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Innovation online workshop ideas
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Innovation online workshop ideas


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This is just an introduction to a few project ideas one can consider.

This is just an introduction to a few project ideas one can consider.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. An introduction to project ideas Presenter: Fiona Beal
  • 2. What technology components areteachers around the world using for projects?
  • 3. • Blogging (Edublogs/• Wikis (Wikispaces)• Twitter (microblogging)• Videoconferencing / Skype• Photosharing (Flickr/Picaso)• Videos (Youtube/School tube)• Facebook groups (Social networks)• Thinkquest• Online Games• Windows Live• Glogsters• Google Docs• Cell phones / Mixit• Websites• Windows Live• Podcasts• Microsoft’s free tools – Autocollage, Songsmith etc. etc.
  • 4. A few examples of Innovative projects
  • 5. Blogging
  • 6. 1. My ‘Bonding throughblogging’ project 2009
  • 7. Making friends, interviewing and writing up information
  • 8. Checking the information and uploading to blogs
  • 9. Senior Citizen bloggers
  • 10. Our School classroom blog project (blogs might be out of date)http://graderfishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade1fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade2fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade3fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade4fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade5fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade6fishhoekprimary.blogspot.comhttp://grade7fishhoekprimary.blogspot.com
  • 11. Current project – classroom blogs
  • 12. 2. Edublogs blogging challenge for students s-weekly-the-student-blogging- challenge-is-starting-now/
  • 13. 3.Using a blog to write a book with a class
  • 14. Wikis
  • 15. A wiki is:Collaborative websiteEasy to set up – no HTML requiredYou have to join to participateAnyone can edit text
  • 16. 1. Bronwyn Desjardins from Grayston Prep (a former Innovative teacher finalist)
  • 17. Weekly planner
  • 18. Twitter attached to the site
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. 2. Brenda Hallowes in PE ( a grade 3 wiki project)
  • 22. 3. Jonathon Humbles Gr 5 wiki(plays international chess games)
  • 23. This is a Grade 5 caring project we did with Nigeria
  • 24. Movies
  • 25. YouTube videos:The completed production of videos that the learners created have been uploaded toYouTube. The links are below:Pirates: Warming: Warming: :
  • 26. This is a Grade 6 Thinkquest movie project we completed in 2010 called ‘Future savers’
  • 27. Thinkquest
  • 28. Thinkquest (world finals run by a teamfrom east London and Port Elizabeth)
  • 29. Online Games
  • 30. The project utilised game based learning as a context for learning within 6 clusterprimary schools, concluding in an innovative transition event involving activitiesusing Guitar Hero. On transfer to secondary school the pupils continued theiruse of the game as a context for learning and social interaction. Hugecollaboration (he came second)
  • 31. Evoke: using an online game to increaseawareness of global issues and involvement in the community Name Cheryl Douglas School Bishops Town/City Cape Town Province Western Cape email Grade 10 and 11 Subject Co-curricula, Science and Biology Community, Community Collaboration or Content
  • 32. Windows Live
  • 33. He invented a ‘Newton’ that can answer any question about Newton usingWindows Messenger… has won awards in about six countries…teachersflock to learn from him at his school in Singapore…but he didn’t win a placeat the Innovative Finals!
  • 34. Glogsters(online talking posters)
  • 35. A great example of glogsters
  • 36. Websites
  • 37. The best way to understand my website is to visit it: An innovative teacher finalist in 2009
  • 38. Podcasts
  • 39. Podcasting using
  • 40. E-books
  • 41. 1. Trash-to-Treasure (winning project in 2010)Name Linda BradfieldSchool St John’s College, Pre-PreparatoryTown/City JohannesburgProvince Gautengemail Grade 1Subject Life Orientation – Environmental AwarenessCommunity, Community and CollaborationCollaboration orContent
  • 42. Learning Tasks and Activities 6• E-Book: Each boy in the class created their own electronic storybook telling their own story about why we should re-cycle. This was a highlight for them and often one of them would appear at my door before school asking if he could work on his storybook. The stories were shown when the boys did their presentations to other schools. Examples of an E-Books• Visits and Presentations: Initially the boys skyped a school and told them about the work they were doing and challenged them to collect as much as they had. We then went out on visits to other schools; a previous Model C school in Kempton Park, Yeoville Community School and Masibambane, our sister school in Orange Farm.
  • 43. 2. Our collaborative Grades 4 and 5 e- book project using Powerpoint and with-sound-project/
  • 44. The Big Green Monster A collaborative story between three nations Danvan in South AfricaPart 1: Danvan in South AfricaPart 2: Alexis in CanadaPart 3: Eleonora and Martina in Argentina
  • 45. Part 1: The green monster
  • 46. The Locket and the Treasure Chest A collaborative story between two countries: The locketPart 1: Chemar, Katbut and Lynpea (in South Africa)Part 2: Holger, Nico P. and Joaquin R. (in Argentina) By Chemar, Katbut
  • 48. 3. My project 2008 - Creating a reading scheme of 80 books fromGrade 1 – Grade 7 in hard copy and on a website.