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How BiblioShare Supports Bookselling


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In this webinar, we'll show you how the data submitted by publishers to BiblioShare can be used by retailers to support online book sales. From Web Services like our WordPress plugin to sites like BNC CataList and 49th Shelf, publishers will discover how to better support discoverability and online bookselling through metadata, and retailers big and small will learn how BiblioShare's integrations with widely used modern retail tools take away some of the pain of promoting and selling books online.

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How BiblioShare Supports Bookselling

  1. 1. March 07, 2018 How BiblioShare Supports Bookselling Presenter: Tim Middleton
  2. 2. Topics: • Introduction to BookNet • Introduction to metadata • Consumers • BiblioShare ecosystem How BiblioShare Supports Bookselling
  3. 3. Established in December 2002 with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Book Fund)
  4. 4. •Both Canadian Publisher Associations* •Bookseller and General Retail Associations •Wholesaler Association •Public Library Association •Member-at-Large (Indigo Books) •Government Cross Sector
  5. 5. Mandate to collaboratively improve the supply chain for books in Canada by transforming information exchange, offering shared technology-focused solutions, and by providing technology and supply chain–related education and research for the benefit of the Canadian book industry.
  6. 6. • the information that is provided that enables librarians and retailers to catalog and sell books • set of data that describes and gives information about other data. Metadata
  8. 8. aims to be global in scope, multi-cultural and multi-lingual, applicable to all parts of the book supply chain, and flexible enough to allow each market to retain its unique cultural voice, while remaining a unified and simple-to-adopt standard. It can be used alongside existing national schemes like BIC, BISAC, WGS or CLIL, and has the potential to eventually replace them – though this is not an immediate goal. Thema
  9. 9. Consumers
  10. 10. Improve bibliographic data quality and make aggregated bibliographic data available to publishers, retailers, wholesalers, libraries, and others in areas related to the sourcing, ordering, and marketing of books.
  11. 11. Total Public Records: 2,584,497 Total Images: 1,761,540 Total Cover Images: 1,761,050 Total Interior Images: 127,045 Total Author Images: 3,969
  12. 12. inbound publisher Supplier Quality report Processing notification Nightly transfer Outbound webservices ONIX • Covers interiors • position files • Samples • ONIX (2.1 & 3.0) catalist Custom file exports • Shopify • Wordpress • etc
  13. 13. Quality Reports
  14. 14. Detailed reports in BiblioShare
  15. 15. BiblioShare <CountryCode>CA</CountryCode>
  16. 16. ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0: allows a user to pull a full ONIX record for titles in the Canadian market. This web service is for you if you're looking for extremely detailed information about books BiblioSimple: returns a 'thinner' version of the ONIX record, for sites that don't need the full record. It is designed for display purposes, so things like multiple contributor names will be grouped into one tag. MARC records: We have used the comprehensive mapping developed by the OCLC to fuel our ONIX-to-MARC service which allows libraries to pull a full or brief MARC record for a title available in the Canadian market, which you can either download in MARC21 format or view as text. Samples: allows users to pull epubs or pdf files for a title available in the Canadian market. ImageInfo: The Image Info Service provides details on specific images in our repository, without actually acquiring the image. ImageList: provides details on all images associated with an EAN in our repository, without actually acquiring the image. Images: Covers, interiors, or author images. A thumbnail version or the full-sized image (or both) can be pulled, depending on what publishers have made available. Webservices
  17. 17. Webservice Usage BiblioSimple 8,247,361 Full sized Images 3,933,765 ImageInfo 65,357,822 MARCRecord 70 ONIX 6,644,907 ReleaseCalendar 70,935 Shopify 12,356 Thumbnail Images 3,098,862
  18. 18. Samples: allows users to pull epubs or pdf files for a title available in the Canadian market. - Total EANS with Samples: 7370 - Total EANS with TOC Samples: 18 - Total EANS with Guid Samples: 151
  19. 19. Custom extracts We can create custom exports of data providing end receivers with the data in the format they require. (However, we can’t provide what isn’t in the data in the first place!)
  20. 20. • Bibliographic Review
  21. 21. BiblioShare + ecommerce
  22. 22. Timeliness of book data • The sales cycle of books show that Titles typically enjoy their strongest sales in the weeks immediately following publication, when marketing and promotion activities are most engaged. • Missed opportunities at this point in the books sales cycle cannot be recouped later on.
  23. 23. - title and author – <Title> <TitleType>01</TitleType> <TitleText>The Wife's Tale</TitleText> <Subtitle>A Personal History</Subtitle> </Title> ……………………………………………………………………………………….. <Contributor> <SequenceNumber>1</SequenceNumber> <ContributorRole>A01</ContributorRole> <PersonName>Aida Edemariam</PersonName> <PersonNameInverted>Edemariam, Aida</PersonNameInverted> <NamesBeforeKey>Aida</NamesBeforeKey> <KeyNames>Edemariam</KeyNames> <CountryCode>CA</CountryCode> </Contributor> - but what else might help your business partner? Provide title without prefix for indexing? Provide Covers? Provide Interiors? -
  24. 24. appropriate metadata
  25. 25. BiblioShare <SupplyDetail> <SupplierIdentifier> <SupplierIDType>07</SupplierIDType> <IDValue>1150871</IDValue> </SupplierIdentifier> <SupplierName>Raincoast Book Distribution Limited</SupplierName> <SupplierRole>02</SupplierRole> <SupplyToCountry>CA</SupplyToCountry> <ReturnsCodeType>02</ReturnsCodeType> <ReturnsCode>Y</ReturnsCode> <AvailabilityCode>TO</AvailabilityCode> <ProductAvailability>22</ProductAvailability> <ExpectedShipDate>20180308</ExpectedShipDate> <OnSaleDate>1962-01-01</OnSaleDate> <PackQuantity>32</PackQuantity> <Price> <PriceTypeCode>01</PriceTypeCode> <DiscountCoded> <DiscountCodeType>02</DiscountCodeType> <DiscountCode>1</DiscountCode> </DiscountCoded> <DiscountPercent>40</DiscountPercent> <PriceAmount>26.99</PriceAmount> <CurrencyCode>CAD</CurrencyCode> <CountryCode>CA</CountryCode> </Price> </SupplyDetail>
  26. 26. Series Data Series Composite Reference name: <Series> Short tag: <series> PR.5.6 Series title Format: Variable-length text, suggested maximum length 300 characters Reference name: <TitleOfSeries> Short tag: <b018> Example: The Canadian Book Market PR.5.7 Number within series Format: Variable-length text, suggested maximum length 20 characters Reference name: <NumberWithinSeries> Short tag: <b019> Example: 4
  27. 27. A consumer-oriented word or phrase that describes the content , theme, or other relevant aspects of a book product that (1) is used to supplement (but not repeat) publicly displayed data (such as title) and (2) will assist with discoverability (including differentiating among books with similar subjects and themes). Keywords Revised Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata
  28. 28. Nielsen US METADATA STUDY
  29. 29. US SUMMARY • full complement of basic data + a cover image = 75% higher average sales per ISBN than those without complete data • Just a cover image = 51% higher average sales • titles with the 3 descriptive elements examined = 72% higher average sales than those with no descriptive data • 3 descriptive data + keywords = 28% higher average sales
  30. 30. BiblioShare • data set is growing • Canadian supply chain focus (CA contributor) • main source of Canadian bibliographic data • source of print and digital metadata • integrations with other companies products (Check it Out, 49th Shelf, All Lit Up etc. ) • we provide detailed feedback to data suppliers • Canadian authority on ONIX • Publishers have improved data because of quality reporting • Ability of BiblioShare to support BiblioAudits with publishers • allows us to have a conversation about properly structured metadata with Canadian publishers • Ability to research bibliographic landscape for Canada (keywords example) • merging supplier info • flexibility
  31. 31. • Bibliographic data aggregation still has a lot to learn. • Standards are meant to be broken. • Metadata never sleeps • The possibilities are endless
  32. 32. Thank you Sign up for free BNC eNews @booknet_canada