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Understand more about how metadata flows through the industry including Bowker's products and customer reach.

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  • The publishing world has come a long way from ABI forms for Advanced Book Information and transcribing from catalogs.Bowker add’s supply chain content, and licensed content to what you send. We also create content, which we then turn into products.Supply chain contentLOC and Distributor Data FeedsPrice & Availability NotificationsLicensed ContentFull Text ReviewsReview citationsBowker created contentAuthor BiographiesBestseller listsMedia mentionsAwardsKnowledge ProfilesNow let’s take a look at Publisher Data Submission to Bowker
  • Now we will take a look at each of these avenues for sending data.
  • Bowker’s first portal was BowkerLink for direct submission by publishers of their metadata.BowkerLink is still the portal recommended for publishers outside the United States.For US publishers you can enter your titles manually through our web portal,
  • In the USA MyIdentifiers is also now home to the ISBN Agency where publishers can purchase ISBNs.Here you can see a screen shot of the site where you enter the title data.Unlike BowkerLink the MyIdentifiers site is continually updated with added functionality.This year we added the ability to clone a previous record, helpful when adding an ebook or new edition of an existing title.Both MYID and BL are free of charge.
  • Bowker can process publisher’s Excel templates, the optimal way is to utilize Bowker’s special Excel template which is available for download. Over time we have revised the template to accommodate ebook data. Please let us know if you plan to update your current Excel so we can make sure we recognize and process all the metadata fields.
  • The current ONIX standard is 2.1 with the long gestating ONIX 3 ever on the horizon. Bowker recommends continued support for ONIX 2.1 by publishers. ONIX 3 files can be beta tested for you by Bowker, but we expect 2.1 to remain primary for some time.
  • In the USA we will tell them if Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett or other wholesalers are carrying it. For Canada University of Toronto Press and Raincoast Books.For United Kingdom Gardners Books
  • Content from the Supply Chain includes licensed feeds from national libraries including MARC records of our own Library of Congress, as well as data feeds from National Library of Canada and the British Library.
  • Full Text reviews from Library Journal, Choice Reviews, School Library Journal, New York Times, The Guardian.Review citations from 10 trusted sources on 145 thousand ISBNs provided by New York Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today. Data Feeds – National Libraries, Publishers, & Distributors Price & Availability Notifications – Wholesalers Licensed ContentFull Text Reviews – PW, LJ, SLJ, NYT , GuardianReview citations – 30 trusted sources Included on > 1M titlesNY Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times, San Fran. Chronicle, and USA Today, GuardianBowker Created ContentAuthor Biographies – > 2MBestseller lists – 26 sources Including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street JournalIncluded on >225K ISBNs even Audio, Video, Print and E-Book> 100 Years At a Glance synopsesDetail listings for PW and NY Times on position and length on listMedia mentions – 22 sourcesBusiness Week, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Good Morning America, Oprah, NPR Awards – > 400 sourcesSubject Classification - >80K subject codes
  • Bowker Created ContentAuthor Biographies over 80,000 created by Bowker staff and a total of 2 million collated from publisher feedsHere is an example on the Skokie Public Library of a Bowker supplied Bio on Ellen DeGeneres.
  • In particular we create keywords and note the contextual use of the keywords. These have been created by hand at the rate of about 10K per year. But we can only focus on the top sellers and the titles with large marketing spends, which gave us the idea for machine indexing. Knowledge Profiles – 241K unique across all subjectsGenre and sub-genre, Author, Title, Characters of book and traits, themes, keyword related U.S. titles only
  • Bestseller lists – 26 sources Including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street JournalIncluded on >225K ISBNs even Audio, Video, Print and E-Book> 100 Years At a Glance synopsesDetail listings for PW and NY Times on position and length on listMedia mentions – 22 sourcesBusiness Week, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Good Morning America, Oprah, NPR Awards – > 400 sourcesSubject Classification - >80K subject codes
  • 25 million records18 million active allows librarians and retailers to see titles that are published and tells them information on how to acquire those books. We will show them book cover images, data supplied to. We will tell them which retailers have it for sale. In the case of eBooks, we will tell them which online retailers are making your book available. Here is an example of which is used by over 10,000 librarians, retailers, and teachers
  • This is an example of BowkersSyndetic Solutions which has over 3 billion hits per month. For example, you can see that we show the Author biography and the Choice review that Bowker added along with the Table of Contents. Library catalog (OPAC) enrichment service and discovery layer 3B queries/month; >11M content elements; updated weeklyCover images, Tables of Contents, Summaries, Reviews, First chapters, Author notes, Awards, & Knowledge ProfilesIncludes books, videos & music in English, Spanish, German, Swedish & ItalianAnalytics show users search “long tail”—29K hits, most requested title 18
  • Intota Assessment provides total picture of holdings, usage and overlap for both monographs and serials, in both print and electronic formatsLibraries are central to the communities and patrons they serve, but quantifying that value in a meaningful way is challenging. Unified collection holdings, overlap and usage data offers a view into the value of the library, based on real data. Holistic assessment services can deliver return on investment, increasingly important in times of shrinking acquisition budget.Intota Assessment, the first production service of the Intota platform, includes both book and serial analysis for both electronic and print formats. Intota Assessment offers automation of the library data ingestion, including COUNTER reports and reveals a total picture of a library’s collection.
  • Bowker customers want to focus on delivering value to their customers, so they rely on Bowker to supply them with metadata. They do this by bouncing lists of ISBNs against the Bowker database in order to pull back the metadata for use in their products. This example shows the process used by The New York Times in creating their best seller lists by using Bowker supplied metadata.
  • A quick note about Bowker’s customer base so that you might understand where your data goes when Bowker receives your title data.Our clients include eBook retailers and library providersOnline retailers for print and eBooksBook discovery servicesSoftware service providers for bookstoresOnline education software providers4 year, private and public universities2 year colleges
  • Bowker's Metadata Flow

    1. 1. Metadata Flow
    2. 2. • Content Collection • Content Creation • Overview of Bowker • Questions 1 Agenda
    3. 3. Content Cycle Publisher Data Submission to Bowker Supply Chain Content Licensed Content Bowker Created Content Search and Discovery Products 2
    4. 4. Publisher Submissions to Bowker  BowkerLink  MyIdentifiers  Excel  ONIX 3
    5. 5. 4
    6. 6. 5
    7. 7. 6 Excel
    8. 8. 7 ONIX
    9. 9. Supply Chain Content  Price & Availability  Licensed Feeds 8
    10. 10. 9 Price and Availability
    11. 11. Licensed feeds 10
    12. 12. 11 Reviews & Review Citations
    13. 13. o Author Biographies o Knowledge Profiles o Bestseller Lists o Media Mentions o Awards 12 Bowker Created Content
    14. 14. Author Biographies 13
    15. 15. Knowledge Profiles 14
    16. 16. 15 Bestseller Lists, Media Mentions & Awards
    17. 17. 16 Bowker is Your Partner in Discovery! 140+ years serving the global book publishing community Book Publishers Authors Libraries Book Sellers Book Consumers/Lovers
    18. 18. Search and Discovery Products  Books in Print  Syndetic Solutions  Intota Assessment  Data Licensing 17
    19. 19. 18
    20. 20. ProQuest Syndetic SolutionsTM 19
    21. 21. ACRL/Bowker Resources for College Libraries 20
    22. 22. ProQuest Intota Assessment 21
    23. 23. Bowker Data Licensing • Embed data in customer acquisition & workflow processes • 100+ clients including major retailers, small startups, eBook platforms, and search engines • User controls processing rules • Works via pull or push methods 22
    24. 24. • eBook retailers and library providers • Online retailers for print and eBooks • Book discovery services • Software service providers for bookstores • Online education software providers • 4 year, private and public universities • 2 year colleges 23 Representative Clients
    25. 25. 24
    26. 26. About Bowker Bowker is the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries better serve their customers. Creators of products and services that make books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience, the company also generates research and resources for publishers, helping them understand and meet the interests of readers worldwide. Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate, is the official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories and is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey with additional operations in England and Australia. 25