM 2013Lesson # 4 – “Speak Clearly”
  • ©SHRM 2013Align communication methods to your audience
  • ©SHRM 2013Candidate job searchengagement throughconnections and relationships onsocial media are significantand growing.Source: theCandEs.org, 2013EmployersOnlineCandidates
  • ©SHRM 201325How Mobile-enabled are you?Source: CareerXroads 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013Referred Candidatesaremore likely thanNon-referredCandidatesto receive an offer.were aware of and usedemployee referrals.of those who were referredreceived job offers.Scale Employee Referrals – Candidate Initiated
  • ©SHRM 2013Lesson # 5 – “Answer Truthfully”How frequently does this position come open?What is the profile of the last personto compete successfully for this position?What happened to the previous incumbent?
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013You have Questions.We’re ready withhonest answers.
  • ©SHRM 2013Lesson # 6 – “Deliver What You Promise”
  • ©SHRM 2013You must make a promise……before you can deliver on it…our online application can be completedin less than two minutes.…all candidates…reviewedand communicated…1-20 days.
  • ©SHRM 201343.7%43.7% 45.9%45.9% 10.4%10.4%How do you rate your company’s abilityto communicate with UNQUALIFIED candidates?
  • ©SHRM 2013How do you treat unqualified candidates?Nothing – 10%Other – 31.6%(23.3% “automated message”)Required – 30.0%Source: theCandEs.org, 2013…w/ feedback – 6.7%Not Required - 21.7%
  • ©SHRM 201354.2%54.2% 37.5%37.5% 8.3%8.3%How do you rate your company’s abilityto communicate with QUALIFIED candidatesThat are NOT SELECTED as finalists?
  • ©SHRM 2013How do you treat qualified candidates…….who inquire because they haven’t heard?Source: theCandEs.org, 201345.0%The recruiter whose emailis included would beresponsible for providing31.7%We would be surprised!We let them know by email13.3%It would be difficult.No contact was given.21.7%We remind them toUse the ATS status21.7%Other
  • ©SHRM 201317.9%17.9% 38.5%38.5% 43.6%43.6%How do you rate how you were treatedWhen you were NOT SELECTED by [Company Name]?
  • ©SHRM 2013How [10,000] candidates said they were rejected:Source: theCandEs.org 2012
  • ©SHRM 201328.8%28.8%How likely are you to change (+ or-) as a CUSTOMERof [Company Name]?24.9%24.9%46.3%46.3%UnlikelytochangeLikelytochange
  • ©SHRM 201331.7%31.7%How likely are you to REFER someoneto [Company Name]?17.7%17.7%50.6%50.6%
  • ©SHRM 2013How likely are you to REFER someoneto [Company Name]?31.7% 17.7%50.6%M M MXX X BB BThere are differences between (M) Millennials and (B) Boomers
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 201343
  • ©SHRM 201344
  • ©SHRM 2013#1 – “Know My Value”#2 – “Walk in My Shoes”#3 – “Hear Me Now”#4 – “Speak Clearly”#5 – “Answer Truthfully”#6 – “Deliver What You Promise”C U R R E N T S T A F F I N G M O D E L
  • ©SHRM 2013gerrycrispin@comcast.net732-821-6652www.theCandEs.org
  • ©SHRM 2013
  • ©SHRM 2013We applied to:Experienced salaried position (3+ yrs. experience) 31.1%Hourly wage position 29.9%Management salaried position 14.8%Entry level salaried position (0-2 yrs exp., new graduate) 12.0%Sr. Leadership (Director, Executive) 4.9%Other (internship, seasonal, contract) 7.3%