How can focusing on health help you manage stress?        As college students we have a lot of stuff to be worry. We tend ...
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Chapter Ten: Wellness and Stress Management


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Chapter Ten: Wellness and Stress Management

  1. 1. How can focusing on health help you manage stress? As college students we have a lot of stuff to be worry. We tend to concentrate 100% incollege that we forget about our weight, our feelings and we close our barriers to be a healthyperson. We have to be aware of everything what is happening in our around. Eating well helpsthe students be more concentrate in every aspect of his/her life. Evaluate your eating habitscalculate the amount of calories you are consuming a day, plan a better a better habit.Understand the effects of obesity now days we are judge by the outside, so when you go toapply for a job they most of the time require an interview to see how the person is if he/she hasa good aspect. Obesity leads to fatal diseases whether you are a woman or a man. Target yourideal weight you can talk to your doctor about your ideal weight, so he/she could give you abetter understanding of what you have to do so you can feel comfortable with your body.Exercise helps the body and mind to be clear, to feel calm. Even if you diet you have to doexercises anyways; there is a variety of exercises for every part of the body. Make exercise spriority walk, take fitness classes, play in a team or swim. A person who at least exercises threetimes a week has a higher percentage to live longer. Get enough sleep even though you are that kind of person who prefers to study at night.Reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine the best thick to stay awake is to eat good,sleep and relax so you can concentrate in what you are working on. Exercise regularly especiallyin the afternoon so it could promotes sleep, take naps so can reduce effects of sleep. Beconsistent, manage your environment wear something confortable, turn on the lights, keel theroom cool and listen to soft music. Sleep is important for every human being, at least a personhas to sleep 8 hours maximum, so the body could gain energy. Stay safe, be aware of safetyissues, and avoid situations that present clear danger like walking alone at night. Avoid drugs oroveruse of alcohol we all know about the effects of drugs and alcohol we have been taught toalways be on the right track. But there is always a college student who prefers to feel good withthese two toxics that leads them to death, or dropping out of college. Avoid people who makeyou uneasy; friends come and go never let anyone destroy your dreams. Be aware of dangeronline never give too much information or meet with someone you don’t know. Addressmental health issues never take problems to serious because is going to affect you in everyway. Depression is increasing every day more and more by the hand with suicide. If you knowsomebody in class that is always quiet, help them maybe they have a serious problem. Nevertreat others disrespectfully or make jokes of how they look, they are humans as we are. Eatingdisorders is happening more often women and men too are guiding themselves to death. Whenwe watch TV we usually see girl’s super skinny and that is the “ideal weight” for everyone. Wehave to be judge by our knowledge by our feelings. You have to love your body in order to loveyourself.