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Connected classroom: Global Classrooms


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A presentation given to EduTech Sydney Australia on the amazing global classroom that can now be ours if we are connected. Let's learn about the world, with and from the world.

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Connected classroom: Global Classrooms

  1. 1. Connected Classrooms: Global Classrooms
  2. 2. Joining in the conversation
  3. 3. ICT, Commerce Teacher prep-12 Communications Officer, ISTE Global Collaboration PLN Skype Master Educator MIEExpert Educator Global Education Conference Leader @murcha
  4. 4.
  5. 5. What does a Connected Classroom look like? Stories from the classroom for the month of May
  6. 6. eSafety Commission and the Department of Education and Training Privacy Awareness Week Secret Security Business Webinar for Students
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Topics studied Maker Space Online learning Robotics Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Wearable Technology
  9. 9. Students from Germany present “My Beautiful Island”
  10. 10. Mystery Skype Mystery Skype with Georgia
  11. 11. Mystery Skype with Thailand
  12. 12. Mystery Skype with Tatyana Chernaya, Moscow Russia
  13. 13. Mystery Skype/Brain Teasers with Steve Sherman, South Africa
  14. 14. Sea turtle research and conservation at Gnaraloo, Western Australia
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Backchannels – Todays Meet “Meet the scientists” Melbourne Museum/Scienceworks
  18. 18. • Are whales your favourite? Jemma year (King David School) • Did whales once have legs? Emily year 6 (The King David School) • wow by jeremy • Have you ever scanned and 3D printed a fossil? Blake year 6 (and 3D printing champion)(by The King David School) • did you help get that whale back into the water a few weeks ago (by Jeremy) • How do you name the animals or find out the names of the animals if you've never seen the animal or fossil before? Jemma year 6
  19. 19. Marriner’s Museum, Virginia, USA
  20. 20. • Much better learning from someone like Wisteria than through a textbook • How she showed the actual objects • All of it was really good – Wysteria was a really good presenter, asked questions and got everyone involved. • Different time zone and it was interesting to know that she was in my yesterday and there was a night time concert outside while she spoke to us. • Lady pirate Chin commanded 500 pirate ships, made me interested in old history • Liked how she was actually at the museum, and showed us the actual objects from the ship • To see the things they used – photos and objects @murcha What Students Liked
  21. 21. Lana, Grade 6, Boston USA
  22. 22. Sprites for World Friends project on World Museum site
  23. 23. From Beatriz (grade 4) Learning about scratch with Lanna was great I reckon it was magical the way she showed us the snow outside it was the first time I ever saw snow. I asked a lot of questions I was very interested in what we were learning for example…… how long have you been using scratch? she had been using it for 3 years which means she has a lot of experience with scratch.
  24. 24. You can’t ask questions of a textbook!
  25. 25. Asynchronous Connected Learning with Boston, USA
  26. 26. Typical lunchbox
  27. 27. School Garden
  28. 28. • The German food day will be on next Wednesday. There will be three dishes on this day they are; • Pork Schnitzel and gravy rolls $4.50 • German pasta Bake $4.50 • Beef goulash with spritzla & German noodles $4.50
  29. 29. Stories for LibrariansStories for Librarians
  30. 30. Mystery Book Character
  31. 31. Author: Dayna Hilton – Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Lunch time Writing Classes with Christopher Herz – author from New York
  34. 34. World Read Aloud Day
  35. 35. International Dot Day
  36. 36. Literacy Week – favourite book character in clay
  37. 37. Mark Wilson - artist
  38. 38. The artist’s sketch using electroboard/document camera/polycom with Year 5/6
  39. 39. Student engagement
  40. 40. Student Outcomes
  41. 41. Sharing Anzac Stories
  42. 42. Thai Linkup
  43. 43. Mystery Skype
  44. 44. • Our questions of Dave:- are you on earth • Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes • are you in france • Are you on a island near Australia 5 . are you in a communist country? no 6. Are you in a heavy populated area? 7Are you in a country where British had established colony? 8 are you in europe 10are you in africa 9 are in in asia Do you play any sports?yes do you like to play basketball? yes Are you in Europe? No Do you live in South America? No Do you live on a coast line? No Do you live in the capital city of your state? No Do you have 52 stars on your flag? No See full document
  45. 45. Reflections
  46. 46. Do you teach or have any knowledge of the native wars between the americans, seminoles, iroquois, cherokee etc, in the times of george washington?
  47. 47. Skype in the Classroom
  48. 48.
  49. 49. The Daring Librarian
  50. 50. Global Kahoot – Taiwan, South Korea, Australia
  51. 51. Peace Begins with Me Voicethread
  52. 52. Padlet – collaborative sticky online wall!
  53. 53. Favourite tools Edmodo
  54. 54. International friendship day a special United Nations day on the first Sunday of August. The lesson was aimed to make new friends in other countries. We connected up with students from Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia. There were 35, 16 year old student in the class that we talked with. We used the chat and comments area to talk to each other. International friendship day
  55. 55. How many subjects do you have in Malaysia? We have 10 subjects here in Malaysia We have English, Bahasa Melayu(our national language),Chinese, Additional Math, Modern Math, Science(Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History(very boring T^T) and Moral Education Some of the things we talked about
  56. 56.
  57. 57. Safety/Netiquette
  58. 58. •Professional Global Network •Communication •An online site– blogs, wiki, webpage •A strong profile •Share Essentials
  59. 59. Find a network Global projects Develop a PLN
  60. 60. o Blogs o Online research o Global projects o Share it out - twitter, facebook, instagram etc o Connect the students beyond school Enable further learning/conversations
  61. 61. • Time zones • School years/extra curricular activities • Language • Cultural differences • Accents • Infrastructure/bandwidth • Confidence • access to technology Challenges
  62. 62. Some Suggestions
  63. 63. • Interpreter • Non-synchronous connections • Skype video messages • Mobile apps The future!
  64. 64. • Passion • Ownership of ideas and projects • Connections - networking • Communication • Willingness to take risks • Determination • Necessity of pre-testing • A sense of humour! • Work through all issues and do not judge! Requirements for success
  65. 65. • Learning about the world from the world • Increased engagement • Reduced racism • Empathy • No barriers to learning • Understanding of cultures • Greater awareness of own culture • Netiquette, digital citizenship • 21st Century Digital and Communication Skills • Increased confidence • Awareness beyond the textbook • Variety of communication skills etc Impact – some thoughts!
  66. 66. Making the Impossible Possible
  67. 67. eFind Me Twitter: @murcha Skype: anne.mirtschin My blog: