German 3.0


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German 3.0

  2. 2. BACKGROUND  What is Learning?  Old-school type of learning  New methods of learning  Involving new technology  Changing system in the world of education  As time progress, the changes continues
  3. 3. Mobile Devices  The explosion of mobile devices has opened a new       world of opportunities for learning outside the classroom Fact: ½ of middle and high school students own a tablet pc or smart phone The percentage of college students is even greater mobile devices are extremely popular For checking out social media, internet online browsing or texting friends these devices are around them at all times throughout the day Learning could benefit from this situation
  4. 4. Technology  Education  Much room for educational improvement  Combination of cognitive science and technology  Students have the opportunity to learn in the most     effective way known Student have the opportunity to learn virtually everywhere Learning will be more interesting and fun to the students educational software are currently available in the application stores and could be accessed easily android-based, iOS-based, or windows-based smart phones
  5. 5. MAGIS Camp  Mobile Application Goethe –Institut SEAMOLEC Camp  Held in 17th – 23rd May 2013, at Park Hotel, Jakarta  Collaboration between high school and vocational school student to create android apps for learning german  Participated by 10 students from high school and 10 students from vocational school
  6. 6. Results  10 + 1 Android application: MOLEC+-+Goethe+Institut+Jakarta Or search for: SEAMOLEC Goethe Institut on google play!  Totalling in 19372 downloads in 5 months!!  Top 3 applications, ranked based on content, technical, and number of downloads  The winner rewarded a trip to Krabi, Thailand to present their product
  7. 7. Gutten Appetit ! (1st winner) 1949 Downloads  Guten Appetit is an android- based application where people can learn German in the level of A1 whenever and wherever. With Guten Appetit people can enrich the vocabularies related to "Essen und Trinken" theme. This application is wrapped with an attractive and simple operation, so that people can learn German easily. Be ready to be a master with Guten Appetit!
  8. 8. Bubble Bee!!! (2nd winner) 3139 Downloads  Learn german with easy and fun with Bubble bee!! Understand, Speak, Write, and Play!  Fiture: 1. Hangman Games with many categories. 2. High Score 3. Dialog with sound 5. Vocabulary 4. Quiz 6. etc
  9. 9. GERMAN IS FUN! UNSER HAUS (3 WINNER) 2757 DOWNLOADS  Learning German in an easy and fun ! With the motto of ours, German is Fun, we have already created an easy to play game which is also easy to understand. This games provides fun games to play, such as drag & drop and also you can try our listen & pronounce games. The place where you can see, listen, and pronounce it right. You can easily learn German not only by seeing, listening, and pronouncing but also in a fun way such as playing the games. Your vocabulary will be increased and also you can find a lot of sentences types.  Try our game and download it for free
  10. 10. TOLL! DEUTSCH LERNEN MIT SPASS 4.467 DOWNLOAD  Fun Learning German with TOLL!  TOLL! is an android application for learning German with fun. It guides you to learn how to introduce yourself in daily life. A nice layout and simple material can help you to improve your ability in Deutsch.  TOLL! is filled of interesting sentences, dialogs and of course pictures. The pictures can help you to understand the sentences.
  11. 11. DEDE DEUTSCH 1691 DOWNLOAD  Dede Deutsch is an application that you can use anywhere anytime. It is a very useful application to improve your Germany language ability. By using this application, you will able to recognize words from different theme, even to improve your ability to hear and to pronounce the words. It is an educational application that will help you a lot in learning Germany. You can recognize the words and memorize them by doing a simple exercise. Now, you can learn Germany wherever you are. Dede Deutsch is very simple to be used. Try it!
  12. 12. DEUTSCH IM ALLTAG 1064 DOWNLOAD  The application is called "Deutsch im Alltag" which means German language in everyday. With this Apikasi we can learn German language commonly used in everyday life (at the level of A-1 of course) with greater ease and fun. features contained therein, among others:  1. Quis. 2. Vocabular-Seite 3. Dialogue.
  13. 13. EINFACH DEUTCH 546 DOWNLOAD  The application is called "Deutsch im Alltag" which means German language in everyday. With this Apikasi we can learn German language commonly used in everyday life (at the level of A-1 of course) with greater ease and fun. features contained therein, among others:  1. Quis. 2. Vocabular-Seite 3. Dialogue.
  14. 14. HELLO DEUTSCH 272 DOWNLOAD  Learn german is easy and fun with HalloDeutschFiture: 1. Dialog 2. Vocabulary 3. Quiz 4. High Score 5. etc  fix bug , fix vocab , etc Try it now!!
  15. 15. Die neue Wohnung 1560 DOWNLOAD  “Die neue Wohnung" is an educational aplication of language. In this aplication users may learn A1-level German, which will be presented by quiz method.
  16. 16. Mein Klassenraum 200 DOWNLOAD  This application helps tone in stringing letters and words in the plural determine changes in the German language with a fun quiz
  17. 17. SEAMOLEC APPS - Developed by ITB Diploma who have their matriculation in SEAMOLEC - Application theme must be education - Development phase for 2 weeks - 1 months period for promoting the application
  18. 18. Rumus Matematika 50,000 - 100,000 downloads  This is a mathemathic for junior high school. This aplication contain about formulas of mathemathic for junior high school with completed by exercise to help student.  Although receiving many bad comments
  19. 19. Al-Masurat 10,000 - 50,000 downloads  In the era of globalization, growing applications, especially mobile-based applications are widely used in smartphones android. One of this application is Alma'tsurat that is utilized by using of digital media-based android with the aim of facilitating the user that is using this application.
  20. 20. Tourism Guides 5,000 - 10,000 downloads  Tourism Guide is one of the applications was developed by SEAMOLEC for guide foreigner across South East Asian Countries and right now we are provide 3 languages,they are Indonesian,English and Khmer.In this application not just text base but include voice too.
  21. 21. WHAT’S NEXT?  Copy right VS Open Source  Classical dissemination VS X-Generation dissemination  Small impact VS Huge impact  High Quality-Low Quantity VS Medium Quality-High Quantity  Online Training through mobile devices (with affordable fee in every country)  Mobile Assessors and Online test system are available every time and every where, can be easily accessed
  22. 22. FUTURE CONSIDERATION  Goethe-Institut might not only be a German course institution, but also may serve as learning center and content disseminator or open source which is accessible for the young generations for free synergizing with all educational institutions in the world
  23. 23. Thank you