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Personal branding & advocacy
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Personal branding & advocacy



Workshop on self-branding and advocacy. ...

Workshop on self-branding and advocacy.
It has been organized by the company Cambre (www.cambre-associates.com), a European Public Affairs and Public Relations consultancy. It has been running a series of workshops on the importance of reputation in today’s advocacy 3.0 environment (http://www.cambre-associates.com/about-us/advocacy-30.html).



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Personal branding & advocacy Personal branding & advocacy Presentation Transcript

  • Personal Branding Self-Branding and advocacy
  • Advocacy challenges Avantages of Personal Branding 5 essential laws Definition Brand construction Few tips Agenda
  • 7 Advocacy challenges View slide
  • #1 Becoming recognized as an expert View slide
  • #2 Maintaining your profile as an expert
  • #3 Managing your digital footprint
  • #4 Building trust
  • #5 Reconciling your personal Brand with your organizational aims ?
  • #6 Protecting your organizational brand
  • #7 Developping staff as brand ambassadors
  • The advantages of Personal Branding Clarity Attraction Loyalty Influence Ambassadors Self confidence Well being Success booster
  • 5 essential laws
  • #1 They are looking for you Unknown or not present on the web = you don’t exist Is your brand attractive enough?
  • A nightmare … When googling your name, what results do you get? ü  Only 2% ‘own’ the entire first page of results ü  Only 50% ‘own’ the first result ü  25% have no positive content at all ü  15% have at least one negative result, damaging their reputation Brandyourself, 2012
  • #2 Need to stand out
  • What do you want to be recognized for?
  • #3 Behaviors have evolved From monologues …. … to conversations
  • Interruption marketing ü  Hundreds of commercials a day ü  Only 14% of people still believe in commercials From monologues …
  • Permission marketing ü  78% of people believe in recommendations of other consumers ü  34% of all blog articles talk about products and services … to conversations
  • #4 Real and virtual worlds are complementray Only one brand !
  • #5 Personal versus company branding Your employees are your best ambassadors
  • #5 Personal versus company branding Why do you do what you do?
  • #5 Personal versus company branding Where the magic happens Extend Coaching
  • #5 Personal versus company branding Do you have a Social Media Policy?
  • « Your Personal Brand is the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you » - Peter Montoya Definition
  • Branding Pull – Reinforces reputation Marketing Push – Promotes an offering Sale One - one Close
  • What is a personal brand ? A unique value proposition -  Authenticity -  Different -  Attractive
  • Authenticity Innovation Romance Entrepreneurship
  • Different Commodity Ordinary Brand Extraordinary
  • Attractive ! Who are you? What do you do? MOTIVATING !
  • Step 1 Check your brand Step 2 Discover your brand Step 3 Express your brand Step 4 Live your brand Step 5 Nurture your brand 5 steps to grow your brand
  • First, know your goal
  • Step 1 Check your brand ü  Attributes (+ and -) ü  Competencies ü  Strengths ü  Weaknesses ü  Team roles ü  Comments
  • My brand: authenticity Step 2 Discover your brand Know your VPs -  Vision/mission -  Values -  Passions) What am I passionate about?
  • My brand: different Step 2 Discover your brand What makes me unique? Compared to my competition: -  What do we have in common? -  What makes us different?
  • Be known selectively ! Who needs to know you? My brand: attractive Step 2 Discover your brand
  • Express your brand Public speaking Book Networking event Leaflet Business card Exhibition Sponsoring … Social networks Web site Ebook Blog Newsletter Smartphone application … Step 3 Express your brand
  • Express your brand Step 3 Express your brand How to express your brand while having fun?
  • Express your brand Step 3 Express your brand Which channels to reach my public?
  • The three Cs of Personal Branding 1.  Clarity 2.  Consistency 3.  Constancy
  • Your brand environment Step 4 Live your brand What’s your brand environment?
  • Step 4 Live your brand What color suits your brand?
  • Nurture your brand Step 5 Nurture your brand
  • Few tips 9 minutes a day Be lazy •  Do less for more results •  Reuse Do differently
  • Do you leave your fingerprint on everything you do?
  • Stay connected… Damien Colmant 0478 33 47 90 dcolmant@extend-coaching.com www.extend-coaching.com