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Association of Business Psychologists Presentation


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Association of Business Psychologists Presentation

  1. 1. cluedSource: McKinsey July 2012 -The Social Economy, UnlockingValue and ProductivityYour Future As A Business Psychologist& How To Prevent It From Happening!cluedMac MacPhersonatClued
  2. 2. clued© 2013 CluedWho Am I?I am Mac MacPherson and “tonight Matthew, I am going to be...”consultant consultant consultant consultant consultantmac
  3. 3. clued© 2013 CluedDaddy,What’s A Business Psychologist?Business PsychologistOccupational PsychologistExecutive CoachManagement ConsultantLeadership CoachChange ConsultantCareer CoachHR ConsultantPerformance CoachEmotional Intelligence ConsultantOrganisational Development Coach...
  4. 4. clued© 2013 CluedPsychometric TestingEmployee EngagementTalent DevelopmentEmotional IntelligenceChange ManagementLeadership DevelopmentExecutive CoachingOrganisational SurveyCulture DevelopmentPerformance EvaluationGroup Dynamics...Daddy,What Do Business Psychologists Do?
  5. 5. clued© 2013 CluedThe Truth About The Past, Present & FutureUncovering The Facts
  6. 6. clued© 2013 CluedLife Was Good...1980 - 2009
  7. 7. clued© 2013 CluedThen The Headlines ChangedYesterday was bad...Today is bad...Tomorrow will be..?
  8. 8. clued© 2013 CluedUK Business Psychologists On LinkedInSource: LinkedIn advanced search on 11 April, 20133,153Business Psychologists
  9. 9. clued© 2013 CluedThere’s A Staggering Number Of Consultants37,607Source: LinkedIn advanced search on 15 April, 2013UK Management Consultants
  10. 10. clued© 2013 Clued145,536Source: Office of National Statistics, Dec 2012Senior Executives & ManagersA Huge Number Of Unemployed UK Senior Staff?Unemployed
  11. 11. clued© 2013 CluedConsultancy Market Is Now Intensely OvercrowdedMany Redundant Executives Can’t Find Jobs& Are Flooding The Market As ‘Consultants’
  12. 12. clued© 2013 Clued Source: Institute of Consultants Study 201266%Pessimistic or unsureNegativePositive66%Pessimistic or uncertain34%OptimisticA Bleak Outlook?The Institute of Consultants carried out a survey asking whether consultants were moreoptimistic or pessimistic about the state of their market in the year to come:
  13. 13. clued© 2013 CluedJust OneYear: 20099.1%Over FourYears: 2010-144%Source:The Economist:Advice for Consultants Jun 2011Consulting Market Personnel ConsultingConsulting Market In Real TroubleDisaster! Dragging- +
  14. 14. clued© 2013 CluedVast Majority Of Consultants Are Battling For ScrapsSource: Calculated from MCA report, Consulting in 2013Incomeof consultants earna paltry 20% of fees90%Consultants
  15. 15. clued© 2013 CluedIn many areas of consulting it’s now brutal...Consulting Competition
  16. 16. clued© 2013 CluedAVast Number Of UK Coaches11,246Source: LinkedIn advanced search on 11 April, 2013Executive Coaches In The UK
  17. 17. clued© 2013 CluedOne-ThirdIn the last two years alone, overcrowding has intensified further by a hugeThe Market Is Bursting With Coaches
  18. 18. clued© 2013 CluedNegativePositive70%DecliningorStagnant30%UK Coaching IncomeSource: ICF Coaching Study 2012
  19. 19. clued© 2013 Cluedcoaches say there’s no increased demand for their services9out of10The Chances Of Increasing Business Are GrimSource: ICF Coaching Study 2012
  20. 20. clued© 2013 CluedAverage Earnings Of Average ProfessionalsSource: HMRC Records 2012, This Is Money & ICF Coaching Study 2012£83,000 £75,000 £71,000Marketing Finance Legal
  21. 21. clued© 2013 CluedProfessional Coaches Average Earnings Are Miserable£34,000Source: HMRC Records 2012, This Is Money & ICF Coaching Study 2012£83,000 £75,000 £71,000Marketing Finance LegalCoach
  22. 22. clued© 2013 CluedPraying For The Big Win
  23. 23. clued© 2013 Clued Source: 2012 ICF Global Coaching StudyCompetition Is Now Extreme, Doubling In Just 4YearsOver 50% of all coaches have started competingin the market since the 2009 economic downturn
  24. 24. clued© 2013 Cluedincrease in yet morecoaches in only thenext three years, atthe current growth.Source: Calculated from several ICF Coaching Studies44%1995-20092009-20122012-2015CoachesHalf Your 2015 Competition Doesn’t Yet Exist68,00047,50027,000CoachesCoaches
  25. 25. clued© 2013 CluedThis Isn’t Going To Hurt A BitIncreased Debt & BorrowingDepressed Business EnvironmentTripe-Dip Recession?Spending CutsFatigue
  26. 26. clued© 2013 CluedWhat’s The Government’s Economic Forecast?MoreYears of AusterityFIVESource: Bloomberg 21 March, 2013
  27. 27. clued© 2013 CluedA Hugely Diminished Market...Intensely Cramped With Competitors...Vast Majority Fighting For The Scraps...Earning Paltry Levels Of Income...Facing 5 MoreYears Of Austerity.
  28. 28. clued© 2013 CluedWelcome To The FutureIWantTo Go BackTo How It UsedTo Be
  29. 29. clued© 2013 CluedWei-Chi
  30. 30. clued© 2013 CluedOption 1Death
  31. 31. clued© 2013 CluedOption 2Delusion
  32. 32. clued© 2013 CluedOption 3Digital
  33. 33. clued© 2013 CluedHigherLowerValuePotentialEase of Capturing Value PotentialLower HigherEnergyFoodProfessionalServicesConsumerProductsPharmaceuticalsMediaRetailEducationHealthCareBankingSoftwareChemicalsManufacturingThe McKinsey Global Institute carried out a major study to measure the benefit of digitalstrategy for different industries.Digital StrategyValueMcKinsey:The Social Economy, 2012. GDP ContributionSource: McKinsey:The Social Economy, 2012
  34. 34. clued© 2013 Clued76% of saw growth in sales...The Business Case Is OverwhelmingSource: Frost & Sullivan reported in Social Business By Design, 201271% of reported increased profit...68% of saw improvement in innovation.Research studies, carried out by Frost & Sullivan, showed that companies who deployeddigital social media tools saw greatly improved business performance:Digital Strategy Increases Business Performance
  35. 35. clued© 2013 CluedThe Truth About Digital Strategy69%of companies say their marketinghas become significantly moreeffective by using digital.Research by McKinsey shows that
  36. 36. clued© 2013 CluedThe Future Is HereIt’s Just NotEvenly DistributedWilliam Gibson
  37. 37. clued© 2013 CluedDigital Strategy For Business PsychologistsYou Are Here
  38. 38. clued© 2013 CluedYour Business Goal Comes FirstDigital Business Strategy is not an end in itself, but many act as if it is. Digital must serve theoverall purpose of the business. Once business goals are defined, create the digital strategy.2013 2014 2015 2016TheGoal
  39. 39. clued© 2013 CluedDigital Strategy Is Not Digital PresenceOffers Platforms Results=+BrandReachPositionProspectsRetentionTargetsInfluenceInsightsBiggerStrongerFasterLongerCheaperEasierSaferCleanerTheValuePropositionThe BusinessOutcomesDigitalStrategy
  40. 40. clued© 2013 CluedOfferYour Brand Is NotYour LogoDistinct Benefit DeliverValue
  41. 41. clued© 2013 CluedBusiness Psychology Positioning?£££
  42. 42. clued© 2013 CluedB2B CompaniesWith Strong BrandsOutperform WeakMcKinseySource:McKinsey article business-branding 2013Ones By 20%
  43. 43. clued© 2013 CluedThe BestMarketerWins!What’s Inevitable About Our Digital Future?
  44. 44. clued© 2013 CluedDigital Marketing StrategyTraditional StrategyPullAttractMeaningfulPersonalFreeorDigital StrategyPushInterruptManipulateImpersonalCost
  45. 45. clued© 2013 CluedDigital Content Matters
  46. 46. clued© 2013 CluedHighValue Content WinsBlog Solutions To Problems
  47. 47. clued© 2013 CluedStrategy Drives Content Then PlatformIntuitiveRationalAwareness EngagementEntertain InspireEducate ConvertDigital strategy determines the content type, style and platform. Not vice-versa:
  48. 48. clued© 2013 Cluedmore websitetraffic than siteswith no blogSource: HubspotThe Fundamentals of Blogging,April 2013Blogging DrivesVisitors ToYour SiteBlogs receive55%
  49. 49. clued© 2013 CluedNumber of Inbound LinksBlogWebsite ButNo BlogBlogging Is Essential To Get NoticedIncreased inbound links to a site also increases visitors and the likelihood of being foundin the search engines.Source: HubspotThe Fundamentals of Blogging,April 201397%
  50. 50. clued© 2013 CluedBlog Posting Effectiveness Is Exponential<60 60-120 121-175 176-310 >311Source: HubspotThe Fundamentals of Blogging,April 2013Number of Indexed PagesMedianMonthlyLeads74221275More indexed web pages get way more leads...236%
  51. 51. clued© 2013 CluedBlogging Attracts Prospects70%Those that blog attractSource: HubspotThe Fundamentals of Blogging,April 2013more leads than those that don’t
  52. 52. clued© 2013 CluedWebVideo Is Growing MassivelyOnlineVideo Traffic Will Be55%Of All WebTraffic By 2016Source: Cisco,Visual Networking Index Forecast 2011-2016Improve Employee EngagementBy Using Business PsychologyVideoTwo
  53. 53. clued© 2013 CluedSearch Is Huge
  54. 54. clued© 2013 CluedSearch Engine UK ExampleEmployee Engagement @ 2,900 searches (£5.31 p.c.)Employee Relations @ 880 searches (£2.14 p.c.)Employee Motivation @ 590 searches (£3.10 p.c.)Source: Google Keyword Search, 10 April 2013
  55. 55. clued© 2013 CluedExact Match UK Only - Emotional Intelligence Test1,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,3001,30015,600 Missed Opportunities In 2013Source: Google Search Engine Research April 15 2013 - Exact Match Emotional IntelligenceTextLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTLOSTAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnotherAnother
  56. 56. clued© 2013 CluedDigital Strategy Is Fundamentally DifferentConsultants Hard-Fought Battle In Capturing Clients:Clients Iterative Digital Journey To Engaging Consultants:BrochuresSpeechesExhibitionsReferralsJam-Foot-In-The-DoorWhite PapersAll-Out-Persuasion Repeat Ad NauseamProspect Browses OnlineNotices Consultant (Again)Consumes Their MaterialsEvaluates Thought-LeadershipRe-Experiences LaterPonders Own ContextBondsDiscussesEngagesTiredWired
  57. 57. clued© 2013 CluedMeasure, Monitor & AdjustAnalytics Are Crucial ToStrategy & Performance
  58. 58. clued© 2013 CluedWhat Does The Internet Say AboutYou?HaveYou Been GooglingYourself Again?
  59. 59. clued© 2013 CluedStrategic Benefits1. Greatly amplify and expand the reach of the brand2. Stand-out with a clear, visible, product-leadership position3. Build a lead-generation machine for a strong sales funnel4. Create myriad relationships utilising the Metcalfe approach5. Target specific prospects & organisations as potential clients6. Create sophisticated market insights from online “listening”7. Influence prospects and partners with direct conversations8. Power consultants with a robust client-attraction approach9. Develop increased collaboration across all partners10. Move sharply ahead of your strongest competitorsTen benefits of a strong digital strategy:Benefits To Consultants Are Significant & Multi-Dimensional
  60. 60. clued© 2013 CluedWe don’t have a choice onwhether we do digital, thequestion is how well we do it!Erik QualmanSocialnomics
  61. 61. clued© 2013 CluedAlistair ‘Mac’ MacPherson is the founder and leader ofthe Clued digital business team.A classically trained corporate strategist he has spentthe last 18 years advising some of the world’s leadingcompanies including GlaxoSmithkline, JP Morgan, ICI,Arla.He is also a non-executive director, having sat for 6years on the board of a large health organisation.For the last 7 years he has expended considerabletime and effort on digital strategies and operations.Alistair was educated in Glasgow and at Oxford,undertaking studies in Philosophy and an MBA.He can be contacted directly on 07939 201279Alistair ‘Mac’ MacPhersonClued specialise in digital business strategy, operationsand their implementation.We work directly with mid-tier, or ambitious fast-growing, companies who would benefit significantly fromrevising their online business assets.As evidenced from these slides, Clued’s approach todigital is strategic, data-driven and business performancefocused (and very different from digital agencies’).We work hand-in-hand with clients to create powerfuldigital strategies, and then go onto help execute themwith piercing precision.We call it being “wired”.To explore some of the issues we help you tackle, andcontent we create, click onto:CluedClued
  62. 62. clued© 2013
  63. 63. clued© 2013 CluedResource@clued_co
  64. 64. clued© 2013 CluedThe Competitive Clock Is RapidlyRunning On Digital Business StrategyTime Running Out
  65. 65. clued© 2013 CluedNext MoveDiscuss with Mac on07939
  66. 66. clued© 2013 CluedCluedMcKinsey % CoThe EconomistThe Management Consultants AssociationThe Institute of ConsultantsBloombergICFOffice of National StatisticsHMRC RecordsFrost & SullivanHubspotCiscoGoogleLinkedInThis Is MoneyHugh McLeod @GapingVoidResearchInformation Sources: Cartoons:Resources:See the next few slides