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Global Classroom 2011-12: Looking Forwards, Looking Back


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The slides and recording links for the Global Classroom Project (2011-12) Closing Webinar.

Our next project launches in late September 2012. Please visit our blog ( for more information.

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Global Classroom 2011-12: Looking Forwards, Looking Back

  1. 1. Global Classroom - 2011-12Looking Forwards, Looking Back Michael Graffin (@mgraffin) Global Classroom Co-Founder & Coordinator Perth, Western Australia
  2. 2. BlackBoard Collaborate RecordingThis presentation was held in Blackboard Collaborate onJuly 1, 2012.You can access the recording of our Australia / Asia /Europe session here: had huge technical problems with our Americaswebinar, but you can access the recording here:
  3. 3. Aims of the SessionIt is time to reflect on our stories ofglobal collaboration ....Join us as we officially bring thisamazing year of global collaboration to afitting end. As one chapter closes, another begins ...
  4. 4. One Year On
  5. 5. The Story So FarGlobal Classroom 2011-12 ran from October 2011- June 2012, hostingover 15 major projects, and helping connect teachers worldwide.• 41 Countries• 6 Continents• 300+ Teachers• 1/3 Active Members in 2011-12 It has been an AMAZING Year
  6. 6. We are forging new connections, and exploring new ways to learn and collaborate globally.Weve built a vibrant global education community, and are becoming world leaders in this field. Were "standing on the shoulders of giants", and becoming true "voices of change". And who knows where this journey will lead?
  7. 7. Global Classroom Stories
  8. 8. "Imagine yourself in the house of yourdreams, fully furnished, beautiful pictureshanging from the walls and equipped with allthe electronic gadgets your heart can wishfor. A wonderful feeling, isnt it?Then try to imagine living in this house withthe windows always shut to the outsideworld. Now, thats quite different, right?A classroom without real-life connections tothe outside world is a great house withoutwindows." Effie Kyrikakis @WinnersSchools Wiki: The Sunny Thought Project:
  9. 9. Michael Graffin - @mgraffinPerth, Western AustraliaWhat a year ...• Establishing the #globalclassroom Twitter Chats• Meeting Govinda Panthy, Director of the SAV School in Nepal• Mentoring world-leading #globalclassroom teachers around the world• Skyping Keralas Finance Minister, and with Sebastian Panakals "small" group of teachers in India [read 200+ teachers...]• Sending the #globalclassroom scrapbooks around the world
  10. 10. Kimberley Rivett (@krivett1)Our class had an incredible year meeting and chatting with other classesfrom the UK, Australia and America through quadblogging and then alsothrough The Flat Stanley Project that an American class in Pennsylvaniaparticipated in with us.It involved learning about socialnetworking and being responsibleonline citizens through Edmodo,blogging together and then getting tomeet through Skype.
  11. 11. We are Room 14, Point ViewPrimary School located inAuckland, New Zealand.We are an eLearningclassroom that consists of 16Year 4 children and 11 Year 3children. We are interested in finding out about and comparing life around the world.
  12. 12. This year it has expanded into us exchanging class mascots, and then communicating about our countries and learning more about being global citizens through our deeper knowledge of each others lives.We started our own Gruffalo Project and have sent our 2 class Gruffalos to Lebanon and Singapore, and through their online diaries we have learnt more about those countries.
  13. 13. St. Ignatius School, PennsylvaniaTina Schmidt (@MrsSchmidtB4)
  14. 14. St. Ignatius School, Pennsylvania
  15. 15. Cathedral of St. Raymond School Theresa Allen (@tdallen5)Participated in:Global Hero VoicethreadGlimpse Around the World - LunchboxesEdmodo K-3 Chats - Monthly themesSeasons Around the WorldGlobal Hello Project - Sunny Thought Project
  16. 16. Effie Kyrikakis @WinnersSchools Athens, GreeceBlog: Sunny Thought Project
  17. 17. One of the most amazing projects we created was The Sunny Thought Project.Through this work we wanted to encourage our students to focus on the brightside of their life, at a time when everything around them seems to cause theopposite. Obviously, the benefits of positive thinking are recognised by theglobal educator community, so our project has attracted immense attention.21 schools and classes from around the world have contributed their SunnyThoughts and more than 6500 people have visited our wiki. The project is also away to see the immense variety of e-tools that can be used in collaboration andthe power of Skype in education, as students from our Athens-based schoolmanaged to interview Boston-based artist Bren Bataclan, renowned for hisSmile Project. Effie Kyrikakis @WinnersSchools
  18. 18. Sebastian Panakal Kerala, IndiaThanks to Michael Graffin of Global Classroom, who convinced our FinanceMinister of the power of ICT enabled teaching: a rural school in a remote villagewas granted a handsome fund for a Multi-Media Lab.Global Classroom has been a boon to us in Kerala, thanks to the teams cross-cultural connections and trans-disciplinary learning. Train Online Online Video: The GlobalClassroom Project Twitter: @sebastianpanaka
  19. 19. Keralas Global ClassroomThank you Global Classroom!A team of three teenagers have started anonline English Language Training Centre in amembers home. • Accepting a honorarium to cover their expenses, the team connects weekly with schools abroad on Skype and has a cultural exchange where everyone actively participate. • They engage online English teachers from abroad to volunteer at the training centre. Parents oversee management, making it a cosy family affair. • They blog to promote their business while developing language skills.
  20. 20. The Global Classroom Project 2011-2012 in TaiwanLin-Lin Tan, For Students: It enables students to have distinct direct contact with peers/teachers of other nations in order to gain new perspective about the world they live in.Involved In:• Skype lessons• Global Lunch Table Project• Sunny Thought Project• Oddizzi Class Pals
  21. 21. It provides teachers with various choices of projects inorder to integrate students into international education andenriches our teaching experiences.Teachers around the world in the group(Global Classroom) are dedicated andhelp one another in the platform. Thiscreates sense of belonging. It is a whole new way to bring the world to the classroom.
  22. 22. How did the Global ClassroomProject impact on your students?
  23. 23. Comments from webinar sessions: • They were thrilled to take part in a project where they could exchange info and show the world something about our country. • They loved meeting and speaking to kids in other countries. It was exciting for them to explore the similarities and differences in our cultures. It made the learning real for them. • My students would ask, "Who can we talk to today?", or "What new project are we doing?". They loved connecting and they enjoyed participating in the projects. -Theresa • My students feel so cool ... to meet other classes across the oceans ... (Linlin, Taiwan) • My students had the chance to actually "feel" being in the world that is larger than their classroom. It is beyond authentic - it is real, and taps into human bonds and similarities. • My students felt connected and developed relationships. It was a cool real-life context, that whole authentic learning.
  24. 24. Looking Forward to 2012-13We will be:• Exploring new ways to better engage and support teachers engagement in global collaboration• Expanding, and improving our online collaboration spaces• Experimenting with ways to better include teachers and students from non-English speaking countries and less privileged economic situations.• Establishing a fundraising partnership with Open World Cause and Govinda Panthys SAV School in Nepal• Making sure @mgraffin doesnt lose so much sleep!
  25. 25. Global Classroom Feedback SurveyIf you were involved in Global Classroom 2011-12, or havejust discovered our work for the very first time, wedappreciate your contribution to our Feedback Survey.The only requirement is an interest in global education and/ or global collaboration. feedback is greatly appreciated.
  26. 26. Upcoming Presentations• F.L.A.T Action Talk o o July 2012? (Details TBC)• Working in the Global Classroom o Australian Computers in Education Conference - October 2012• Global Classroom: The Story So Far o Global Education Conference - November 2012 o Details TBC
  27. 27. Thank YouThis project was made possible through the efforts, creativity, andinnovative thinking of teachers around the world.While many of these teachers are unaware of the impact they have had onme personally, and the wider #globalclassroom community, there are afew who Id like to personally thank ... Theresa Allen, Deb Frazier, Tina Schmidt,, Rawya Shatila, Stefan Nielsen, Effie Kyrikakis, Sebastian Panakal, Jennifer Fenton, Edna Sackson, Lin-lin Tan, Louise Morgan, Karen Stadler, Lu Bodeman, Rob Sbaglia, Cristina Milos, Jo Hart, David Potter, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay, Lisa Durff, and so many more :) Michael Graffin (June 2012)
  28. 28. Find Us OnlineBlog: theglobalclassroomproject.wordpress.comTwitter: @GCPorganisers (New for 2012-13)Google Group: Global Classroom GroupWiki (2011-12): globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.comWiki (2012-13):
  29. 29. The Global Classroom Project Co-FoundersMichael Graffin is a third year relief (substitute) teacher in Perth, Western Australia.He has yet to teach a class of his own, but takes pride in his role in leading thecreation of the Global Classroom community. He still has no idea where this projectwill ultimately take him, but is happy to go along for the ride.Michael blogs at, and tweets as @mgraffin.Deb Frazier, from Ohio, USA, is currently teaching and learning with 20 very excitedfirst graders who love learning as much as she does! She began her teaching careeras a special education teacher/intervention specialist, and finds her specialeducation background a true blessing working in the early years!Deb blogs at, and tweets as @frazierde.