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Ideal Media is a content discovery platform that attracts responsive audiences, engages them with unique content and amplifies messages through our interactive channels; allowing advertisers to speak directly to their target market, reaching all audiences.

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  • Ideal Media

    1. 1. Content Discovery, Amplified.
    2. 2. Who Is Ideal Media? Ideal Media is a content distribution platform that uses a proprietary recommendation engine to promote the most relevant content from around the web. Attract and build your audience Increase traffic and user engagement Increase ad revenue
    3. 3. Audience Amplification Our customizable, non- intrusive, content recommendation unit placed on your web page blends seamlessly into your site’s design. The module populates with up-to- date, engaging and clickable content from trustworthy sources from around the web. How we grow your audience
    4. 4. Audience Amplification After implementing the Ideal Media unit, we’ll begin to promote your content on other sites in our network driving new and highly targeted visitors to your site. For every visitor that you send to our network, we’ll return a minimum of 1.2 visitors to YOUR SITE. That’s a 120% return! How it works
    5. 5. • Can target users you want based on demographic, location or device • Can be implemented in 5 minutes via a simple java script code • Seamless custom units surface content your user will want to read. A Sample Unit
    6. 6. Audience Amplification Increase exposure to your amazing content by having stories appear on similar sites in our network. By serving content on relevant sites, we average higher click- thru rates and better brand engagement. Benefits
    7. 7. Audience Amplification You gain access to a new targeted audience who may not have found your content. Quality visitors: No bots, No spam, No ads Easy reporting capabilities that allows you to track your site’s inbound and outbound links FREE, No commitments Additional Benefits
    8. 8. What’s next? Learn More | l 646.681.3351 |
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