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System diagram 1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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System diagram 1

  1. 1. OFFERS<br />Key Activities<br />Relationship Management<br /> Product recommendations<br />Trend observation and analysis<br />Merchandise/inventory optimization<br />Pilot Program/product launches<br />Dynamic Pricing<br />Emotion based shopping<br />Live shopping update<br />Customer data<br />Promo communication<br />Store and Inventory optimization<br />Industry reports<br />Enterprise customization<br />ORGANIZATIONS<br />CUSTOMERS<br />Value Proposition<br />Exposure to promotions<br />Real time promotions<br />Time saving<br />Convenience<br />Monetary saving<br />User Privacy<br />Corporate inventory management<br />Partner Network<br />Key Resources<br />Customer Segments<br />Key Resources<br /> Smart tag companies<br />eBook companies<br />End user<br />Corporations<br />Social Networks<br /> IT Knowledge<br />Software and Hardware developers<br />Infrastructure<br />Large consumer base<br />Data centers<br />Security<br />Analytic algorithms<br />Payment processor<br />Internal financial funds<br />Capital markets<br />Intellectual property<br /> Data collectors (CPGs, HR, research firms, matchmakers)<br />Promoters (retailers, CPGs)<br />end users (individuals, enterprises)<br /> Cell phone providers<br />Cell phone manufacturers<br />Retailers, supermarkets<br />Electronic stores<br />Online downloads<br />Application Stores<br />Consumer referrals<br />Cost Structure<br />Revenue Flows<br /> Consumer acquisition<br />Software and hardware development<br />Payment fees<br />HR<br />Data storage<br />Customer data<br />Promo communication<br />Store and Inventory optimization<br />Industry reports<br />Enterprise customization<br />ECONOMICS<br />
  2. 2. Education<br />Pleasure<br />Savings<br />Control<br />Greed<br />Love<br />Knowledge<br />Inclusion<br />Self- Realization<br />Excitement<br />Communication<br />Convenience<br />Friendship<br />Opportunities<br />Addiction<br />Religion<br />Portability<br />Satisfaction<br />Confidence<br />Adventurous<br />Clarity<br />Reliance<br />Diversity<br />Celebration<br />Anniversary<br />Discrimination<br />Customization<br />Leisure Time<br />Health<br />Soul mate<br />Remembrance<br />Feedbacks<br />Policing<br />Royalties<br />Hunger<br />Hope<br />Accessibility<br />Party<br />Customer Service<br />Stereotyping<br />Entertainment<br />Family<br />Curiosity<br />Predictability<br />Transportation<br />Blogging<br />Understanding<br />Exclusivity<br />Movie<br />Fun<br />Learning<br />Store Recommendations<br />Dining<br />Efficiency<br />Bargaining<br />Trust<br />Adaptation<br />Work<br />Freedom<br />Travelling <br />Wealth<br />Socializing<br />Brand Loyalties<br />Purchasing Power<br />Self-control<br />Awareness<br />Thief<br />Safety<br />Desire<br />Saving<br />Promotions<br />Budgeting<br />Frustration<br />Health Care<br />Value<br />Impulse Purchasing<br />Ownership<br />Eating Habits<br />Privacy<br />Shopping<br />Sugar<br />Executive Assistant<br />Coupons<br />Radio<br />Match Makers<br />Documents<br />Holidays<br />Weight Watcher<br />Friends<br />Flyers<br />Family<br />Satellite<br />Smartphone<br />Taxes<br />Money<br />Software<br />Money<br />CSR<br />TV<br />NASA<br />Product <br />Life Cycle<br />Theatre<br />Religion<br />Foreign Exchange<br />Hardware<br />Wal Mart<br />RFID<br />Coins<br />Ecards<br />Electronics<br />Product Demo<br />Credit cards<br />Shopping cards<br />Pets<br />Toys<br />News<br />Identification<br />Servers<br />Gifts<br />Banks<br />Marketing Agencies<br />FBI<br />Law<br />Democracy<br />GPS<br />OnStar<br />Focus Group<br />User Profiles<br />Bible<br />New Products<br />Sports<br />Politics<br />Private Labels<br />Data Filtering<br />Language<br />Traffic<br />Social Media<br />Candy Store<br />Intellectual Property<br />R&D<br />Recipe<br />Doctor<br />Inventory Tracking<br />School<br />Loans<br />Brands<br />