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Equal rights


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Published in: Education
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Equal rights

  1. 1. Effect of globalisation on equal rights
  2. 2. Definition:Everybody has thesame power torepresent his rights.You can be your ownrepresentative ofyour rights
  3. 3. Groups of the discriminated: old people strange people women jews homosexuals poorest dark-skinned (particularly in USA) Native Americans disabled and many more!
  4. 4. The history of the womens movement in Germany:  1848: first thought of the equality of men and women  1900: allowed women to study  1919: allowed women to vote  1949: equality of man and woman is included in the Basic Law (Grundgesetz)  1954: married women may work in public service.  1958: equal rights law.  1958: women can manage their own money.  1959: women are no longer obliged to obey their husband  1997: marital rape is punishable
  5. 5. Today: Women and men have equal rights; but not everywhere in the world. In countries where the Bible is law or where a dictatorship reigns, war zones and irresponsible countries Equal rights are only possible in a democracy Examples of change – Barack Obama, Angela Merkel…
  6. 6. Effect of Globalisation on equal rights: with globalization came equal rights or did it?  dissemination of thoughts on equal rights  prevention of the enforcement of equal rights  more tolerance towards the unknown; through blending of cultures
  7. 7. Do you think globalization created more tolerance or more hate between different people?
  8. 8. Thank you for listening Any questions?