Modeling Digital Age Tools


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Presentation at Lincoln, RI Faculty Tech Camp on ISTE Nets-T Standard 4

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  • How can you use this in your classroom What things would you include Click on link to go to Corkboard to brainstorm with participants and include a map
  • When working collaboratively there is no need to email file back and forth Documents stored on Google server and can be accessed from ANY computer Can upload existing Word, Powerpoint and Excel files
  • Modeling Digital Age Tools

    1. 1. ModelingDigital Age WorkFacilitator: Corinne Carriero
    2. 2. This session• About the facilitator• Overview of this Standard• Introduction to and demonstration of Web 2.0 technology tools that can be used to address this standard• Support materials and resources
    3. 3. Before we begin!Response System Set-upIdeally this workshop would be largely hands-onbut due to the logistics of the day, computers arenot available for every staff member to use toparticipate.So.....we will model a way to have you (yourstudents) post your ideas/thoughts about ourtopics anonymously using the free web2 toolCorkboard.Me and your cell phone or laptop.
    4. 4. Todays Notes and Other InfoTechnology resource site/wiki forLincoln Public Schools faculty: created this site/wiki to providefaculty with access to resources demonstratedand discussed today.
    5. 5. What does it mean toteach in the 21st Century? v=OTIBDR4Dn2g
    6. 6. Education Today and Tomorrow
    7. 7. Standard: Modeling Digital Age Technology and LearningTeachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of aninnovative professional in a global and digital society.•Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of currentknowledge to new technologies and situations•Collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members usingdigital tools and resources to support student success and innovation•Communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents,and peers using a variety of digital age media and formats•Model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools tolocate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support researchand learning
    8. 8. Wayfind Survey Results
    9. 9. Wayfind Survey Results
    10. 10. Demonstrate, Collaborate, Communicate, ModelWikispaces - one tool that does it all!• A wiki is a space on the Web where you can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media — and just about anything else you can think of• It can contain multiple pages and links
    11. 11. Wiki examplesTechnology resource forLincoln Public Schools faculty: created this wiki to provide faculty with access to resources demonstrated and discussed today.
    12. 12. What teachers can do with a wiki• Student Assignments o Teachers post homework, group work, and classroom goals, and update them throughout the year in real time.• Curriculum Planning o Classroom schedules and lesson plans can be tweaked from any computer or mobile device — and reused and re-purposed from year to year.• Professional Development o Education professionals come together to plan events and share best practices in a flexible, accessible, easy-to-update online resource.
    13. 13. What students can do with a wiki• Student Portfolios o Each student creates and maintains a unique online space to showcase his/her best work, and teachers assess performance as it progresses• Project-Based Learning o Student groups collaborate on projects that address real-world questions, and share their findings with a real-world audience.• Distance Learning o Students and teachers share a flexible educational space that’s accessible anytime from anywhere in the world.
    14. 14. Wiki: Bergmann Vikings French and History Class WikiTeacher: Angela BergmannSchool: Lesher Middle School, USADescription: Middle School French and History Website resource with class resources, videos, pictures and much more!
    15. 15. Wiki: Ah Bon French- Middle SchoolTeacher: J. ThomasSchool: Middle School, USADescription: A site for French beginners for Middle Schoolteachers to use in the classroom and for students to use athome for extra practice. There are notes, flashcards,videos, and several online exercises, stressingdifferentiated instruction. There is also a link to my othersite that is the equivalent of 8th grade French and 1stsemester French I, in high school.
    16. 16. Wiki: Digital Literacy at Millis HighSchoolTeacher: David A. Di GiammerinoSchool: Millis High SchoolDescription: A wiki written by students for students. The wiki is designed to teach students, and teachers, about Web 2.0 and how to apply the technologies for learning. There is an extensive section on how to use the Web responsibly and ethically. Each application is defined and, in some cases, multimedia resources used to explain the what and how principles underlying the technology.
    17. 17. Wiki: Climate Change Debate Teacher: Tom Driscoll (Class Website ) School: Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Thompson, CTDescription: (Student Created Wiki) The site will hostthis years Global Studies climate change debate. Sinceclimate change and humans response to it are so farbeyond a simple either/or, pro/con debate, this year willinvolve researching the issues, taking positions onthem, developing an action plan, and creating adatabase of links to valuable information regarding thetopic.
    18. 18. Wiki: Collaboration NationWiki: Teacher: Paul Bogush (Class Blog -- Teacher Blog)School: Moran Middle School – Wallingford, CTDescription: Grade 8 wiki for my 19th Century USHistory Class. We are always looking tocollaborate with other schools. We are very flexibleon topics. Stop by and let us know what you areinterested in collaborating on!!
    19. 19. Activity 1What would you include on your class site? Teacher/Class Website
    20. 20. Activity 2:Teacher / Class Website Items Lets look another Web 2.0 tool to brainstorm ideas!Wall WisherHow to Use Wikis in Secondary School
    21. 21. Demonstrate, Collaborate,Communicate, ModelGoogle Apps• Free, easy-to-use online (web-based) apps that enable you and your students to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time• Create new documents from scratch or upload existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations• No software to download- all work is stored online and can be accessed from any computer
    22. 22. Google Docs - Word Processing• Use Google docs (word processing files) to share and comment on work o Student can create documents and share them with the teacher - teacher can comment on it directly and student sees feedback instantaneously o Peer Editing: students create a document and share with their peers - peers provide feedback o Collaboration: students create a document and work on it together each adding their own ideas
    23. 23. Other Google Apps• Spreadsheets• Presentations• Sites - teachers can use this tool to create their own web page• Forms o Contribute to this form! o
    24. 24. Activity 3: Using Google AppsGo to in a way you might use a Google App inyour classroom - grade, subject and appexample:"7th grade English, Presentations - have studentspost use Presentation app for oral book reports"
    25. 25. CitationsISTE of Educational Wikis – http://wikispaces.comGoogleCorkboard.MeTeachers First Cat Teacher Blog School District -