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The multiplicity of religions in the usa isabel corrected

The multiplicity of religions in the usa isabel corrected






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    The multiplicity of religions in the usa isabel corrected The multiplicity of religions in the usa isabel corrected Presentation Transcript

    • The multiplicity ofreligions in the USA by Isabel Starke
    • Topics• Religion and the U.S.• Religious affiliation in the U.S.• Examples for different religious ways – Creationism – Electronic church – Latter-day Saints Family (Mormons)• The “American Dream“ and religion
    • Religion and the USA• great diversity of religions• Many Immigrants with different religions• Churches and states are separated from each other• The Bill of Rights - no state religion and complete freedom of belief and religious practice or non-belief
    • • The vast majority of Americans have always been believers in God• Sessions of Congress and state legislatures begin with prayers• The national motto (printed on U.S. currency) is "In God We Trust."
    • Religious affiliation in the U.S.• Christian 78.5% • Agnostic 2.4%• Evangelical Protestant 26.3% • Atheist 1.6%• Catholic 23.9% • Non-Christian religions• Mainline Protestant 18.1% 4.6%• Black church 6.9% • Jewish 1.7%• Mormon 1.7% • Buddhist 0.7%• Jehovahs Witness 0.7% • Muslim 0.6%• Eastern Orthodox 0.6% • Hindu 0.4%• Other Christian 0.3% • Other 1.2%• Unaffiliated 16.1% • Dont know/refused answer 0.8%
    • • lots of other different religions, churches, sects and religious groups• Only speak about few, therefore I take religions for example, which are typical of the U.S, mainly exist there and which have very different views and ways• Creationism• Electronic church• Latter-Day Saints Family (Mormons)
    • Creationism• "Intelligent Design“ young development• Rejection of the Theory of Evolution• The Bible (Genesis) as an academic source• against the interpretation of bible with the spirit of time• takes Book of Genesis literally• trailers are well-known conservative Republican politicians
    • Electronic church• The proclamation of the Christian message of salvation through free, independent preachers on television stations, Internet (and radio channels)• Main testify: Repent you, otherwise you will go to hell! Receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord! Send me money so I can get my TV schedule and expand!• Their programs are broadcast daily or weekly• They are like entertainment programs with celebrities and music• This combination of preaching and show business is a one million business for the top TV preachers
    • Latter-day Saints Family (Mormons)• Argue that Christianity has degenerated over time into a corrupt community• Are of the opinion that the Gospel must be proclaimed anew• Live according to the Book of Mormon• They consider themselves the only true and living church on earth• Members are caught up in the church activities, observe and spend a lot of time and resources in serving the community which leads to some problems
    • • Believers live righteously, to achieve a higher level after their death and thus to develop a divine nature to• Believe that was the "Holy Land" in America , that at his second coming Christ will appear in America• The New Jerusalem shall be built in Missouri
    • The “American Dream“ and Religion• Americans have never believed in waiting for God to do the job. In the American outlook, faith in God lives side by side with a strong belief in freewill and an admiration for self- reliance• “God helps those that help themselves”
    • The End