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SWEET - Digital Marketing Agency - Brochure

  1. 1. sweetdigital.coDigital Marketing Agency
  2. 2. Our StorySWEET is a full service Digital Marketing firm founded in 2011 by ChiranjeeviMaddala. The idea behind starting this firm was to help businesses, especiallysmall businesses to market their services and products in a more simpler wayby leveraging all the relevant digital channels.An experience of more than 12 years in managing the digital properties andonline marketing activities gave us a solid background to form this company.Our process based approach and original thinking capabilities make us thinkabout our customers business much deeper and provide a customizedsolution to meet their business objectives. sweetdigital.co
  3. 3. Is Your BrandSWEET enoughto make the rightimpact in thedigital world? sweetdigital.co
  4. 4. Our ServicesWe offer the following services to our customers all around the world. Digital Marketing Strategy Content Creation Web and Graphic Design Website Development Mobile Development Search Engine Optimization Paid Search Advertising Social Media Management Mobile Marketing Display Advertising sweetdigital.co
  5. 5. Digital Marketing StrategyAre you visible in this highly crowded digital space? Are you making use of thesocial media revolution to promote your brand?Marketing is a process which facilitates reaching your target customers. Theeffective marketing is doing it fast, with low cost and with high return oninvestment. Digital marketing is reaching out your customers through allpossible digital media channels. With the latest trends in the digital media,there are more possibilities than ever to reach your customers. At the sametime the customers have more choices than ever and bombarded with moreinformation through various channels than they can possibly make sense of.The current age customer expects the brands to be relevant, to listen, tointeract and behave well. In other words there are many dots that need beconnected to make the marketing process successful.All you need is the right strategy, which makes this process simple andeffective. At SWEET we closely work with our clients to formulate the rightdigital marketing strategy to materialize their marketing objectives. sweetdigital.co
  6. 6. Billions Of Pagesare shared acrossthe web on dailybasis.Are they sharingyours? sweetdigital.co
  7. 7. Content CreationDoes your content connect well? People perceive you by thecontent you present.Content is King! We all know that. With our years of research and practice oncontent development, we understand the value of content very much. Goodcontent needs a good strategy. The content we write is backed by a strongresearch process. We write to sell. We are good at aligning the content withyour marketing objectives. Our state of the art content development processensures maximum communication of the intended message and makes thetarget user take an action.We develop content for all marketing initiatives which include, websites, blogs,social media, newsletters, presentations, videos, podcasts, brochures,whitepapers and any other marketing collateral. We also make sure that thecontent we develop does not match with any of the existing resources bychecking it with plagiarism checkers. Our content is optimized for the searchengines. sweetdigital.co
  8. 8. Web and Graphic DesignIs your website lively? Is it making your visitors convert? Are yourcreatives presenting your brands characteristics?When good content is coupled with the right visual presentation it makes agreater impact. We follow widely accepted standards in creating the visualelements. Each website we develop goes through a standard process toensure that all the basic issues of the users are addressed. We developmindmaps and wireframes to test all possible scenarios of using the website.Our designers are well trained and have worked for international clientsearlier. They are constantly subjected to the latest design trends in theindustry.We follow latest trends in developing the HTML code for the websites usingHTML5, CSS3 and responsive design methods. We have a strong QA team toensure that the code we develop runs the same in all major browsers and it ispassed through the W3C validators. sweetdigital.co
  9. 9. Website DevelopmentAre you able to manage your website with ease? Does your websiteload fast and work without any bugs?When you need a website has to be developed for your digital marketingneeds, our team of expert developers can develop a fully functional website inyour choice of development method.Our developers are equipped with the skills to develop websites usingWordPress, Drupal and PHP. We are specialists in building the websites withDrupal. Our years of experience in working with content management systemshelps us analyze your website requirement quickly and suggest you the rightdevelopment method, if you are not sure about it. A content managementsystem will give you the flexibility of managing it on your own. The websiteyou are viewing currently has been developed with Drupal CMS. Also checkoutthe websites we built using Drupal on our website. sweetdigital.co
  10. 10. “I can not sing my praises highlyenough for the great team atSWEET, and especially forChiranjeevi. Team SWEET not onlyhas designed and built the mostfantastic user friendly and stateof the art website for the KundaliniResearch Project, but theircooperation and prompt assistanceis second to none.”Swami Mounamurti SaraswatiChairman, Kundalini Research Project sweetdigital.co
  11. 11. Mobile DevelopmentDo you need an app for your business? Are you thinking of amobile idea?With the rapid increase in the usage of smart phones, it has become anecessity for business to move on to the mobile space to meet the demandsof the customers.iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry - Whatever your target mobile maybe, we have experts working with us to build a mobile application for you. Ourteam of experienced mobile developers will analyze your mobile developmentrequirements and suggest you with the right mobile strategy.Our world class UI expertise combined with strong development skills can giveyou an outstanding mobile application. sweetdigital.co
  12. 12. Search Engine OptimizationDo you have a strong content structure for your website? Can yourtarget customers find you in search results?Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of awebsite in a search engines natural search results. Search engines crawl yourwebsite, assess the content on your website and accordingly index your webpages in their database. When a user searches for a term, it pulls out thewebsites (web pages) from the databse in the order of relevancy. Basically thesearch engines want to help the users with most relevant and popular content.As you know the webpages that are on the top of the list are generally visitedby the user. Ofcourse it also depends on the type and need of the user. We atSWEET have learned the basics of search engines and we follow standardprocedures to optimize a website for indexing for the selected keywords. Theprocess starts with analyzing the websites content structure. We structure allpossible content elements into meaningful groups, brainstorm for thekeywords and prepare a list of all possible keywords. Then we use the keywordsuggestion tools to check the terms mostly used by the users and update thekeywords list. Continued... sweetdigital.co
  13. 13. Search Engine OptimizationDo you have a strong content structure for your website? Can yourtarget customers find you in search results?We closely follow the method of Bruce Clay in organizing the content intosilos. Each silo contains at least 5 pages inside it to become the thick source ofcontent for the selected keyword. Once the keyword structure is finalized, westart writing the content and then start optimizing it to maintain the requireddensity of the keyword. All through the process we keep in mind that we donot loose the relevancy of the content for the user when we optimize for thesearch engine. In other words, users come first for us before the searchengines. We believe that when we optimize the content to great experiencefor the user, the search engines will automatically give value for our content.We also make sure that the internal linking and meta tags for the web pagesare properly set to make each page completely optimized. Once the website isbuilt with all the required elements, we thoroughly check the code of thewebsite to make sure that it is validated through the W3C validators. Becausewe know that search engines do not like crappy code. sweetdigital.co
  14. 14. SWEET is powered byhighly professional staff sweetdigital.co
  15. 15. Paid Search AdvertisingPaid search has become a must do marketing activity now to generate quickleads from the search engines. Natural search rankings generally take fewmonths to achieve desired results.Paid search is all about targeting the right keywords and setting up the rightbudget to show up in the search results pages. It requires a quality copy to getthe users attention as there will not be any graphics in these advertisements.It is also advisable to create separate landing pages for separate keywordgroups to make the campaigns effective. Make your landing pages simple,effective and up to the point so that the users clicking your ad can quickly takean action on your landing page. Otherwise, if they need to spend time toknow about what you had to offer, you might loose that lead.We carefully select the keywords to get maximum out of the money you arespending on the paid search advertising campaigns. Our vast experience inbidding for the keywords can assure you that your paid search advertisingcampaign will yield better benefits for you. sweetdigital.co
  16. 16. Social Media ManagementAre you on Facebook? Silly question right? Probably we should ask who is noton the Facebook! Statistics show that the usage of the social media forbusiness promotion is increasing year by year as the businesses are getting toknow the value of this medium. It shows that around 55% of the consumersshare their purchases on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.According to the reports Facebook is the number one social marketing tool forbrands at 83%, followed by Twitter.It is very clear from these statistics that your presence on these socialnetworks is a mandatory thing now, if you want to sustain in the business.More than the presence, people expect the businesses to engage them, to beable to make their purchase decisions. Many people want turn to thecompanys social account for the customer service these days because theywant a quicker response for their query.Brands need to provide interesting content about their services, products,offers and other happenings to attract people and should make them getinvolved in the conversation. This needs a clear strategy and a constantcontent generation, propagation, curation and engagement. Continued... sweetdigital.co
  17. 17. Social Media ManagementBrands need to provide interesting content about their services, products,offers and other happenings to attract people and should make them getinvolved in the conversation. This needs a clear strategy and a constantcontent generation, propagation, curation and engagement.We have a got a good flair of managing social media for brands and you cancheck our own Facebook page for the proof! We define a social strategy foryour brand and manage it well to get the maximum exposure to your brandfrom the social networks. sweetdigital.co
  18. 18. Mobile MarketingCan you imagine yourself without your mobile today? Statistics say that themobile revolution has changed the way people are consuming theinformation, shopping and getting the contextual help.This revolution has given the marketers new opportunities to reach customersin more creative ways. Smarter marketing people and brands are now keepingthe mobile in the center of their marketing strategies.Marketing in the mobile space needs the marketers to understand thebackground technology, apps development, how users search, creatives andanalytics.SWEET is well equipped with all the tools and processes to define a strategyfor your mobile marketing and execute the same to meet your marketingobjectives. sweetdigital.co
  19. 19. Display AdvertisingDisplay advertising has more impact on the user as you can create your adsusing images, flash and video. You can either turn to a network of displayadvertisement or contact individual sites to place your advertisements.Placing through the network will give you the wider choice of web propertiesto choose from. The online display advertising market is currently dominatedby Facebook, Google and Yahoo. With our vast experience of managing thedisplay advertising we can make you get the maximum ROI you spend on thedisplay advertising.Our creative team prepares excellent advertisements for the message withyour brand guidelines and our advertising team will set-up the necessary adswith relevant targets.We will provide you with necessary insights based on the analytics to checkthe effectiveness your campaigns. sweetdigital.co
  20. 20. Our Prestigious Clients sweetdigital.co
  21. 21. SWEET Interactive Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd#102, Bhuvaneswari PlazaPlot No. 192, KothagudaHyderabad - 500084www.sweetdigital.co+91-040-40119124