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  1. 1. Trends 2011+ : Engage Them or Enrage Them…Your Choice Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler, CareerXroads
  2. 2. TRENDS Social Media Mobile Candidate Experience Audio/Visual Bandwidth DEMOGRAPHICS
  3. 4. Source and apologies: Non Sequitur, Wiley Miller 8/28/10 Black hole Lemming Law
  4. 5. The “I Know It When I See It” Theory of Selection
  5. 6. 1-Carrot Recruiter Score Card
  6. 7. More With Less Budget Philosophy
  7. 8. Job Interviews: Live, Archived, Remote, Campus, High-volume etc.
  8. 9. Job Descriptions: Diary, Day-in-the-life, Job Shadow, V-logs, Chats, Webinars, Jobcasts, Virtual Job Fairs
  9. 10. Selection: Simulations, Case Studies, Games
  10. 11. Selection: Simulations, Case Studies, Games
  11. 12. Learning: Training, Onboarding, Development
  12. 13. 91% of Americans“ have a mobile wireless subscription (What can you, your recruiters, your clients and jobseekers do with these?)
  13. 14. ...TEXT, call or chat with recruiters? ...NAVIGATE your firm’s m.enabled Career Site & search for new jobs? ...CHECK their resume STATUS? ...APPLY for a job with a previously saved profile? Source: CareerXroads Mobile survey, 2010 Can your Candidates use their mobile phones to… 40% 7.8% 15.7% 14.7%
  14. 15. Pepsico
  15. 17. The Web Is Undergoing A Fundamental Change… … Must Understand Behavior, Not Technology
  16. 18. The Word ‘ Friends ’ Is Not Helpful
  17. 19. People Form Relationships with Multiple Independent Groups Human Resources/Staffing Must Learn to Design for Different Types of Relationships Within Groups Relationship Strength Varies
  18. 20. You Should Consider Our Company….. Weak Tie -College- Strong Tie -Family- Temp. Tie -Recruiter- Influence is a Complex Business Processes
  19. 21. As Volume of Information Increases… … We Increasingly Rely on Others in Decision making
  20. 22. Communication Profile of 18-30 Year Olds… … With 7-15 People! (Strong Ties)
  21. 23. Maintaining People’s Privacy Should Be A Top Priority (18-30)
  22. 24. Pay Attention to…. … Who influences your top candidates, … .Quality of content and the means with which it is communicated. … Privacy. It leads to trust…or doubt.
  23. 26. You may measure the impact directly: - Your sales. - Your access to quality candidates. - Your compensation strategy. - Your hire conversion rate. - Your new hire time to perform. - Your retention. - Your company’s performance. The Candidate Experience WILL affect them all indirectly.
  24. 27. The attitudes and behaviors of individuals who seek to work for a firm… … about the recruiting process, the stakeholders in the process, the work and the company itself as a place to work. – CareerXroads Source: CareerXroads Candidate Experience monograph, March, 2011 IT is what THEY say it is
  25. 28. If the candidate experience is important… … . ask them
  27. 30. 2003 - Vinnie Boombotz Credit and Collections Supervisor 2004 - Gold E. Locks Marketing Assistant 2005 - Josh Randall Recruiting Team Leader 2006 – Ted E. Baer Administrative Assistant 2007 – Morris (M.R.) Goodbar MBA Graduate 2008 – James (Jim) Knee Cricket Sales 2009 – William B. Baggins Accounting 2010 – Jack Coostow Environmental Technician 2011 – Chris Kringle Security Systems Programmer
  28. 31. James Knee Cricket Woodstown, NJ 08098 732-821-6652 [email_address]
  29. 32.
  30. 33. ...Give Evidence Candidates Are Welcome . … Align Communication To Candidate Preferences … Make Recruiters Accessible … Answer ‘Why’ … Provide Relevant Content … Demonstrate Respect. Specifically: - Acknowledge Interest - Promise Closure - Provide Next Steps - Guarantee Privacy & Data Protection - Communicate Closure - Deliver on Status, Feedback and Guidance
  31. 34. How frequently does this position come open? How many people typically apply for this position? Where are successful candidates sourced from? What is the profile of the last person to compete successfully for this position? How long until it typically is filled? What happened to the previous incumbent? What [range] are you willing to pay? How competitive am I?
  32. 36. <ul><li>Acknowledge Interest </li></ul><ul><li>Promise Closure </li></ul><ul><li>- Provide Next Steps </li></ul><ul><li>- Guarantee Privacy & Data Protection </li></ul><ul><li>- Communicate Closure </li></ul><ul><li>- Deliver on Status, Feedback and Guidance </li></ul>
  33. 37. 84% Acknowledged Chris when he Applied 26% Informed Chris when he was NOT selected
  34. 38. Dear Chris: Thank you for applying for a position with Marriott International HQ.  We do appreciate your interest in Marriott; however, we are currently pursuing other candidates whose background and skills more closely fit our current need. Please continue to review our open positions on for any other position you would like to pursue. We wish you much success with your career search. Sincerely, Marriott Recruiting Services Position: 728130-Systems Analyst-Senior    Applicant ID: 83768624
  35. 39. Apr 5 Hi Chris, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to consider you for our Information Security Engineer position at, Inc. or its affiliates. I wish I had better news for you, but after reviewing your background and experience against the position requirements, we just felt that there wasn't a strong enough match. I really appreciate the time you took to apply and know how time consuming and stressful a job search can be. Please know that we will definitely keep your information on file for future potential matches and wish you the best in the meantime. Respectfully, Tonya Shtarkman The Zappos Family Recruiting Team
  36. 40. Thank you (be specific) Brand (again and again) Create Expectations Promise closure Manage feedback
  37. 41. Great Recruiting starts with great employers and recruiters who are compelled to improve their results and the way they achieve them.
  38. 42. Good Hunting! Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler Co-Founders CareerXroads www., [email_address] 732-821-6652 THINK