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Electronic Commerce
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Electronic Commerce


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Electronic Commerce Management Information Systems Management Information Systems
  • 2. Fundamentals
    • Marketing and discovery Transaction processing Service and support
    • Sell Side
    • Buy Side
    Management Information Systems Market/ product Research Market/ stimulation Education Terms Negotiation Order Receipt Order Selection and priority Order billing payment Order Scheduling/ Fulfillement Customer service Product discovery Product evaluation Terms Negotiation Order placement Order tracking Order payment Product receipt Product service
  • 3. E-commerce process architecture Management Information Systems Access control and security Access control Authentication Security measure Profiling and Personalization Profile management Personalization Behavior Tracking Search management Content-based search Parametric based search Role and rule based search Payment Shopping cart Payment method support Payment verification Catalog Management Pricing calculation Product configuration Catalog generation Content management Dynamic content generation Data repository Event notification Event-driven transaction messaging Message to e-mail Message boards Newsgroups Workflow management Buying process automation Document management Rule and role based content routing Collaborating and trading Mediation negotiation Bidding/auctioning Collaborative buying Online community
  • 4. Electronic payment process
    • Web payment process
      • Credit cards
      • Bank accounts
      • Online buying
      • E-bill payment
      • Electronic cash
    • Electronic funds transfer
      • ATM
      • E-bill payment
    • Secure electronic payments
      • Secure electronic transactions (SET) extends digital wallet approach
    Management Information Systems
  • 5. E-commerce trends
    • Main areas where the companies conduct business online are:
    • Secure distribution of information
    • Value chain trading and corporate purchasing
    • Online banking and billing
    • Direct marketing and selling
    Management Information Systems
  • 6. Business to consumer
    • It refers to exchange between business and consumer. The e-commerce success factors can be stated as follows:
    • Selection and value (competitive prices, attractive products)
    • Performance and service (easy navigation, prompt delivery)
    • Look and feel (attractive web front)
    • Personal attention (personalized product recommendations)
    • Community relationship (virtual communities)
    • Security and reliability (security of customer information)
    Management Information Systems
  • 7. Web stores created by B2C
    • Own software development
    • Hire an outside web-store development agency
    • Contract with specialized web hosting company
    • Web advertising and promotions for visitors
    • Personal welcome and service
    • Updated catalog
    • Customer support
    • Twenty four hour availability
    • Proper security for transactional information
    Management Information Systems
  • 8. Business to Business
    • It includes purchasing and procurement, supplier management, channel management, service and support, sale activities, inventory management and payment management.
    • Such business can happen at any of the following places:
    • E-marketplaces
      • One to many
      • Many to one
      • Many to some
      • Many to many
    • Auction websites
    • E-commerce portals supported by infomediaries
    • Exchange for buying and selling
    Management Information Systems