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34 ideas for a classroom blog


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This is a presentation for a workshop at the Elkanah House EdTech Conference in September 2011

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34 ideas for a classroom blog

  1. 1. 34 ideas for aclassroom blog Fiona Beal @fibeal
  2. 2. What is a classroom blog?This is a two way connection between a school- based environment and the world. It allows the world to peek into the school environment and see what is happening – and the class to venture into the world and learn from other classrooms.There is sharing of thoughts, ideas, events and resources.
  3. 3. #1.Blogging platformsEdublogs: http://www.edublogs.orgBlogger: http://www.blogger.comWordpress blogs: http://www.wordpress.comPosterous blogs: many more…..
  4. 4. #2. Make a nice header for your blog.
  5. 5. #3. An ‘about me’ sectionTry to say something about yourself. Even if youkeep your location private say who you are.
  6. 6. #4. A photo of your classIt is great to include a photo of your class in your‘About me’ section.‘’ (a free programme) gives a great close-up view. this in a post:
  7. 7. It could even be anautocollage picture
  8. 8. Make sure everyone in your class is in the picture!
  9. 9. #5. Add widgets to your blogWidgets are the little side items one puts on a blogto make it more interesting.Take a look at widgets on my classroom blog
  10. 10. #6. Add your curriculum at the side It is always so interesting to see what the class is learning about
  11. 11. #7. Use Live-writer to write posts Download and use Windows Live Writer. You can appoint children in your class to write the posts and just save them of-line for you to check what they have written
  12. 12. #8. Invest in a digitalcamera and use it a lot!Photos just make a blog. The parents willlove seeing what the class does
  13. 13. #9. Join Picasa to upload your photos and share them with parents.Use Picasa slideshowswhen you have a lot ofphotos
  14. 14. #10. Make slideshows regularlyUse the different sites•Picasa -•Photopeach -•Picture cube-
  15. 15. #11. Make a photosynth of your classroom! Download photosynth and let people look at your wall decorations etc. aspx?cid=fd71f194-6973- 42ca-85f2-f6633b18ab26
  16. 16. #12. Use talking photos.These are great to record an outing orsomething you have just done in class.
  17. 17. -backs-using-fotobabble/
  18. 18. #13. Take photos of projectsAddpicturesof projectsto yourblog.
  19. 19. #14. Make videos of yourclass activities and upload themUse your camera totake videos andeasily upload them toyour blog. You canupload hem directlyor use a channel as in the next 1/2km-2kj-dinosaur-conference/slide
  20. 20. #15. Get a class or school channel on School Tube This is a safe place for teachers to post their videos
  21. 21. #16. Add inspiring videos from YouTube m/2011/08/21st-century- learner.html
  22. 22. #17. Add pages to your blogBlogs can look like websites with theirdifferent pages
  23. 23. #18. Use a podcastingprogramme for is soeasy for thelearners to readinto.
  24. 24. #19. Display your class’s art
  25. 25. #20. Keep a record of Science experiments on your blog
  26. 26. #21. Post resources for projects
  27. 27. #22. Use tags for your posts
  28. 28. #23. Keep a record of your collaborative projects Bonding through blogging project
  29. 29. Future savers project
  30. 30. Creative writing project
  31. 31. The Flat Stanley Literacy project flat-stanley-friends-yippee.html
  32. 32. #24. Use a blog to write a class book Many people use blogs for writing. What about starting a class novel with different people writing each week?
  33. 33. A teacher from Rustenburg Primary
  34. 34. #25. Keep copies of your class’s stories and poems
  35. 35. #26. Take photos of yourstudents at their extramurals
  36. 36. #27. Set up your blog so that you have to moderate comments Set up your blog so that you always get notified by email when a new comment is posted
  37. 37. #28. Use Microsoft Photostory 3 to make photostories of outings or projects
  38. 38. #29. Keep a record of special days at school
  39. 39. #30. Add fancy writing
  40. 40. #31. Make blogging friendsIt is wonderful to peek into a teacher’s classroom via theirclassroom blogs.Examples:Grade 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: School:
  41. 41. Grade 1
  42. 42. Grade 2:
  43. 43. Grade 3 -
  44. 44. Grade 4:
  45. 45. Grade 5
  46. 46. Grade 5
  47. 47. Grade 6
  48. 48. Grade 7 -
  49. 49. #32. Keep track of technology blogs
  50. 50. #33. Start a Google Readeraccount to easily keep track of blog updates
  51. 51. #34. Turn your blog into a book at the end of the year Price list for the various types of books