IM2: Social Media Profile Presentation


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Presentation slides and audio for course Integrated Media 2: Assessment 1.

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  • 2 people?Keikolynn- communication practitioner in the fashion industry Quirky, fun, simple and your everyday next door girlLady melbourne – communication practitioner – fashion also but more formalAdult-like, matured.
  • IM2: Social Media Profile Presentation

    1. 1. INTEGRATED MEDIA 2: Social Media Profile Name: Emelia Wong Student Number: s3246957 Tutor: Kyla Brettle Tutorial: Tuesday; 12:30 – 2:30
    2. 2. My Profile (About Me) Name: Emelia Wong Age: 20 Country of Origin: Malaysia Ethnicity: Chinese Interests: Music, Movies Fashion, Designing, Travelling Food and Photography
    3. 3. My Online Profile MISSIONTo create a dynamic online presence that clearly showcases me as a Public Relations (PR) practitioner who is able to use a variety of social media platforms while displaying my personality and interests (particularly in fashion) to gain recognition from others such as employers.
    4. 4. My Online Profile Character & Personality • Blogging: simple, enthusiastic writer • Desire to portray myself as creative, positive and fashionable • Visual type of person • Lover of art – fashion, photography and design • Interests in cooking/baking goodies • Favorite colour: Pink
    5. 5. Examining Online Identities
    6. 6. My ID Map
    7. 7. My ID Map – My ID Hub Twitter – Personal andConnects all my social professional use. Updatessites together at one place from all social media platforms can be found inFacebook – Personal tweets with links to for friends and Wordpress – Academic blogfamily Research, notes on course, progression and myLinkedIn – Professional thoughts/ideas are bloggedspace outlining my work here.experiences. Has resumeand references as well. Vimeo – Professional. Videos made for course arePinterest – Personal and on this space.(promotional) work use – Instagram – Personal spaceconnecting with others Space for my updatesthrough common interests through pictures of my daily activities.Tumblr – Personal and(promotional) work use – ABC Pool – Professionalconnect with others through Space to showcase myimages and showcase what my professional work as ainterest and likes are. media student.
    8. 8. ID Hub –
    9. 9. Social Media Platform - Twitter
    10. 10. Social Media Platform - Pinterest xx/
    11. 11. Social Media Platform – ABC Pool wong
    12. 12. Identified Online Communities - ABC Pool
    13. 13. Identified Online Communities - Twitter
    14. 14. Identified Online Communities - Pinterest community/
    15. 15. That’s the end... Thank you!
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