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VFN Loop


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The VFN provides brands the association with athletes in a non-traditional endorsement deal. Just as an advertiser would purchase ad placement within a sports site the advertiser can purchase placement within the athlete's Virtual Fan Card. The Fan Card is a rich, interactive unit that has engaging athlete and brand content for consumer consumption. The Fan Cards are placed within relevant sites as ads to deliver the desired audience that said advertiser is looking to reach. The difference from placing a standard ad and a Fan Card on sites is that the athlete content catches the users eye and delivers higher levels of brand engagement.

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VFN Loop

  1. 1. AMPLIFY YOUR REACHLeverage thePower ofPremierAthletes
  2. 2. INTRODUCINGThe Virtual Fan Card
  3. 3. ENGAGINGAnd High-Impact RichMedia
  4. 4. INTEGRATED LIVEFacebook andTwitter Feeds
  5. 5. SPORTING NEWSReal-TimeStats
  6. 6. LINKS TOOnline Commerce
  7. 7. STREAMINGYouTube Video
  8. 8. INTEGRATEDMobileExperience
  9. 9. Social. Mobile. DisplayREACHING FANSEVERYWHERE!
  10. 10. Integrating Brands into the VFN..
  11. 11. EASILY ANDSEAMLESSLYIntegrateYour Brand
  12. 12. SIGNUPS FORSweepstakesand Contests
  13. 13. ENGAGE WITHBlog and SocialFeeds
  14. 14. PROMOTE YOURApp and Product
  15. 15. INCLUDE YOURVideos and Media
  16. 16. Recent Client Success Stories..
  17. 17. • 9% Engagement Rates• 500,000 Impressions• 31 Seconds avg. Time• 1,287 Email Entries• 68% Conversion Rates
  18. 18. • 15 athletes• 20% Engagement Rates• +14% CTR• Huge National Sales Lift!