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Social Media at the World Bank | Content, Analytics, Strategy, Engagement


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How the World Bank Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media (brief version) - case study of the World Bank's social media transformation.

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Social Media at the World Bank | Content, Analytics, Strategy, Engagement

  1. 1. How the World Bank Learned toStop Worrying and Love SocialMediaJim Rosenberg | @jimrosenbergThe World Bank | | @worldbankMay 2013
  2. 2. Our Mission: End Global Poverty• Not a bank in the common sense; owned by 188 membercountries and working in 100+ countries;• Provides advisory services, research, as well as low-interest loans, interest-free credits and grants todeveloping countries;• A global leader on transparency, access to information,open data and knowledge;• Our work includes education, health, publicadministration, infrastructure, financial and private sectordevelopment, agriculture, environmental and naturalresource management.Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  3. 3. Social Media @worldbank• 2005 – first blog launches• 2008 – blogging goes mainstream, socialmedia pioneers• 2010 – social media policy endorsed /adopted• 2011 – governance, crowdsourcedcampaigns, Arabic blog, Chinese microblog• 2012 / 2013 – HR onboarding, shift fromcampaigns to conversations / streamsJim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  4. 4. Which of these tools will you use at work today?Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  5. 5. Meet our Facebook followers• Typical age is 24• More than 80% in developingcountries• Educated, urban, outspoken• Passionate about:– Clean air, water, roads– Jobs + education– Anti-corruption + governance– opportunity + growth• They want a better futureJim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  6. 6. Multilingual, multiplatform, visual, engaging65/30/2013WSP Head Jae So & UNICEF’s Tony Lake on World Bank LiveInfographic: Oceans (Arabic)Melinda Gates tweeting about Thinkequal#Longreads on Voices blogWorld Bank LiveYouTubeWhat Will It Take Video - IndiaYouTubeTwitter
  7. 7. Tell a story: before and after
  8. 8. Visuals + Localization = !!!Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  9. 9. Storytellers – inside & outside9Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  10. 10. Instagram & Tumblr – find the right niche10Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  11. 11. Beats email.
  12. 12. Make your staff policyeasy to use• Use of social media on orgowned/managed channels• Use of social media in ‘earned’media (e.g. other sites/platformsthat aren’t managed by you)• Mentions of your work or the orgin your own personal socialmedia• The policy is meant to empowerstaff to engage around theirexpertise and work, not to makestatements on behalf of the org.
  13. 13. Digital Strategy in 71 words• Social media is your embassy; a good website isyour home country.– You want to own your content? Build a website (Jess3).– Steady, consistent content is essential to engagement.• The big picture is comprised of many, manydetails.• People are your greatest asset – your owncolleagues, as well as the people you serve.– If your clients sense you’re open and engaged, they’llbe that way, too. Same goes for your staff.13Jim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg
  14. 14. Thank youJim Rosenberg | @jimrosenberg