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Hcn training process overview 05-10-13

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  • Profiling the job is one of the most crucial steps in the process. A good profile will enable you to create an effective Job Plan. Profiling is a 30 minute conversation with the Hiring Manager (HM) to gather the essence of the job. We focus on 5 primary data points: What needs to be done by when? How quantitatively will you measure the person’s success? What are the unique skills, abilities and characteristics of a top performer? Why would the right candidate want the job? Service delivery expectations and communication plan, based on the HM’s preferences
  • After profiling you develop the Job Plan. The Job Plan is the marketing piece for the position. The Job Plan consists of 3 parts: A unique and compelling job description that is focused on attracting top performers. 15-20 multiple-choice screening questions, designed to identify markers for talent. This is uniquely written for each job in order to attract top performers. 2-4 open-ended questions. This allows a candidate to apply his or her experience to the position. These are similar to the questions you might get on a first interview. After developing the job plan and having it reviewed internally and by the hiring manager, the job is launched and posted on appropriate job boards.
  • Accolo casts the widest net possible in order to identify candidates from all appropriate sources. We are source neutral, which means that it doesn’t matter where the best candidate comes from – we use any sources that can provide results. Our sourcing techniques include: Posting to all major job boards, including Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Indeed, TheLadders, (for sales jobs), and Dice (for tech positions) Tapping into the Accolo career referral network, creating a viral marketing buzz around every job we support. Allows us to scale the ability to refer candidates into a position. Direct and targeted sourcing using investigative research and cold calling techniques and Networking through user groups, associations, professional organizations We follow up with all candidates and treat them with respect. See the Candidate Bill of Rights in the Appendix.
  • As candidates begin to apply for the position, they are taken through the online interview process. Candidate applications are documented and available for review in the Accolo system. The Accolo process ensures that every candidate receives a fair shot at the position as each applicant is evaluated against the same set of consistent criteria. Every candidate receives follow-up and closure regardless of the outcome. 94% of candidates who apply online never hear back. 100% of Accolo candidates receive closure. All EEO and applicant tracking data is kept, providing access to performance metrics and ensuring legal compliance for every position that is supported.
  • All candidates who meet the minimum criteria are presented to the Hiring Manager in a web-based console. The HM can then review candidates via a console or can receive them via email from the HC. The HC will drive the recruiting process by reviewing each candidate and providing feedback to the HM, conducting additional phone screens and ranking candidates. As the hiring manager makes decisions, the hiring consultant will manage the process accordingly, including coordinating interviews, scheduling, and candidate follow-up.
  • Our objective for every job we support is to attract candidates that will become great employees. Because every job is a living breathing thing, it is often necessary to review and adjust throughout the process. Any and all aspects of the process can be adjusted, including the screening question, the job description, sources, phone screening and interview techniques.
  • We can provide other services to our clients. The six steps we just reviewed are what we do for all clients – these constitute the core Accolo process. We can also offer the other services shown here.
  • How does an HC spend his or her time? Here is a graph showing the relative time spent on each activity. Notice that writing job plans and sourcing candidates is what HCs spend most of their time on.
  • 1. Adhere to best practices, a methodology plus a system tool. Candidate focus. 2. Enterprise, On-Demand and Project 3. Profiling. Crucial to unearth the hot sell, skills, and job requirements to create a complete and compelling job plan. 4. Filter them, unearth the qualified candidates, make sure we track each candidate. 5. To act as a consultant to the HM – advise and guide. 6. Initial screening question – talent marker. Behavioral based question – learn more about who they are and give them an opportunity to brag. 7. We use any and all sources to find candidates.
  • Accolo Process Overview

    1. 1. Accolo Process May 201322What we’ll cover• Our Foundation: 10 Universal Hiring Best Practices• Hiring Performance Model• The Accolo 6-step process• Accolo services
    2. 2. Accolo Process May 201333Path of Least Resistance for theHiring ManagerThe hiring process should be the path of least resistance for hiring managers. They willtypically embrace this path regardless of the desires of other stakeholders.Every Job is Unique Every job is as unique as the hiring manager, team, geography, function and companyand should be profiled and managed accordingly.Courteous, Respectful andConfidentialEvery stakeholder deserves to be treated with courtesy, respect and completeconfidentiality. Applicants may have many points of intersection with the hiring companyas consumers, investors, referral sources and future hires, and the totality of thisrelationship must be considered.Referrals Must be Leveraged Referrals are a primary source of hirable candidates, and each recruiting effort shouldactively seek and follow-up with referrals via social media and direct personal outreach.Incorporate All Sources All sources should be incorporated into the recruiting process, including traditional, non-traditional and direct sourcing methods.Adaptable Process Recruiting approaches should be responsive to different job types (Executive, technical,non-exempt, etc.).Diversity Sourcing Diversity sourcing should be included with every job. The world is diverse and a diverseworkforce gives a company a strategic advantage.Fair and Equal Opportunity Every candidate deserves a fair and equal opportunity to apply and receive job-specificconsideration.Follow up and Closure Every candidate deserves follow-up and closure, regardless of outcome.Applicant Tracking EEO data capture, applicant tracking and reporting must be complete and accurate forevery job.10 Universal Hiring Best Practices
    3. 3. Accolo Process May 2013444Core ProcessApplicant DecisioningPerformance ReportingEEO/OFCCP DataCapture/ReportingProfile Job1CandidateScoring &Presentation4Interview &Make Decisions5Accolo process :ensures consistency & repeatabilityIdentifyCandidates36ReviewandAdjustDevelop the Recruitment Plan2
    4. 4. Accolo Process May 201355Profiling the jobProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsInterviewing the hiring managerLearning the specifics of the position
    5. 5. Accolo Process May 201366Profiling the jobThe goal of the profile discussion is to extract the informationthat is unique and exciting about the position.1.Why would a candidate want this job? i.e. what is the#1 most attractive element about this job? What sets it apartfrom similar positions?2.What are the hot sells of the job, your company and yourteam?3.Primary mission or function of the role?4.Projects and responsibilities starting on day one?5.Future projects and responsibilities?6.How will their success be measured?6
    6. 6. Accolo Process May 201377Developing the recruitment planProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsWriting a compelling job plan withrelevant screening questions
    7. 7. Accolo Process May 201388Developing the recruitment plan8
    8. 8. Accolo Process May 201399Identifying candidatesProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsDoing research, sourcing, using Accolo’sreferral network, and job boards
    9. 9. Accolo Process May 20131010Progressive job marketing campaigns10Articulationof needOn-lineJobMarketingSocial MediaMarketingReferralCampaignsIntelligentTargetedSourcingCandidateRelationshipManagement• Social Recruiting is eMarketingLeverage the proven techniques ofmarketing and marketing automation• Every Job Search is a MarketingCampaignAllow the Data to Drive the Process and treatevery candidate with courtesy and respect
    10. 10. Accolo Process May 20131111Online interviewProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsHaving the applicants complete onlinescreening questions and documentingall contact with them
    11. 11. Accolo Process May 2013121212Candidate scoring and presentation
    12. 12. Accolo Process May 20131313Candidate scoring and presentation13
    13. 13. Accolo Process May 20131414Interview and make decisionsProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsInterviewing candidatesRanking and recommending applicantsFollowing up with the hiring manager
    14. 14. Accolo Process May 20131515Interview and make decisions15
    15. 15. Accolo Process May 20131616Review and AdjustProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsReviewing the job progressAdjusting the effort based on the hiringmanager’s decisions and feedback
    16. 16. Accolo Process May 20131717Accolo ServicesAccolo Core ProcessAccoloManagedAccoloManagedSharedServicesHiring Manager InvolvementProfileJobDevelopJob PlanIdentifyCandidatesInterviewOnline &DocumentReviewandAdjustInterview& MakeDecisionsRequisitionApprovalReference/BackgroundCheckNew HireProcessingNegotiate& CloseAssimilationandRetention
    17. 17. Accolo Process May 20131818Typical Ratio of time spent by an HCNWriting plansSourcing - 3 hoursReviewing CandidatesPhone screeningTalking to hiring managers*Interview scheduling/follow upMisc. work - posting, rewriting, etcProfiling an HMResearching for a profileOffer extension/negotiationReference check/background check*reviewing candidates, follow up, weekly meetings, etc.
    18. 18. Accolo Process May 20131919Review
    19. 19. Accolo Process May 20132020Review questions1. How is Accolo different from other recruitment/hiringcompanies?2. What is the most crucial part of the Accolo process andwhy?3. Why do we drive all candidates through the onlineinterview?4. What is an IIQ and a ISQ?5. We are source neutral. What does this mean?