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Presentation1 IM212 SOCIAL ME

  1. 1. Erin Rosenberg s3332521social media professional profile
  2. 2. My mission/why do I use social media?To express myself – through audio, visual, written (etc) meansTo allow myself a forum for communication – various platforms on whichcontent can be viewed, shared, by others on the internetTo communicate with othersFor fun/personal gratificationTo build up a follower base, extend my network, become ‘more influential’or prominent on relevant websites(This may lead to) Build-up of online professional portfolio/identity,leading to employment opportunities
  4. 4. Nadine Von Cohen “F*CK YEAH!”
  5. 5. My beautiful
  6. 6. SITES/PLATFORMS USED Professional and personalTwitter ABC PoolFacebook TumblrInstagram Blogger
  7. 7. TWITTER Used for: Expression of views/opinions (are my own and not those of my employer) Life observationsCrowning Twitter moment so far: got Interactions with friends, peers and strangerspersonally acknowledged and tweeted by Following of celebrities/media personalities,Bluejuice (band)…and they evenrecognised my love for avocado! microblogging news sites Linking to blog, embedding of personal Instagram photographs
  8. 8. FACEBOOKUsed for:Communication with friends/peers – keeping afloat on newsSharing of personal photographs/causesGroup work/communities - collaborationLinking to blog, Tumbr and Instagram photos
  9. 9. TUMBLRUsed for:Self-expression, creative outbursts. Compilation of likes and dislikes, [vague]interests. Visually arresting: pretty thingsFrivolityReblogging, sharing
  10. 10. BLOGGER Most neglected of my social media forms: Used for: Blogging: Words (on thoughts, happenings, abstract, narrative) Pictures (family, friends, abstract)Perhaps one day my blog shall Need to build up readership and blog with greater frequencyattract as much traffic as thissite.
  11. 11. ABC POOLI am only new to ABC Pool, have only begun enveloping myself in the community.I hope to:Contribute pieces with meanings, that pique members’ curiosity and interest, andperhaps prompt an interaction/collaborationComment and offer useful and constructive feedback to other Pool members(Eventually) use ABC Pool as an exhibit place to show work to friends/potentialemployers
  12. 12. Communities and Groups Used for: Organisation Collaboration (groupwork, forum for discussion, brainstorming) Learning – from feedback, from interaction Opportunities Information – assistance, general informative content relevant to each group
  13. 13. The end.Head to my blog for similar musings and analysis